Choosing Proxies for SEnuke and XRumer

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Are you tired of watching your competitors run circles around you? Do you want to get a bigger chunk of the market share? If so, you need to move your site up in the rankings. If you’ve contacted SEO companies to ask them to do it for you, then you know the drill. They have likely told you it will take months to see any serious upward movement.

You don’t have months to wait. You need to start moving up in the rankings now. That’s why you need some tools that the SEO companies don’t mention. These tools consist of proxies and software.

Now you’re itching to buy private proxies and software so that you can get to work. Before you do, you need to take a minute to learn about SEnuke and XRumer. As a result, you’ll be able to buy the best SEO proxies. Let’s start with XRumer.

Inside XRumer

Xrumer is one of the best link building tools around. While some backlink tools offer a broad range of services, this one has a very specific purpose. You won’t use this tool to post backlinks all over the web. Instead, you will use it to leave comments on forums. These comments will include links that point to your site. As long as you use the tool correctly, you will get a lot of powerful backlinks for your site. Each link will provide you with some link juice that you need to move up in the rankings.

Because this tool is completely automated, you just set your parameters and it does the rest. It does take some practice to get it right, though, so expect to spend time learning about this software. Fortunately, Botmaster Labs provides tutorials on how to use the software. Watch the various tutorials to become educated and then you will be ready to start killing it with link building.

XRumer isn’t free software, meaning you will have to pay to use it. The Lite version is $100, the Standard version is $240, and the Business version is $400. Both the Standard and Business versions have full functionality and allow more than a single installation. They also come with other plugins that you can use for your SEO campaign.

It’s important to note that you can transfer your license if you want to upgrade it. To do this, you will need to pay the remaining balance for that version. For instance, if you start with a Lite license and want to upgrade to a Standard, you will pay a $300 transfer fee. Once finished, you will have a Standard license.


If you want to make a big impact on your SEO campaign, you need to get SEnuke. This is easily one of the best SEO tools out there. It can do a lot of different things, including building backlinks.

If you’re going to use SEnuke, you are required to choose the version that you want. SEnuke TNG Is the newest version available. You can do all kinds of things with this version. Need more traffic to go to your website? SEnuke will automate the process. Need to build tons of links? Again, this is the tool for you. These are just two of the tasks that you can accomplish with this robust tool.

You can also get SEnuke XCr. It is basically SEnuke TNG with an extra XCr feature. The community is allowed to upload broken scripts and offer quick fixes with this version. There is also the SEnuke X version. It might not be as new as the other versions, but it is still a great choice. Use this if you want to do some classic link building.

SEnuke is a great tool, but these features come at a price, at least if you get SEnuke TNG. Instead of paying a onetime fee, you will be charged monthly for this version. You will pay $67 a month for the Lite version or $147 a month for the Pro version. Both come with a 7-day free trial, allowing you to take a test drive before committing.

SEnuke doesn’t sell XCr or X anymore, but there are versions available online. Many people go for one of these tools so they don’t have to pay as much money. It’s important to understand that SEnuke is easier to use than XRumer is, with SEnuke TNG being the easiest of all. It is still a good idea to look at a tutorial to ensure that you get everything right when you set it up. Start with a tutorial for the Turbo Wizard so that you can get started on the right foot.

Now that you know about these programs, you’re almost ready to buy the best SEO proxies. With a few tips, you’ll be a step closer to improving your SEO campaign.

How to Buy the Best SEO Proxies

There is a good chance that you understand that proxies are very important if you’re going to use automated software. The software does a great job of automating the various SEO processes, but it can only work if you are able to run it. If you fail to use a proxy, you’ll get shut down. Because your software will send a lot of requests, search engines and other websites will see those as threats. They will shut you down, preventing you from doing anything else. Then, you will be stuck with lackluster results.

You’ll also be stuck if you don’t buy the best SEO proxies. The best proxies perform under various conditions to ensure that you get everything you need out of the experience. First, you need to understand that you can’t get the best proxies without putting some money down. Free proxies simply don’t have the power you need to get the job done. Now, not all paid proxies are the same, though. That is why you need to understand the types of paid proxies before spending money.

