Yes we do! You are allowed to replace all, or individual proxies, once a month if you need them changed for whatever reason. Most users request replacements when their proxy gets banned on a particular site, and with our replacement guarantee you can INSTANTLY get a new proxy IP.

Yep, all our proxies support SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocol. You must only use IP authentication for these and use port 1080.

All our proxies are on 1 Gbps DEDICATED network lines. Unlike most other providers, we do not oversell our proxies and ensure all speeds test to the full 1 Gbps.

NONE! That’s right, we allow unlimited threads and unmetered/unthrottled bandwidth. Most proxy providers cut costs by openly limiting your threads or bandwidth, but a lot of them do it secretly without you knowing. For example, if they cut your bandwidth speed by half just for an hour each day they would cut a significant amount of their costs… and you wouldn’t even know!

Instantly! Our system is fully automated and your proxies will be available within minutes.

Unfortunately, no. Please do not purchase if you wish to use them for these sites. A full list of sites that our proxies have been proven to NOT work on can be found here:  http://blazingseollc.com/support/knowledgebase.php?article=3

Yep, you can contact me and I will personally set up a custom coupon code of your choosing that will give your customers 5% recurring discount and you will receive a 5% recurring commission if they use that coupon. Who wouldn’t use a coupon that gives them a discount?