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    • I use the internet every day of my life. Even if I need to meditate or take some time away from the internet, I generally have to go to the internet to find a book, podcast, or app to help me get started with that process. More information exists now than has ever existed in […]

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      On the surface, online ads are in a much better place than they were a decade ago. For website owners, they have become more efficient and commonly accepted. For visitors, they are much less invasive and distracting compared to the multicolored, flashing banners of the past. However, something about today’s advertising is more than a […]

    • There is so much eCommerce data available, which means you can gather a lot of information from comparing it. You can’t just go from one site to the next to size the data up, though. That would take way too long. Instead, there are some creative solutions to handle the job quickly and automatically. Mostly, […]

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      Like most Millennials, I grew up on Windows computers. They were at my home, grade school computer lab, and library. And when I moved on to college, the computers for business, CIS, science, and most other disciplines were Windows-based too. In fact, I think only the art department at my alma mater used Apple’s OS. […]

    • Google Chrome proxy

      We’re just going to come out and say it: proxies are awesome! Proxies for streaming. Proxies for gaming. Proxies for doing work and ones for, you know, not working. Even proxies dedicated to snagging new limited-edition footwear. We think so highly of them that we even devoted an entire blog exploring the reasons to use […]

    • Unfortunately, I have seen what happens to a company when a network security breach is found. Until then, I had not known what a full security overhaul was. We were all locked out of our accounts for an entire afternoon. We were then instructed to reset everything. Every single password needed to change with more […]