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  • How to Scrape Leads with Proxies to Better Success

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    Marketers often use private proxies so they can to get their hands on a lot of leads quickly without being flagged. Many marketers already have niches to get leads and make sales, but what if you’re new to the online business world? What if you discover a new website where your potential customers gather? There is a wealth of public information out in the word. There is so much, in fact, that it is to a fault. There is no way a human or even a team of humans can find the information. This is when you can buy private proxies and learn how to scrape websites. When you know your customer base, you have a pretty good idea of where to find them. Still, picking out your relevant, potential customers from everyone else is tedious. And deciding to market to everyone is not only expensive, but it is a quick way to annoy people. Even if someone could be a customer down the line, a poorly targeted ad, email, or cold call could turn them off to you for years. This is why they will scrape leads with proxies. Find your niche, do some research, and add some proxies into the mix. Then, you can create a marketing campaign that will reach the right people. Look at the table of contents below to find what you need.

    Table of Contents

    Web Scraping for Lead Generation

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    You do not have to dig manually into a mountain of data to find potential leads. There are professional scraping tools available to pull the data you need automatically. But what does a scraper even do? Scraping is a way to quickly pull a ton of publicly available data. One example is if you want to collect data on members of a specific Facebook group. If that group has a few thousand members, going through it manually would not be a good use of your time. You can tell a scraper to find all of that information for you and present it to you in a more easily digestible manner. You have control over what the scraper pulls. You tell it where to look for the data, how to filter the data you need, and what bits of that data to bring to you. One example is if you run a babysitter service. If you see a Facebook post that says “like if you need a cheap babysitter to give you a break!” that has 10,000 likes, you could scrape the necessary, publicly available, information from those users. You can even go deeper in pulling in accounts that list that they have children aged 4 to 12. This would filter out the people with dogs who think they are funny and families with kids out of your specialty.

    Why You Also Need Lead Scraper Proxies

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    If you have scraping software, why do you need to know how to generate sales leads with proxies? The answer is simple. Both your scraper and your proxies are designed to work together. You can only really effectively scrape leads with proxies. A scraper can pull boat loads of data automatically. Sending so many requests to a website all at once looks a lot like a malicious attack. Websites have contingencies for when they notice an IP making requests at inhuman speeds. That contingency is to block that IP right away, no questions asked. So if you try to scrape without a proxy, you will get your home IP address banned. Proxies spread out these requests for data across many different IPs. This helps stop the website from noticing that there is anything amiss. Even if it does catch on to some of the proxies and ban them, the right proxy will be able to cycle to a new IP and continue the job. Depending on the amount of information you need, you could need hundreds or thousands of proxies to effective gather the information. That is why you need to scrape leads with proxies.

    Using a Lead Generation Proxy for Niche Marketing

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    Even with software to scrape leads with proxies, you cannot exactly blindly pull general data from anywhere. Any usable bits of data will be few and far between. That is if you find any at all. Things work best when you know where to look. Being involved in a business means you likely know a lot about your product or service. If you are not already a part of public, online communities involving your field, you are at least familiar with them. You also have an idea of their needs, meaning you know where they seek answers. All of these places are great places to start when you want to scrape leads with proxies. Narrowing down the list of potential customers to your niche gives you much better and more manageable results. Each marketing niche usually has a different approach to marketing than the others. Depending on what you are selling, your attention will be focused on different places. So, it is good to have an idea for how your marketing needs to adapt to your field. Below, we highlight only a few different niches that can benefit from lead scraper proxies.

    Lead Generation Proxy with Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

    Weight loss is a great niche proxy, and you can a make a killing if you use a private proxy. And you can actually create entire marketing campaigns around healthy eating. Take a minute to think about all of the eating plans out there. Think about all of the message boards and social media groups centered around weight loss. There’s the paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, Atkins, and more. On another point, there are groups interested in weight loss supplements and surgeries. With so many options, it is easy to create a powerful marketing campaign that is centered entirely on food and weight management that pulls the leads who would be most interested.

    Lead Scraper Proxies with Relationships

    The relationship niche is incredibly popular, and a great choice for a niche proxy. It turns out that most people need relationship advice from time to time, and you can use dedicated proxies to reach them. With the right number of proxies, you can hit all of the sub-niches. You can use a tool to scrape leads with proxies on sites for traditional dating, online dating, Christian dating, marriage, intimacy, and conflict resolution. This is just a small sample of the various sub-niches. And even within each of these websites, there are many different categories and interests. You could focus your marketing for a suite of beauty products and scents to people who mark themselves as romantic.

    Lead Generation Proxy with Hair Loss and Anti-Aging

    Another great niche proxy is with rejuvenation products. Some men hold onto their hair until they reach old age, while others lose it when they are still in their 20s. No matter how old the guy is, it stresses him out. Men aren’t the only ones that deal with hair loss, either. Women can also lose their hair. This is even more taboo, so the stress levels are high for women who go through this. They want to find a solution to their problem as quickly as possible. The same is true with aging. People want to find the fountain of youth so they can enjoy their youthful good looks forever. Even people in their 20’s are hoping to preserve good skin and hair. You may find leads in this field from social media. However, a potentially better spot will be in the comments of competitors products. Not only will you scrape leads with proxies, but you can find what those leads did not like about a similar product.

    The Best Option to Scrape Leads with Proxies

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    The best proxy for web scraping needs to be fast to keep with your scraping program. Your progress in scraping can only be as fast as your proxy lets it be. A reliable connection with fast speeds are a must when trying to pull in a huge amount of data. Consider the fact that it can likely take dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of proxies to get the job done. A slow proxy can grind the process to a near halt. Your proxy also needs to be able to swap out any proxies that get IP banned. Even when using multiple IP addresses, a website notices a particular IP is sending requests at superhuman rates. When the website blocks that particular proxy, you need to have a service that seamlessly swaps to a new one. You need proxies that offer speeds of 1 Gbps and unlimited bandwidth. There has to be an IP rotation or replacement feature. And having access to a customer support line 24/7 is always a nice plus. Blazing SEO is the best reputable service for providing fantastic proxies. We have a selection of many different packages to suit your needs. Visit our pricing page to see our high quality proxies at competitive prices.

    Final Thoughts

    Making money online is much easier when you scrape leads with proxies and pair that up with popular niches. Lead scraper proxies allow you to reach more people when you market products. The more people you can reach, the more money you can make. With that in mind, pick your niche, select your proxies, and get to marketing. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish with the right mix of niches and proxies. You can create targeted marketing campaigns that convert.  

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