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Ready To Change The Way you Game? Enter The Xbox Proxy

A Controller in hand. Headphones on. One by one, Friends from all around the world join you. You are locked in and ready to game. Such is the power of Xbox. Gaming is more than a hobby; it is a lifestyle. It can lead you down new paths, introduce you to unexplored worlds, and allow you to flex your different skills. A media type for the modern age, gaming requires finesse and dedication. As one of the most popular gaming consoles, Xbox has helped millions master the art of exploration, without ever having to leave their living rooms. But there [...]

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Going Viral: TikTok Automation (And The Case For TikTok Proxies)

What can you do in 15 seconds? You can tie your shoe, like half a dozen Facebook or Twitter posts, send a snap to your buddy, pay your credit card bill, pose for and share an Instagram photo, text your mom, brush your teeth—wait, that’s not right—or finish reading this sentence. Or, you can create and post a viral lip-sync video set to a killer tune and become internet famous. That’s right, I’m talking about TikTok. TikTok’s rise to social media juggernaut occurred almost as quickly as one of its infamous videos takes to watch, even outpacing Facebook, YouTube, and [...]

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Not In The UK? Access Content With A BBC iPlayer Proxy

The United Kingdom is known for its superior storytelling. From Agatha Christie to Charles Dickens to J.K. Rowling, the magical island has produced some of the greatest writers in history. Lucky for us, stories are not merely confined to the binding of a novel, they are translated from page to screen, filmed in full color using the latest technology. In the world of BBC-produced television, a 15-part miniseries is not uncommon, in fact, it is a rather welcome vehicle to showcase the intricacies of the original text it represents. Between fan-favorite books and lesser-known works, the BBC is a master [...]

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What’s Up With WhatsApp Proxies? How to Use A WhatsApp Proxy

In the early days of old, staying connected meant trusting a team of horses pulling a stagecoach across the country to deliver a handwritten letter. Later on, with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, it meant picking up the receiver and relying on a switchboard operator to connect you to whomever you wished to speak with. Fast forward to the mid-2000s, and the internet enabled global communication to happen as fast as you could type something up using your keyboard. Today, we simply have an app for that. We call it WhatsApp—the cross-platform mobile messaging [...]

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How To Make Money With Proxies: Your Complete Guide

Buying and selling is in our blood. Even before modern forms of currency came into being, human beings traded what goods they had in exchange for the goods they needed. Making “money” or earning a profit required adept bargaining techniques and a savvy mind. Little did people of the past know how far evolution would take us and how digital services would become a major player on the selling stage. Proxies are multi-faceted tools that help shield IP addresses and unlock restricted content. They can give users access to unexplored content, all while protecting the identity of the person operating [...]

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Facebook Proxies: A Guide To Bans, Accounts, and Scraping

Difficult as it is to believe, Facebook is celebrating its sixteenth birthday this year. Sixteen years of friend requests, posts, comments, and learning far more about your coworkers than you ever cared to. Facebook is the great experiment, the platform that connected generations, a site with as many active users as there are people in China and India, two of the world's most populated countries. But you know all this. Facebook is the beautiful monster in which we are all happily enslaved. And since it is a social media service so integrated into our daily lives, we should be getting [...]

March 30th, 2020|Categories: Social Media Proxies|0 Comments
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