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  • What Is a Reddit Proxy (Find The Best Proxy For Reddit)

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    I once got lost in the Mall of America. Yet somehow, that level of panic has nothing on the dread I feel when making my way out of an hours-long dive into a Reddit thread about microwaving yogurt. (Hot take: do not microwave yogurt. It is like death warmed up.)

    Needless to say, I am a huge Reddit fan. An online community where people can rant, discuss, and ruminate over life’s little oddities? Sign me up. Like, literally, I’d make another sign-in account if I could. And while a simple username and password can grant you access to subreddits and the innermost thoughts of 21st-century human beings, it does not give you all that Reddit has to offer. Back in 2008, there were only 10,926 subreddits, while today there are almost 1.2 million. Where does one even start?

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    That is where a Reddit proxy comes into play. I know what you’re thinking. A proxy? The tool that replaces your IP address and allows you to browse the internet anonymously? Yes, my friend. In just a short few paragraphs, I’ll show you how to browse Reddit privately, how to operate multiple Reddit accounts and discuss the best Reddit proxies online. This is one thread you will be happy you got lost inside.

    What Is a Reddit Proxy?

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    So, what are Reddit proxies? Think of a proxy as a go-between. A gateway between you and the internet. Every computer contains a unique IP address. Each time you visit a website, that IP address makes a request. When that request is accepted, you are sent to the correct location. This all sounds pretty straightforward, right? Problem is, those requests are traceable. If your IP address can be traced, it means you are more exposed. A Reddit proxy replaces your IP address with a new one, offering you security and shielding your real IP address from prying eyes. When it comes to Reddit itself, a proxy allows you to use the website no matter your location or the origin of your actual IP address. You are no longer limited to where you live or the number of Reddit logins you have created. You’re addicted; I feel your pain.

    How to Use a Proxy With Reddit

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    Now that we have a good understanding of Reddit proxies, let’s explore different ways to use a Reddit proxy.

    Web scraping

    Web scraping is the automated process of collecting data and organizing it into one neat document. You can scrape everything from eCommerce sites to Google. If you use Reddit as a tool for market research or other marketing tactics, then you know all about the time it takes to find the right feedback about specific topics. Bots are programmable, meaning you can customize scrapes depending on your needs. Using a Reddit proxy in conjunction with a web scraper keeps you safe while collecting information and allows you to bypass restrictions on particular websites. Plus, when using multiple IP addresses, you are able to scrape more, at a faster rate. That is more data at your disposal than ever before.

    Multiple subreddits with software

    Each piece of Reddit software is different, but they do have something in common. Reddit Dominator, FollowingLike, and PVA Creator all work with Reddit proxies. If you were to use the software without a Reddit proxy, each of your accounts would be linked to the same IP address. If you decided to use the software to upvote your content, each of those upvotes would come from the same IP address. That could lead to a Reddit ban.

    Reddit proxies are the obvious solution. I mentioned earlier how a proxy is like an intermediary. When you use a Reddit proxy, your computer connects to a different server before connecting to Reddit. Then, that server’s IP address makes the request. You can add multiple Reddit proxies to the software, so each account has its own IP address. Reddit account management software makes it easy to add proxies. When you download the software, you will add your proxies in before creating your accounts. Then, the software will automatically deploy the proxies whenever you connect to Reddit, thus providing you with anonymity when switching between accounts.

    How to Post to Multiple Subreddits at Once With Software

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    I gave you a high-level overview of subreddit software above, but for your benefit, I would like to take a closer look. While some people are happy with a single Reddit account, many Reddit users benefit from managing multiple accounts at once. A huge benefit is the anonymity you gain. With the help of software and a Reddit proxy, users can comment on multiple subreddits without the accounts being traced back to one another.

    For example, if you are active on a variety of subreddits that are not connected, managing multiple accounts will make it so no one links the comments together. In addition, you can create and manage multiple accounts so in order to upvote your own content. This strategy helps content go viral, fast. In short, you can create hundreds of accounts and then post content using one of the accounts. The process goes on and on until all your content goes viral (at least that’s the aim).

    However, creating and managing multiple accounts on your own is time-consuming. You have to open different email accounts, go through the account creation process, and then save the login information for each account. Then, when the time comes to post or upvote, you have to log in to each account separately. Manually running different accounts equates to wasted hours. Reddit account creation and management software offer a shortcut. Different pieces of software automate the process for you. Once you set the software up, it can handle your account creation and management duties.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most popular software options.

