Blazing SEO And PriceMole: Finding Price-Monitoring Success

In an ideal world, the items in my shopping cart would have these two things in common: the lowest prices and the highest ratings. And when I put in the time and effort to research product prices, customer reviews and competitor pages, I can usually make this happen. But let’s be honest: I’m just not that patient. If you believe that you have an awesome product, you don’t want it to get lost on page 3 of those product pages. Chances are, “Price: Low to High” customers like me will never make it that far. 

If you believe you have an awesome product, you want other people to believe it, too. Talk about “easier said than done,” right? Prices and trends change constantly, making it feel nearly impossible to keep up and stand out. So, who ya gonna call?

PriceMole, that’s who. 

Started in 2017 by president and founder Kevin Quiring, PriceMole helps merchants, suppliers, and brands take control of their market with real-time competitor price monitoring and price-replacing software, customizable pricing strategies, competitor analysis, and more.  PriceMole specializes in:

  • Offering the highest-quality automatic competitor price monitoring tools for its customers.
  • Recommending the most profitable prices by analyzing your prices, your competitors’ prices, and market trends.
  • Monitoring eCommerce competitors’ price and stock.
  • MAP monitoring (minimum advertised price agreement violations)
  • Repricing your products with price strategies that are customized to fit your needs.

Scraping the web for the lowest products is hard, tedious work. No one wants to do it by hand, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of data in very little time. Humans are powerful, but let’s face it: it’s too easy to miss tiny pieces of important data that could make a giant difference.

Instead of wasting time manually entering competitor and product URLs for tracking, customers can automatically search and discover from PriceMole’s massive eCommerce DataSet, or they can even summon PriceMole’s dedicated customer success team to find and add the URLs they need. When you’re a company like PriceMole that guarantees the most recent and accurate pricing information to your customers, you can’t risk using low-quality resources and losing that trust. That’s where proxies come in. 

Here’s how it works:

With Blazing SEO proxies, PriceMole can collect the highest-quality price data for their customers, avoid price scraping bans, access hard-to-reach data, and more. With this data, PriceMole gives its customers the control they need in the always-changing world of price data. Blazing SEO’s high volume of quality rotating proxies help PriceMole avoid frustrating bans that get in the way of accessing valuable, publicly available data. This allows PriceMole to run thousands of scrapers per day to collect the data that their customers need from a variety of websites. 

Check out PriceMole’s blog to see how it gives customers a contextual, organized picture of the complicated world of price monitoring with discussions on the latest updates and trends. Ready to let PriceMole take the wheel for your brand or business? Sign up for their free 14-day trial today, or get in touch with one of their awesome customer representatives. It’s a well-oiled system at PriceMole, which is one of many reasons that we’re proud to offer our Blazing SEO services to an excellent company that puts people first. 

PriceMole is happy to offer new users on Shopify a $50 Credit to try the app with code PM50! Use it to track your competitors’ prices and stock and bring your new sales opportunities in these conditions to light! 

Blazing SEO is proud to offer the highest-quality proxies for the lowest prices. (A real treat for those “Price: High to Low” customers, am I right??) To learn more about the proxies that help PriceMole and its customers find success and excellence every day, check out our pricing page to find the best proxies and servers. 

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