You know a little bit about the online world. You’ve done your research, and you’ve noticed quite a few people use proxies. Before you buy proxies yourself, you want to know what all the hype is about. Do you need to buy a proxy yourself, or should you just continue using the internet the same way you’ve always used it?

If you’re on the fence, check out these 10 reasons to buy proxies. If you can identify with any of these 10 reasons, it’s time to buy some proxies.

1. Protect Your Identity Online

When you connect to the internet without a proxy, the websites you access keep a log of your activity. These sites receive your IP address every time you connect to them, and that IP address has lots of identifying information. The websites know where you live and who you are. Normally, that’s not a big deal, but sometimes, you just want some privacy online.

Buying and using proxies is the only way to get that privacy you crave. When you use proxies, you’re given a new IP address. This IP address isn’t associated with you. The websites you connect to will receive that IP address instead of yours, so they won’t have any ideas who you are or where you live. It will look like you’re connecting from a different location, so you will have the benefit of anonymity wherever you go.

2. Bypass Employer Restrictions

Employers often restrict websites to prevent their employees from accessing those websites at work. For instance, your employer might not let you get on YouTube or Amazon. That’s fine when you have work to do, but what are you supposed to do near the end of the day, when all of your work is done? Sure, you could do more work, but who really wants to do that?

Instead of getting ahead with your work, buy a proxy and use it to access restricted websites. This is simple to do. You’ll get your proxy information from the proxy company, and you’ll input that information into your browser’s settings. Then, you can go to any site you want without worrying about being detected.

Word to the wise, though. Do not make the mistake of using free proxies for this. You absolutely want to buy your proxies instead of going with free ones. Free proxies can come with viruses, and it will be hard to explain how you infected your entire network with a nasty virus. Paid proxies are safe and secure, so you can hang out on those restricted sites without fear.

3. Avoid Geographic Restrictions

If you travel to another location, you might not be able to access your favorite websites. Many countries have geo-restrictions in place, meaning you can’t access the website as long as you have an IP address from that location. Proxies allow you to get past these restrictions. You can get a proxy from another country and then access any site you like. That means you don’t have to quit YouTube just because you travel to a country that doesn’t allow it.

4. Scrape Websites

Websites have a ton of useful information out there for business owners. If you want to make some money online, you can begin by scraping websites to get some of that information. One of the hottest trend is Amazon scraping. Here’s the problem, though. Websites have systems in place to detect bot activity. If they notice a bot is accessing the site to scrape it for data, they shut the IP address down. That means you can’t scrape data with your IP address.

The trick is to use multiple proxies to get the data. You can either buy rotating proxies or have your scraper rotate them for you. Then, you can deploy a tool like ScrapeBox to scrape the site for you.

ScrapeBox is an excellent tool if you want to get as much information as possible. It runs multiple threads at once, and you can customize it for your needs. Use it to scrape keywords, comments, and more. You can even use it to get some information from YouTube or to find the best domains to register. This tool really does just about everything you would want, but it’s pretty much useless unless you have some proxies at your disposal. Get your proxies together and then check the tool out. It can help you gather some valuable information for your online business.

5. Create Numerous Local Websites for Your SEO Campaign

If you run an online business, you know the power of local SEO. Local SEO is important, even if you run a national business. After all, when people search for products and services, they typically search with their locations in mind. If you don’t take advantage of local SEO, you will miss out on a big part of your market.

Savvy business owners create multiple websites. They analyze markets all over the country and then create a website for each hot market. This is where things get tricky, though. They need to create Google Places accounts for each website if they’re going to benefit from local SEO. However, if they use the same IP address for each account, they will likely get shut down. The key is to use a proxy to set up each Google Places account.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind. Google Places requires a business address. You will need to get an address in each location, but this is easy. Rent a mailbox for each location, and use it for your Google Places account.

6. Create Numerous Social Networking Accounts

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Social networking is a powerful tool, but most sites don’t let you create multiple accounts. You’ll get flagged if you create a bunch of accounts, and you’ll get shut down. That means all of your hard work will be for nothing. You can buy proxies to avoid this problem. Use a different proxy for each social network account that you set up. Then you can create as many accounts as you want, and use each account to market your business. This is a quick and easy way to grow your online presence and bring in more revenue.

7. Avoid Targeted Advertising

Do you get annoyed by targeted advertising when you use the internet? Advertisers collect your data as you browse the web, and then they send you ads they think will interest you. The problem is, they don’t interest you at all and they’re annoying. You can avoid this problem by using proxies. Since you’ll be browsing anonymously, advertisers cannot collect data on you. That means they don’t know what you like, so they can’t send targeted ads. That’s a huge relief.

Of course, this only works if you pay for proxies. If you use free proxies, you can expect tons of ads. That’s how many of the free proxy owners make money. The ads slow the connection down and make the entire experience a huge hassle. Avoid this problem by spending a few bucks on proxies.

8.      Cop Sneakers Online

Sneakers are a big deal these days. People wait for the biggest releases to come out, and then they buy up as many as they can. They don’t stand in line at the stores to do this, though. Now, it’s almost entirely done online. The sneakers go fast, and many companies put restrictions on the number you can buy to prevent a few people from buying them all. Some companies even put geo-restrictions in place. They might launch in Los Angeles, and you have to live around there to buy them. That’s a huge headache if you want to add to your collection.

You can avoid the problems by using proxies. You can change out proxies to avoid restrictions on the number of sneakers you can buy, and you can get proxies from certain locations to avoid geo-restrictions. Then you can add as many sneakers as you want to your inventory.

9. Automate Blog Comments

Blog comments are a great way to market your website, but it’s time consuming to visit a ton of blogs and comment on them. Unless you have a few extra hours to dedicate to the process every week, you might want to consider automating it. There are bots out there that comment on blogs for you. You enter some information into the software and it does the rest.

As you know by now, bots are dangerous if you don’t use proxies. You’ll stand out like a sore thumb online without using the cover of a proxy, so start by buying some proxies. After you get your proxies in place, pick up some blog commenting software and let it get to work for you.

10. Get More Followers on Social Media

Social media is the best way to reach people online, but if you fail to get any followers, you won’t be able to reach the masses. There are bots and other tools that can help you build your following, but you have to use proxies. Otherwise, the social networks will realize that you’re using bots and they’ll shut you down. They won’t just stop you from using the bots, either. There’s a good chance the networks will actually shut down your social media accounts. Then you’ll lose all of your legitimate followers, as well. Imagine having to start over from scratch. That would be awful. That’s why you need to use proxies from the beginning. Otherwise, you will have an uphill battle.

Start Using Proxies Today

These are just some of the reasons to use proxies. Regardless of your reason, there is no reason to wait another day. Start using proxies now so you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with them.

Just remember that there’s a big difference between paid and free proxies. Free proxies don’t provide the security or speed that you get with paid proxies. Also, it’s worth noting that paid proxies are inexpensive, so you get that extra security and speed without spending a ton of money. It’s definitely worth a few bucks to have peace of mind when browsing the internet with a proxy. Then, you can go from one site to the next without any worries.