Why You Need An Overseas Proxy When Browsing Abroad

I have a friend who has been bugging me for years to watch Modern Family. I kept brushing her off, but with the pandemic, I gave it a second thought. I had nothing better to do. I pulled up Netflix and searched for it. All I  could find were the choices named “Like Modern Family.” I was confused, because she told me just the week before that she was watching them on Netflix. I called her to ask if she noticed that it was brought offline. She then told me that it is not available in America. If I wanted to watch Modern Family, I would need to use an overseas proxy. In the end, I just decided to watch The Good Place. But it did make me think. There is a lot that we are barred from because of where we live. Considering the international nature of the internet, that seems a little counter-intuitive. That is why we have web proxies overseas to help us access the internet like a local. Use the table of contents below to find the section you need.

Table of Contents

What is an International Proxy?

how to make your computer think it's in a different country

First, a proxy itself is like a middle man between you and your internet destinations. Without a proxy, the sites and services you interact with see that the activity is coming from your computer’s internet connection. Proxies change this. Your activity and what you access are funneled through the proxy both ways. This means that these internet destinations no longer see the requests as coming from your connection. It appears to be coming from the proxy instead. Your private proxy can exist wherever your host offers servers. There is no limit here. Your proxy can be 2 blocks away or 2,000 miles away. The website you access will still see your activity as coming from the proxy. So it makes sense that using a proxy in Paris, France will make it look like you are in Paris, France.

Why do I Need a Foreign Proxy?

how to use a foreign proxy to develop a local presence

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to use a foreign proxy. If you are conducting any business at all in a different country or city, an overseas proxy will make you appear like a local. Any contributions you make to forums will be seen as coming from the place of your proxy. This is important because it is common for people to gloss over and pass content from distant people. This is especially true if you are trying to leave product or business reviews. A review from abroad can make you look more like a spoiled tourist than a legitimate consumer. This is especially valuable for businesses wanting to expand to another place. Trying to discuss your local products or services does not go far when your words are coming from a different country. This kind of interaction can look shady. It is hard for anyone to trust you. When they see you are a local, this brings a lot more consumer confidence. Another great reason for an international proxy is to access content not normally available to you. Websites and online services often have information or media region locked. This means that some things are available to some places in the world, but not others. Netflix is notorious for this kind of treatment. In order to see all of what Netflix has to offer, you absolutely need a foreign proxy.

How do I get an International Proxy?

how to make your computer think it's in another country

Getting your hands on international proxies is easy. All you need is a host that offers proxies in other countries. It is as simple as that. When you purchase your proxies from the appropriate host, you will have the option to pick your proxy’s location. The need for foreign proxies is great, so it is not difficult to find a proxy host that will have a wide selection of countries to pick from. Pay attention to the ones available, because you never know when you will need to appear from any other country. If you plan ahead with a proxy from a host with a lot of available locations, you may avoid having to buy proxies from multiple hosts.

A Foreign Proxy and Local Presence

how to use a foreign proxy to develop a local presence

The activity you conduct through your overseas proxy will look like it is coming from your proxy’s location. To take things a step further, there are even services like Regus that can make it look like your business is in an entirely different city. Social media presence and other interactions online have a geographic component. They either validate you by your location or post it for others to see. In both of these cases, international proxies help make it appear you are a local.

Building Your Websites

You will want to build international websites. You don’t need to use a dedicated proxy for this step since you will build your sites one at a time. Do a little bit of research so you can have a design that is specific to that country. Go back to the websites that you pulled up in the last step and check out the design. Then, mimic it. You also need to consider the domain extension. Choose an extension that matches up with the location. For instance, .uk is the extension used in the United Kingdom. If you don’t have the right domain extension, people will automatically know that your site isn’t from the local area. When you use a local extension, though, you pass the first test. Your site will look legitimate so people will click on it.

Local Social Networking

Social networking is also a great way to develop a presence overseas. Instead of creating one social networking account, create a new account for each area that you want to serve. Use the local addresses you have set up for each area. That way, people will think that you are a local business instead of an international one. You will need to use proxies to make this work. Social networks only let people set up a single account. In other words, you will be stuck with a single Facebook or Twitter account if you don’t use a private proxy. When you set up your accounts, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, some social networks have fraud detection in place. They will notice if you log in with a German IP address and then log in with a U.S. IP address an hour later. You couldn’t possibly make it from Germany to the U.S. in an hour, so some sort of fraud is likely taking place. You’ll be shut out of your account until the network sorts it out. To avoid this problem, make a note of which proxy goes with which account and continue to use the correct proxy settings each time. In other words, if you create your account with a proxy, you need to use that same proxy every time you log into Facebook. That way, it won’t look like you’re bouncing around the planet.

The Best Overseas Proxy

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There are a lot of options regardings proxies to purchase. Of course, you want a proxy host with access to many different countries. Other than that, like with any kind of proxy, you want high speeds and endless bandwidth. Speeds any less than 1Gbps are usually not worth your time. You also want a host that is known for having consistent uptimes. The last thing you need is a proxy that is bumped offline when you need it most. When looking for great foreign proxies, your best move is with Blazing SEO. Aside from offering the fastest and most reliable proxies, we have locations in over a dozen countries. These include the USA, Germany, Brazil, the UK, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, France, Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. Regardless of your proxy needs, we have you covered at home and abroad. Make sure to look at the proxies we have available and order a few today. The sooner you get your hands on quality proxies, the sooner you can get started.

Final Thoughts

When you want your computer to appear to exist in another city, make sure that you buy an overseas proxy. Once you do, the search engines will act as if you are a local to that area. That will help you develop a local presence in the foreign area. It will also help to gain access to content that may be blocked for you at home. Start building up your local presence and then enjoy all of the benefits.

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