The Most Reliable Proxies
On The Planet

The Most Reliable Proxies
On The Planet

In an industry shrouded in darkness, Blazing SEO is turning on the light.

Neil Emeigh, CEO

Not Another Faceless Proxy Provider

Choosing a single seller to handle all of your proxy needs reduces overhead, creates a closer mutual relationship, and drives down costs by allowing you to buy in greater bulk. But enterprise customers are often hesitant to “put all their eggs in one basket” with a single provider.

Why? It’s simple: most proxy providers don’t earn your trust. IP addresses have long been associated with grey- and black-hat tech activities, and many providers aren’t ready to meet the reality of the day, where Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and many more highly-respected businesses use proxies all the time.

Blazing SEO is the exception. We’re proud of who we are and what we do. These are our real names and faces. We are here to serve government and large enterprises alike. And we’re here to provide the infrastructure you need for web scraping and data aggregation.

Neil Emeigh

Chief Executive Officer

Neil is the founder of Blazing SEO and works across all departments to develop ideas into projects and provides the vision to direct company growth. He brings an in-depth understanding of current technological trends to keep Blazing SEO ahead of the curve.

Sarah Foley

Chief of Staff

Sarah facilitates the streamlining of internal processes to ensure Blazing SEO’s continued uncapped growth. She handles all hiring and onboarding processes for new employees, as well as providing administrative support company-wide. Sarah is the point of contact for all human resources related matters and works with management to reinforce the mission and values that make Blazing SEO a great place to work.

Derek Knorr

Chief Operating Officer

Derek is an integrator who connects dots across the organization. He leads the overall operations of Blazing SEO and specifically focuses on developing great people into great teams. Derek drives growth and champions a culture of integrity, honesty, and empowerment.

Taylor Fleeman

Technical Director

Taylor manages our technical team while providing oversight for all implementations, issues, features, and more. Additionally, Taylor works with all business operations to ensure that our software monitoring, network, and security are all staying on track. He handles high-value clients to confirm that our services are performing at or above expectations. Taylor provides valuable knowledge and feedback to help with necessary business expansion decisions.

Ryan Goodrow

Finance Director

Ryan provides guidance and insight based on financial data to help Blazing SEO make informed decisions vital to its operational success. He provides a wide range of support from day-to-day financial management, to fiscal planning and projection analysis.

Ben Emeigh

Technical Operations Director

Ben oversees our Marketing and Customer Success teams while providing ongoing analysis of project goals and timelines. He works to ensure Blazing SEO’s continued growth through strategic marketing initiatives.

Michele Johannes

Customer Success Lead

As Blazing SEO’s Customer Success Lead, Michele works with our Customer Success team to ensure that all of our customers are taken care of and set up for success. She brings many years of experience in customer relationship building, implementation, onboarding, and education.

Isaac Coleman

Senior Marketing Specialist

Isaac is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Blazing SEO. He is responsible for content writing, search engine optimization, email outreach, social media, and any other activities that help sell our products and spread our message.

Georgie Myers

Administrative Assistant III

Georgie plays a key role in optimizing Blazing SEO’s operations. She takes a systematic approach to addressing multiple functions of the business, from assisting our finance manager to keeping the leadership team organized and at the top of their game.

Stacy Saythany

Sales Development Representative

As a Sales Development Representative at Blazing SEO, Stacy uses his skills as a seasoned software sales professional to help educate potential clients and ensure that their needs are fulfilled. He is one of the first people many prospective customers will interact with, and Stacy helps them see why Blazing SEO is so great to work with.

Andriy Troshchuk

Development Architect

Andriy is an architect of superior, scalable and flexible solutions and a leader of developer teams. He understands all levels of development processes and is always focused on choosing the most optimal and efficient ways of building software and operations.

Aleksey Kuzmenko

Project Manager

Aleksey is a project manager at Blazing SEO. He manages different projects, explains business requirements, and watches over the healthy workflow of the projects. Aleksey is creative when it comes to solving problems, business-oriented, ​and an effective decision-maker. His main strengths are leadership, adaptability, and productivity.

Kirill Burov

Project Manager

Kirill is the Release Manager at Blazing SEO. With 6 years of management experience, Kirill is responsible for organizing and supporting everyday processes in the technical department of the company, as well as in daily work in close cooperation with engineers. His main responsibilities are to ensure accurate planning and timelines to deliver value within technical work.

Dmitriy Spivak

Engineer III

Dmitriy is a system administrator at Blazing SEO. He has more than 10 years of IT experience as a Linux/Windows system engineer in a multi-platform environment with different sizes of networks. He believes in work quality, customer satisfaction, and timely delivery of projects for better relationships with customers.

