Data Breach Prevention Tips And Securing Your Information

Every day, more and more information is produced and stored on servers around the world. Almost every company has a cavalcade of important data sitting in their company servers that they wouldn’t want a hacker or a competitor to be able to access. In a similar fashion, individuals have a ton of data as well that they would prefer not to fall into the wrong hands. Big companies and corporations are taking more steps to ensure data breach prevention so they can avoid hacks and headaches.

Data is incredibly valuable, hence why so many companies exist solely to collect and analyze data of all kinds. Securing data is also important for individuals who do work in risky situations (like whistleblowers). Companies want to prevent data breaches so they can protect their proprietary information as well as their customers’ information. Ensuring trust with customer data is extremely important.

For your own company’s security or your personal security, you should learn how to prevent a data breach. We have a ton of tips and techniques, so you can click around the table of contents and find out more.

Table of Contents

1. Why Care about Data Breach Prevention?

2. How to Prevent a Data Breach

3. Proxies to Prevent Data Breach

4. Feel Secure in Your Data Breach Prevention Strategy

Why Care about Data Breach Prevention?

data breach prevention

If you’re wondering what is a data breach and why we should care so much about preventing them, we can point to the vast amount of data produced every day. In order to do pretty much anything these days, you have to collect a lot of data, and also enter a lot of it into websites for yourself. All of this available information is extremely attractive to hackers looking to steal identities or create chaos in other ways. Figuring out the best ways to prevent data breaches is an important part of online security.

If your company runs a website where people can have accounts, you need to store all that information and their account information safely. Even a small breach could compromise customers in a variety of ways, from opening their emails up to endless spam to ruining the integrity of their passwords. Even though people should have distinct passwords for everything, some of your customers might be password repeaters, so it’s up to you have another line of defense for them and prevent data breaches.

As an individual, you might run a business where you have a ton of customer data on your computer at any given moment. If you work as an accountant, you want to make extra sure that none of your customers’ financial information could be found. Any sort of person who provides financial services or handles personal information should worry about keeping their customer data safe. Even therapists have to be careful—they want to make sure their case files are as safe as possible in order to protect their patients.

If you’re a reporter on the go with a ton of sensitive information and interview archives, you want to make sure you’re totally safe so you don’t compromise any of your reporting. As a freelance journalist without a “home” publication, you can and should prevent a data breach because you don’t want your work compromised before it’s published. However, bigger publications with the capacity to do so should provide protective measures to journalists working on sensitive stories.

Individual workers and giant companies should focus on data breach prevention to ensure customer safety and protect their proprietary information.

How to Prevent a Data Breach

how to prevent data breach

Before considering hardware and software to prevent data breaches, there are a few common-sense measures you can institute at your office (or for yourself) in order to avoid major invasions.

One suggestion is to make it company policy that employees keep their personal and work accounts as separate as possible. Your employees have a vested interest as well in keeping the company data safe as well as their own, so it’s a good idea to get them involved in the strategy. You can train employees to encrypt their work, and also make sure everyone is using two-step verification. Protecting confidential or sensitive information is much easier when everyone is aware of its importance and well-trained to spot possible problems.

When you’re considering software, you have to think about what to do with data that your company is getting rid of. If you’re purging inactive accounts or updating the records of former customers who have asked you not to keep their information (or passed on), it’s important to dispose of these digital packets of information correctly. You can get software that basically acts as a paper shredder to the old files. This would mean they couldn’t be restored by unauthorized people.

In general, companies should have regular security checks and examine the integrity of their systems whenever they can. Cybercriminals and bad actors on the internet are always on the prowl for low-security servers they can get into to collect sensitive or confidential information for various reasons. It’s important to keep on top of data breach prevention techniques to protect your business and your customers.

Proxies to Prevent Data Breach

data breach prevention techniques

If you’re looking for even more protection from data breaches on the internet, proxies can give you a major measure of security. Proxy IP addresses mask your device’s IP address and make it so that the website you’re using is unable to tell that there is a barrier between you and them. Anonymizing the source of your web traffic is a great step to enhancing overall security, and proxies can do that for you. IP address security should be a big part of your general data breach prevention strategy.

Proxies have are also a great tool for companies with offices all over the world. If someone needs to carry out a task through a website only available in a certain country, using a proxy that lets you choose a different geographic location for the IP address allows them to do so. It also allows people to access the software and website they need remotely if they are in a different country. Proxies allow you to use the internet in a truly global fashion, and this is helpful for companies that need to carry out global business. For security reasons, carrying out sensitive tasks with a proxy IP address located in a different country can be a good way to confuse or evade those who are trying to breach the servers. Keep in mind that essentially your entire company’s information–everything that is literally your business–is available on a network. Having that network connected to a proxy will create a barrier to any hacker attempting to reach you.

Proxies also have faster network speeds, which can allow you to download big chunks of information more quickly. Proxies can also compress web traffic, which saves bandwidth overall. Proxies let people work faster and smarter, so there is less of a chance that a data breach could derail the whole process. Guaranteeing high speed, high bandwidth internet is essential to companies with large reserves of data to manage.

Feel Secure in Your Data Breach Prevention Strategy

prevent data breach

Looking for the best proxy for data breach prevention means you should focus on companies that take proxies as seriously as you take your business. Blazing SEO offers a variety of proxies for your needs, especially for companies in need of reliable proxy IP addresses for data breach prevention.

The Corporate plan offers 1,000-4,999 proxies, while the Enterprise plan allows you to buy 5,000 or more. Each of the plans also lets you choose between dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating options. The dedicated proxy is one IP address that covers the device’s IP address, while the semi-dedicated shares the IP address among three to five users. A semi-dedicated proxy option is good for companies that need high volume proxies but also to save a little money—it can be as low as 54 cents per IP address.

A rotating proxy option is the most expensive, but will still only cost you less than two dollars per IP address. Rotating proxies switch out IP addresses for clean, unused IP addresses as often as you need. If you’re working on confidential projects, rotating proxies are the best option because they make sure to anonymize you as efficiently as possible.

We are confident at Blazing SEO that our proxies are the best option for data breach prevention because we have end-to-end control of the hardware we use. With servers around the world hosting proxy IPs, it’s a serious undertaking but it makes our customers certain that we can address any security threats that may come up. We also have a dedicated, 24/7 customer service team that can answer any time something goes wrong. While we can’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, we do guarantee that we will work hard to fix anything that does.

Data breach prevention should be a priority so you don’t have to deal with the drama and chaos of recovering data, or sending out the email informing your customers that they all have to change their passwords or check on their credit cards that may have been stolen. Investing in the extra security of proxies is the best method of how to prevent a data breach.

Final Thoughts

data breach prevention proxies

With so much data being produced every day, it’s gotten harder for individuals and companies to keep track of it all. However, many companies attempt to keep up with the cybercriminals and bad actors to prevent data breaches. Proxies are a great addition to setting strong company rules around data beach prevention. These crucial protections make companies and individuals safer overall and we’ll be less likely to be totally thrown off by data breaches.

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