Most people view captchas as simple annoyances they have to deal with in life. They have to enter the cryptic letters and numbers to verify they are human beings when creating accounts. That is incredibly annoying, but most people can deal with it.

It’s more than an annoyance for serious proxy users, though.

Let’s say that you went out, found the best proxy service, and bought a bunch of proxies. You load those proxies into some automation tools, and they get to work.

The tools hit a bunch of captchas, and they can’t move forward. That means they can’t scrape data or send out comments. They can’t do anything until you break those captchas.

You don’t have the time to solve the captchas one by one. Instead, you need a tool to do it for you. Fortunately, there are captcha breaking services out there. You can use one of the services and let it do the work for you.

Blazing OCR and Text Captcha Services from Blazing SEO

Blazing OCR and text captcha services from Blazing SEO are a popular option for people who are running lots of proxies. Since Blazing SEO offers proxies and a captcha solving service, the two work together seamlessly. That means your proxies can move from one site to the next, and you don’t have to worry about captchas slowing them down.

The OCR captcha solving service solves image captchas, while the text captcha solving service solves text captchas. Both services offer fast results because they are automated. They also have high solve rates.

Benefits of This Captcha Service

One of the best things about this service is the way it scrapes the internet for the answer if it gets it wrong. This allows the service to answer difficult questions, such as the number of toes people have. Most systems can’t answer questions like that because the answers aren’t in their database. Since Blazing SEO uses scraping software, it can find the answer as long as it is online. This will allow you to get through some tricky captchas that typically trip software up.

Another benefit is you’ll get access to one-on-one support. You can use the support system if you’re having any trouble integrating the API. The support staff can help you use it with proxies or with your software. This makes it much easier to get started. You don’t have to worry if you’re not a tech genius. The support staff will walk you through every step of the process.

On top of that, you only pay a monthly fee instead of a fee per use as you do with some other services. If you’re using proxies for power scraping, you can end up paying a ton of money if you pay each time you use a captcha solver, so this is a huge benefit. It can save you a lot of money and makes captcha solving affordable.


Captchatronix is another popular captcha solving service. This service solves unlimited captchas for a one-time fee, so you can stay within your budget while solving captchas. It can solve more than 2,500 captcha types, so there is a good chance that if you come across it, it can handle it. It also has a great success rate. Captchatronix has an 80 to 100 percent solve rate for most of the captchas out there, and it also has a 60 to 70 percent solve rate for re-captchas.

While 2,500 types of captchas sounds like a lot, new captchas are constantly emerging. With that in mind, the company adds new captchas to its database all the time. The list of the types of captchas it can solve is constantly growing. If you see a new type of captcha out there today, it will likely be in the system before you know it.

Something else you’ll notice with this software is its speed. It is completely automated, and it averages 0.87 seconds per captcha. That is important if you run into a lot of captchas. You need to solve them quickly and move on to the next one so you can keep on going. You can do that with this service.

Death by Captcha

Death by Captcha is one of the most well-known captcha solving services out there, in large part because of its catchy name. It is more than just a name, though. It provides a great captcha service for people who use proxies.

It’s a little bit different from a lot of the services out there. While most services are completely automated, Death by Captcha uses a hybrid mix of an OCR system and human captcha solvers. The humans are around 24/7 so they are always available to solve your captchas.

The system supports most of the captchas out there, and it is constantly working to add new ones to its database. It doesn’t support animated captchas right now, but that could change shortly. It does encourage people to contact support if they come across a captcha that the system doesn’t support. That way, the team can look into adding it.

Death by Captcha uploads status reports on its website every day. Today, it has an accuracy rate of 96.7 percent. It updates that every minute, so it can go up or down depending on what is being solved right now.

It also includes the average solving time on the site. Right now, the average time is 9 seconds, but the service has an overall average time of 11 seconds. This is also updated throughout the day so you can find out how fast the system is at a particular time.

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Potential Drawbacks of This Service

You might have noticed that this service takes longer to solve captchas than some of the other services out there. That is because of the human component. People are not as fast as machines. The extra time isn’t a big deal if you’re just running through a few sites. However, if you come across thousands of captchas a day, you might get bogged down if you have to wait several seconds for each one to be solved. Test it out, and if it is too slow for you, try one of the other systems.