Ihor Michajlov

Senior Engineer

Ihor is a UNIX systems administrator at Blazing SEO with 20 years of experience. He is focused on automation, information security, and infrastructure services. Ihor is interested in programming languages like Shell, Perl, and Go. He spends his spare time trekking and biking in the mountains.

Ihor Vasylets

Senior Developer

Ihor is a Node.js backend developer at Blazing SEO, with a focus on APIs and micro-services. He is responsible for core development and implementing new features and APIs.

Vladimir Prokopchuk

Senior Developer

Vladimir is a PHP backend developer at Blazing SEO with 6 years of experience. He loves async programming and queues for multithread processes. Vladimir is always open to learning new languages and technologies and is a lover of bridge games and reading books.

Alexander Khalo


Alexander is a Linux system administrator for Blazing SEO. He performs a wide range of monitoring, troubleshooting, and infrastructural tasks. He is passionate about open-source projects, cloud computing, and SRE methodology.

Andrey Pilipenko

Engineer II

Andrey is a Linux administrator for Blazing SEO. He performs a wide range of monitoring, troubleshooting, and infrastructural tasks. He’s interested in site reliability engineering and scripting languages like Bash and Python.

Vladimir Poluyan

Engineer II

Vladimir is the night shift system administrator at Blazing SEO. He provides monitoring of the general services of the company and the solution of night tasks. He is deeply interested in the architecture of the Linux operating system, which he believes is striking in its depth and vastness.

Vasily Bundzyak

Developer III

Vasily is a techlead PHP for Blazing SEO with 7 years of experience in web development. He performs various technical tasks to ensure our products are functioning properly.

Yeuhen Yurchenko


Yeuhen is a Linux system administrator for Blazing SEO. He performs a wide range of monitoring, troubleshooting, and infrastructure tasks. He’s interested in WEB-technologies, open-source projects, and IoT.

Vitaly Troshuk

QA Analyst III

Awesome QA Analyst III

Michael Woo

Senior Customer Success Representative

Michael primarily works as a customer support specialist for Blazing SEO. He also helps customers with their day-to-day inquiries, such as billing, service recommendations, and more. He particularly enjoys working on any SEO-related projects for the company.

Jitendra Negi

Customer Success Representative III

Jitendra is a customer support specialist at Blazing SEO. He has more than 6 years of experience in this field. Currently, he is handling direct customer interactions to provide timely resolution and ensure customer satisfaction. He also is a sports lover who likes to play various outdoor sports.

Edmund J Sismundo

Customer Success Representative II

Edmund is a customer support specialist who monitors and answers to tickets raised by our customers concerning their service. He also caters to different inquiries asked not only by our customers, but also by individuals who are interested in our services as well. Aside from being a customer support specialist, he also works with Michael on non customer support related projects such as – generating reports, proofreading articles and SEO.

Irene Ngati

Customer Success Representative

Dalton Ondracek

Sales Development Representative

As a Sales Development Representative, Dalton is responsible for introducing our solutions to prospective customers and helping them understand the value in partnering with our team. He helps build ongoing relationships with clients, ensuring that their growth is a part of our growth. The first impression can help make or break a deal, and Dalton wants to win!

Max Gutchenko

VP of Technology

Jon Benjamin

Technical Operations Specialist

Jon works with our Customer Success and Account Management teams to ensure that our customers get the exact services delivered that they need to be successful. He brings a background of over 15 years of experience with working databases and loves solving complex problems.

Alissa Rogers

HR Recruiter

As an HR Recruiter for Blazing SEO, Alissa helps to build a world-class team by identifying, developing, and maintaining our pipeline of top talent for current and future needs. She works directly with our hiring and leadership teams to determine the “perfect fit” and is the consultant for all things related to the hiring process!

Amanda Lofland

Marketing Specialist

Amanda is a Marketing Specialist for Blazing SEO. She creates engaging and informative content for its different marketing channels, especially social media. In her free time she goes thrifting more than she should and dreams of living in the mountains.

Oleksiy Kovtun

UX/UI Designer

Awesome UX/UI Designer

Lauren Shackelford

Brand Manager


Eight years ago, Blazing SEO was just a small one-man project running out of Neil’s basement. Today, it’s recognized as the largest US-based proxy provider. Whether you need a data center proxy or a dedicated server, Blazing can help you find it faster, cheaper, and better than anywhere else.

We believe that we offer the most reliable proxy service in the world. We know that thousands of proxy users just like you deserve better than buying proxies from some random guy who handles all his business through a personal Gmail account.

You deserve 24-hour customer service, the backing of a dedicated team of over 30 professionals, and a dedicated end-to-end infrastructure that took nearly a decade to build.

We’re always happy to work with enterprise users to find a custom proxy and server solution that works for them. Click here to get in touch!

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