    PVA Creator

    PVA Creator is one such option. The software comes in different versions for various websites, including Reddit. PVA Creator automatically registers Redditt accounts, and it automatically confirms your email addresses, so your accounts will be ready to go once created. It also saves all the account information in the system, so you don’t need to write it down and save it anywhere else. It stores it all for you, so you can log in whenever you like.


    FollowingLike is another option if you want to create and manage multiple Reddit accounts. The software was created to mimic human actions. When you use it for Reddit, you can automate your Reddit account.

    It allows you to:

    • Add friends
    • Search posts
    • Search subreddits
    • Send messages
    • Comment
    • Submit posts
    • Manage accounts
    • Automate tasks among multiple accounts

    Reddit Dominator

    Reddit Dominator is also available for account management. This software allows you to upload and delete accounts. You can use the software to upvote and downvote content, leave comments, submit links and text, and more. You can even use it to scrape URLs on Reddit. That can help you come up with content ideas for the site.

    While all this software talk is great, we do need to keep in mind how it works with a Reddit proxy. And combining the two will make the creation of multiple subreddits easier.

    Benefits of a Reddit IP Address

    How to hide your IP address on Reddit


    Figuring out how to use Reddit anonymously was a massive win for me. I mentioned anonymity above, but I feel it’s important enough to reiterate here. Seriously, staying safe online is a huge priority, no matter what websites you visit frequently or where you are browsing from. Because your IP address is shielded, your Reddit account is less likely to be hacked or banned when using a Reddit IP address. Not only to anonymity allow you to trek through Reddit as you please, but it also keeps your personal information safe. We post so much of ourselves online, and while you love adding subreddits on interesting topics, that does not mean you don’t value your privacy. Make it so hackers wouldn’t dare mess with all you have built on the pages of Reddit.

    Bypass geographical restrictions

    If you are in a country that puts restrictions on online content, then a Reddit proxy is the perfect way to break through those digital barriers. When you purchase a proxy, you are given a choice of where you would like your IP address to be located. This means that, even if you live in Iceland, once you start using a North American proxy, websites will think you are in Chicago or L.A. The ability to bypass restrictions makes it so you can talk and connect with people from around the globe. Do not let a silly thing like birthplace or current mailing address stop you from using the best parts of your favorite online community.

    The benefits above are in no way exhaustive, just the top 2 ways a Reddit proxy site can work for you. If you are interested in reading more about using proxies, check out this article here.

    The Best Proxy for Reddit

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    I know, you’re totally stoked to leave this tab and go get a Reddit proxy for yourself. But before you go buying on an impulse, keep in mind a few aspects of proxy buying. First, I want to jam the word purchase into your head. While free proxies are available online, they are a lot less reliable than paid proxies. Yes, I love a freebie as much as the next gal, but I also value quality. Paying for your proxy will ensure a smoother transition from one IP address to another. Because as much as I love free stuff, I hate troubleshooting. Although, if you have to troubleshoot, be sure your proxy provider has a fantastic team of customer service reps. Imagine, you are all ready to operate multiple accounts using a Reddit proxy, but the set-up is different than you’d thought it would be. What do you do, twiddle your thumbs or reach out to an awesome customer service rep that is happy to help?

    Something else to keep in mind is the location you would like your IP address to be located. Once you have established that, you will want to buy a proxy from a provider that has a wide variety of locations. The more locations available, the better set you will be. In addition to location, make a note of how many proxies you would like to buy. Many providers sell proxies in bundles, so if you want to buy a large bundle, double-check to see if that provider offers discounts. When you are knowledgeable about all the different proxy providers out there, you are sure to buy the best proxy for Reddit.

    Wrapping Up

    If I possessed any amount of will power, I would stop going on Reddit all together. With topics ranging from Welsh Corgis to perfectly manicured lawns, Reddit is a recipe for uplifting online communities and many hours lost. Rather than give up on Reddit because of geographic restrictions or difficulties running multiple Reddit accounts at once, download a Reddit proxy and see all the untapped possibilities dwelling within the unseen parts of your most cherished website. Do your research, find the right Reddit proxy for you, and replace your IP address today. And do not doubt for 1 second that I didn’t open Reddit immediately after finishing this post. It is a burden I am willing to shoulder.

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