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    • In college and my early professional career, my primary computer was a gaming laptop. The key concept here is that I used the same laptop throughout college and the first several years of my professional life. By the time I graduated, my computer had seen better days. My career path had me doing a lot […]

    • In a way, Linux is to an OS what WordPress is to a website CMS. Both are free, fast, stable, and convenient. They even both have a reputation for being safe from viruses. And all of this is before we even talk about how they are open source. There is a huge level of support […]

    • I have never been one to insist on having the newest electronics. For example, my Samsung smartphone is already a couple of generations old. The battery is still decent and apps still work as intended, so I am not in a rush to replace it. However, I did start to realize something a while back. […]

    • Most people I know have at least one friend, family member, or coworker who talks about proxies. Some of these proxy users say that they refuse to browse the internet without one. Others use proxies to get around region blocks on digital content online. And more than a handful take proxies to a much more […]

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      Difficult as it is to believe, Facebook is celebrating its sixteenth birthday this year. Sixteen years of friend requests, posts, comments, and learning far more about your coworkers than you ever cared to. Facebook is the great experiment, the platform that connected generations, a site with as many active users as there are people in […]

    • Nearly ten years ago, I worked for a navigation company. My primary job was to set locations of interest on a map so our users could route to them. We wanted to map the most popular places that our customers were most likely to want to visit. So, of course, we included large tourist attractions. […]