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Although this page is titled “About [US]”, it really is just me – Neil Emeigh.

I began Internet Marketing when I was just 15 years old, living in my parents basement. It started with a bunch of manual work hours to build silly forum backlinks for people, but the thought that money could be made online excited me! When I was younger, I used to custom-code simple, and complex, automation scripts for an online game, so I got to thinking… if what I was going for backlinks could be automated, imagine the money I could make!

Well, seven years later I now have 6 full-time / part-time developers working for me, all related to some project that has a lot of automation involved. My proxy service is by far my greatest success to date and is the only proxy service on the market that allows for AUTOMATED, instant, setup and delivery.

Even though my business has grown day by day, I still handle all customer support. Please feel to use my Contact page above in the menu to get in touch with me personally.


Thanks again for your all your support!

Neil Emeigh – Blazing SEO Admin


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