For SEO purposes, the best proxies are rotating proxies. Dedicated proxies are second best, while semi-dedicated proxies are your third option. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

Rotating Proxies – The Superior Option

When it comes to finding proxies for SEnuke and XRumer, you can’t beat rotating proxies. These are the premium option.

You need to understand that you will likely go all out when you use SEnuke and XRumer. That means you will build lots of links and handle other SEO tasks quickly. In order to accomplish that, the software will send a significant number of requests in short periods of time.

Private proxies mask your identity, but you can burn through them relatively fast when using SEO software. You’ll have to move from one proxy to the next in order to remain hidden from search engines and other websites.

That isn’t the case if you use rotating proxies. Your proxy provider will change the IP address for your proxies after a set period of time. The amount of time that passes between getting new IP addresses differs from one provider to the next. Some providers change the IP addresses once a day, which helps, but it still isn’t enough.

On the other hand, Blazing SEO changes the IP address every 10 to 120 minutes, with you choosing the duration. It is best to go with every 10 minutes for SEO tasks. That will make it nearly impossible for search engines and websites to figure out what you’re up to when building links. If your IP address changes out every 10 minutes, you don’t have to slow down when using the software. Run the software to its limits without fear.

Keep in mind that rotating proxies cost a bit more than the other options. However, these are the best proxies for using software. It is worth paying the extra so that you won’t have any issues when building links. Now let’s move on to dedicated proxies.

Dedicated Proxies – The Middle Road

Rotating proxies are absolutely the best proxies for using SEO software. However, dedicated proxies aren’t too far behind. Dedicated proxies are completely anonymous, and while the IP addresses don’t change, you can buy them in bundles. For instance, you can buy 500 dedicated proxies at one time or as few as five. The choice is yours. Your dedicated proxies might get banned from time to time since you will keep the same IP addresses. That isn’t that big of a deal, though, since providers let you switch them out for fresh proxies.

There is a big drawback to using dedicated proxies. You can’t open SEnuke and XRumer and let them run at full speed since you will be detected and shut down. That is a huge pain, even though you can exchange your proxies. If you don’t cut down on the running speed, it will continue to happen.

If you run the software at a lower speed, you can get away with using as few as 10 dedicated proxies, although many people bump that up to 25 just to be safe. Since the software runs at a lower rate of speed, it will take longer to accomplish your goals. However, if you’re patient, dedicated proxies are a solid option.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies – The Money Saver

If you don’t have much money to use for proxies, semi-dedicated proxies might be the right option. In this case, you will share your proxies with other people. Some providers have you share your proxies with lots of people, while Blazing SEO keeps the number down to three people per proxy. That means you will share your proxies with two other people.

Even though you share the proxies, semi-dedicated proxies aren’t like free shared proxies. You still remain anonymous so that you can conduct your business online without giving away your location. Sharing proxies does come with certain drawbacks.

Semi-dedicated proxies aren’t as fast as dedicated or rotating proxies are. That might be fine for casual browsing, but SEO software requires a ton of bandwidth. That means that your campaign might have problems running on all cylinders. These proxies are also more likely to get blocked or banned. You never know what the other people are up to, and if they do something they shouldn’t, you will end up with a proxy that doesn’t work.

Of course, you can switch it out for a new proxy, but if that continues to happen, you will be really frustrated. It will also make it much more difficult to automate the process. Semi-dedicated proxies are much better than free public proxies, so if cash is an issue, you can certainly check these out. They might be a little slower and you might end up having to switch out some proxies, but they will get the job done in the long run.

Parting Advice

You are almost ready to get started. There are just a couple more things that you need to keep in mind before you buy the best SEO proxies.

First, talk to the provider before you buy the proxies. Make sure the provider offers customer service in case you need help setting everything up. You should also make sure the proxies are compatible with the software. Some providers have limitations on their proxies and because of that, you would have a huge issue if the software falls under the list of limitations.

You also need to make sure the provider offers HTTP proxies that either haven’t been used before or they haven’t been banned. You can easily check a company’s history to make sure it doesn’t have a history of issuing banned proxies.

As long as you follow this advice, you will be well on your way to conducting a powerful SEO campaign. Pick up your software and proxies, and then get to work. It won’t be long before your website knocks out the competition. You will be on top, and the rest will be fighting to gain traction on you. Just continue using the software and they will have a hard time catching up.

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