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MapleStory Proxies (Using Proxies For MapleStory Botting)

In a world of monsters, magic, and an evil mage, bravery is indispensable. After the big bang, your characters are left to pick up the world's wreckage. Such is the hero's journey in the hit South Korean game MapleStory. While your friends are off binging their favorite Netflix show for the tenth time, you're gaining experience points, collecting currency, and tackling tough quests. Entering your username and password into the log in page of MapleStory sends a thrill through your body. You're about to face fierce foes and defeat bad guys with a single blow. What a satisfying way to [...]

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What Is a Chrome Proxy (& How To Use Proxies In Chrome)

We're just going to come out and say it: proxies are awesome! Proxies for streaming. Proxies for gaming. Proxies for doing work and ones for, you know, not working. Even proxies dedicated for snagging new limited-edition footwear. We think so highly of them that we even devoted an entire blog exploring the reasons to use proxies, from providing more robust security features to enabling access to restricted content and additional social media accounts. Possibly the greatest reason for using proxies, however, is their incredible ability to make you "disappear" online. One of the easiest ways to perform this disappearing act [...]

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How To Use YouTube Proxies & Reasons For A YouTube Proxy

I remember my first foray into YouTube. The video was “End Of Ze World.” An animated, farcical look at how mankind will inevitably self-destruct. After millions of views, the video was branded a viral sensation, setting a president for future internet popularity. The number of times my 7th grade self-quoted “but I'm le tired,” is too embarrassing to recount. For the members of my generation, YouTube was the beginning of social media, a way to interact with, comment on, and enjoy inventive creations. But however accessible the web giant is in the United States, it doesn't mean other countries don't [...]

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How To Use Craigslist Proxies (The Best Craigslist Proxy)

Who would have thought an email distribution list created by a guy named Craig would become a million-dollar online classified service available in 70 countries? I'll admit, I didn't. To Craig, I say: well done. Translating what was once popular in print to a relevant website is no small feat. From men looking for a salsa dance partner to organizations hoping to hire writers like myself, Craigslist has a plethora of classified ads for you to choose from. Here's the catch: while Craigslist is a successful business in its own right, not everyone has an all-access pass to those area [...]

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Exploring A Google Proxy (And How To Use Google Proxies)

These days, it seems all people want is to be seen. Order fancy coffee, not for enjoyment but for likes. Argue your feelings over political candidates, not in the living room, but in the comments section. This isn't my way of pointing an accusatory finger. I'm a culprit as much as the next girl. The internet is addictive. Expression glazed over, I google photos of celebrities and Reddit posts as if the act were always second nature. Our lives have a near unavoidable microscope on them, giant eyes watching our moves with hyper-intensity. But what if the web didn't follow [...]

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Twitter Proxies (Why You Need Twitter Automation Proxies)

With over 300 million active users and over 500 million Tweets a day, Twitter is one of the largest, most active, and engaging social media platforms out there today. That also means it's one of the best places to market your business, especially if your target market consists of young urban professionals. There's a catch, though: you can only create one Twitter account at a time, which ultimately limits what you can accomplish on the micro-blogging site. Fortunately, there's a way around this problem, and that's by using Twitter proxies. In this article we'll cover what makes Twitter proxies, sometimes [...]

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