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    • In running your own business, you are going to have to deal with data and computers. From marketing and finances to keeping track of customer data, you will need to use a computer for one reason or another. Often, business owners find themselves in a position where a single business computer is not enough to […]

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      At this point, browsing the internet is far from new. We live our lives with multiple windows open on our browser and spend our workdays switching from one tab to another. Even if you do not care a fig about computer science, it is nearly impossible not to know at least the basics of how […]

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      Growing up watching Disney animated films taught me a few things about life. First, do not take apples from strangers. Second, make sure your hair looks flawless whether you live in a forest or under the sea. Finally, every pivotal decision should be accompanied by a catchy musical number. I admired Mulan’s strength and Grandmother […]

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      I feel fortunate to live in a world where staying connected is simple, even if I am physically separated from those I love. With so many different modes of communication, chatting with friends on a regular basis does not require much effort, even if you are far apart. Thanks to its easy-to-use features and straightforward […]

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      As a kid, there was nothing so stressful as trying to catch my favorite cartoons after school. I would bid farewell to my friends and run straight uphill towards my house, hoping to make it back before Dexter’s Lab had finished. The number of times I missed Dexter, the kid genius, discover a scientific breakthrough, […]

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      It’s been called transcendent. Food for the soul. The only truth. The literature of the heart. That’s music. Sounds that give life to our inner-most thoughts and feelings. How lucky are we that the internet provides an endless number of musical catalogs to choose from and enjoy? One minute you are headbanging to Motorhead and […]

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      Inspired by anime and built upon gallant quests, Elsword is a game dedicated to bravery, colorful imagery, and conquering evil. Between learning new attack skills and earning high-level weapons during journeys, your Elsword character is one busy hero. You play Elsword early and often, and the more you play, the more you want your character […]

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      Traveling is expensive. Between the cost of international flights to the cost of souvenirs, everything you purchase tends to have a high price tag. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t travel. Travel is exploration, immersion in cultures unfamiliar to you. But what if you there were a way to transport yourself to another land without […]

      Last one standing. Sole survivor. The lone wolf. These titles are just a few of the accolades showered upon the winner of Fortnite Battle Royale. The prospect of 100 eager foes can be daunting to some, but not you. You’re cunning, a seasoned gamer with a hunger for victory. In your eyes, Fortnite isn’t a […]