You don’t get unlimited captchas for one price with Death by Captcha. You pay for a certain number of captchas. For instance, you might pay for 5,000 captchas, and once you run out, you have to pay again. You only pay for the ones that are solved correctly, though, so don’t worry if the system makes a mistake.

It is also worth noting that the company occasionally upcharges if you use the system during a high traffic time. It does this to free up server space. If you’re running proxies with automated tools, you can get around it by deploying your tools in the middle of the night. However, if you have to run your tools in the middle of the day, you might have to pay a premium to use the service.


If you prefer a service that offers a human component, DeCaptcher is another option. Like Death by Captcha, it is a hybrid of an OCR system and humans.

This service is unique in the sense that it specializes in hard-to-solve captchas. Because of that, you have to pay a premium for the service. Forget about paying a few cents for hundreds or thousands of captchas. You are going to pay $2 for 1,000 captchas if you use this service. That is really high in this business. Also, it can really add up if you are using proxies and tools.

You’ll pay even more if you want priority service. If you use the service during a busy time, you will have to wait unless you fork over some more money. That is great if you have some money to burn, but you might not want to pay extra for a service that is already more expensive than others out there.

You might wonder why this is even on the list. It’s here because of its ability to handle difficult-to-solve captchas. If your captcha solver is constantly getting stumped, it might be time to turn it over to this service. Most services can handle the majority of the captchas out there, but you might find yourself up against some hard-to-solve ones. This service can help with them.


2Captcha is another choice if you want to use a captcha solving service with a human element. This captcha solving service boasts outstanding accuracy due to the human component.

It gets a captcha and then it sends it out to several workers. The workers submit their answers, and a robot compares them. It looks for matches, and when it finds them, it knows the solution. Then, it sends the solution back, and the captcha is solved. It is as simple as that.

For instance, if it received a captcha that looked like a banana, three of the workers might answer “banana” and a fourth one might say “orange.” The robot will know the answer is banana because it came back with three matches.

Because humans act as the solvers, this system is not as fast as an automated captcha solver. 2Captcha gives its solvers up to 20 seconds to solve a captcha. If the person doesn’t solve it in 20 seconds, it goes on to another solver.

That sounds time-consuming, but it is typically faster than that. It averages 9 seconds per solved captcha. That is not as quick as an automated system, but it is far from slow. However, it can take significantly longer at times, so keep that in mind before using this service.

Price and Accuracy of This Service

If you use this service, you will pay per 1,000 captchas solved. The price varies based on the system load. It starts at $0.50 per 1,000 captchas and then it goes up during busy times. It caps out at $1.20 per 1,000 captchas so you will never pay more than that.

You can check the current price and the accuracy percentage on the website, and you can also look at the average solve time.

You will notice that the accuracy percentage often goes all the way up to 100 percent throughout the day. That is because of the way that the system works. By sending the captcha out to so many people, it is easy for the system to get it correct.

GSA Captcha Breaker

If you don’t want to pay a monthly or per-use fee, the GSA Captcha Breaker might be the right option for you. You just pay a one-time fee, and then the captcha solver is yours to use for life. You can solve as many captchas as you want, and you will never have to pay any money again. That makes it easy to budget your captcha solving needs.

Here’s how it works. The captcha solver is preloaded with tons of captchas that it can solve. Occasionally, of course, it will come up against one that it can’t solve. If that happens, you have the option of forwarding it to the paid service. Then you will pay to get the captcha solved. That is your choice, though. You don’t have to forward it to the service. You can just leave it unsolved and let it move on to the next one if you wish.

If you know how to create an algorithm to solve the captchas that the GSA Captcha Breaker can’t solve, you can create it and then add it to the software. Then, the software will start solving those captchas, as well. That makes this a great tool for programmers.

Getting some proxies from the best proxy service out there isn’t enough. You also need to have a captcha solving service, or you won’t be able to get as much as possible out of your proxies. Choose a captcha solver that fits into your budget and meets your needs. Combine it with your proxies and automation tools, and you will be unstoppable online.


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