Speed Up Your Browsing With The Fastest Proxy Server

I’m a pretty forgetful person, so it’s no surprise that my loved ones’ birthdays tend to sneak up on me. I wanted to send my friend a birthday card this year, but before I knew it, her birthday had arrived and she had nothing in the mail. I frantically called her local bakery to see if they could deliver a cake that day, but I was disappointed to hear that the delivery truck had already left. Call it fate, but it just so happened that the bakery employee I was talking to on the phone actually lived in the same building as my friend. Could she speed up the delivery process by taking the cake herself? Absolutely. Would she charge me extra for this favor? No chance.

With so much technology at our fingertips today, we have trained ourselves to wait for nothing. This can be a flaw, but how cool is it that when I wanted to surprise a friend who lived halfway around the country, all I had to do to speed up the process was call her local bakery? We have incredible tools to help us speed up our lives, which is why so many people use proxies to browse the internet. If you want to speed up your online endeavors, you need a fast proxy. Correction: You need the fastest proxy server. In this article, we’ll discuss what proxies are, how they speed up your online experience and what you can do to make sure you’re buying the highest quality proxies. 

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What is a Fast Proxy Server?

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If you need a refresher on the definition of proxies, we’re here to help. I always find it useful to explain proxies, IP address and proxy servers with analogies. There are several analogies that help explain these concepts, but I think it makes most sense to relate proxies to snail mail (You know, when people actually write a letter, lick the envelope and pop it in the mailbox. Crazy, right?) If I want my letter to make it to my friend halfway across the United States, I obviously need to make sure I write my friend’s correct address and my own return address on the envelope. This tells my mail carrier where to deliver the letter, but it also tells my friend where the letter is coming from. IP addresses work in similar ways, since they communicate the identity of your computer connection to the website you’re trying to access. IP addresses aren’t as accurate as a person’s address. They only give an approximate location, which helps website owners gather valuable data about their users. But, what if I didn’t want my friend to know where the letter came from? I could send her the letter from a P.O. Box, which she wouldn’t recognize. Surprise! If you don’t want websites to know the approximate location of your connection, you’ll want to use a proxy. Proxies act as intermediaries or gateways between your IP address and the website you’re trying to access. The proxy intercepts your request and disguises it with a new IP address before sending it to that website. When the website sends the information back to you, it sees the proxy’s IP address, not your own. This process makes online browsing much more anonymous, secure and efficient.

What are the Fastest Proxies?

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If I forgot to send the letter in time for my friend’s birthday, I’d want to choose another option that would help it get to her as quickly as possible. Not all mailing services are created equal, so I’d have to do some research before choosing the best method. Proxies are the same way. Not all proxies improve your browsing speeds, because not all proxies are reliable and secure. Plus, if you buy a proxy on a server that’s very far from you, that proxy will have to travel a farther distance to connect. You can avoid this sluggish speed by buying proxies that are near to you and choosing a proxy provider that offers several proxy locations to choose from. There are plenty of different types of proxies that can enhance your online experience, so let’s talk about two of the most common types we recommend to our users for fast browsing speeds.

Dedicated proxies

If speed is your top priority, make sure you use dedicated proxies instead of semi-dedicated (or shared) proxies. Since dedicated proxies are only used by one user, you get full control over them, as well as access to the resources offered by your proxy provider. These resources include site speed and bandwidth, or the volume of information that your connection can handle. More bandwidth equals more data, which means a better experience for you. Since you get full access to the proxy IP addresses, you don’t have to worry about sharing features that speed up your browsing, like bandwidth speeds and the proxy server quality. Like I said, you want to make sure that you’re the only one using your resources if you want to browse the web faster. Shared proxies aren’t going to be the best option for that.

Rotating proxies

Rotating proxies are also a great option to increase speed, but it depends on why you want to use them. Rotating proxies are great for data scraping purposes, since they assign new IP addresses every time you connect. This makes it possible to send multiple requests to websites without risking getting banned by that website. If you want to make sure you always have proxies on hand to browse more quickly, then rotating proxies can help you do that.

SOCKS and HTTPS proxies

SOCKS proxies are the way to go if you want to use a proxy that works with any type of internet protocol, which is how information gets transferred over the internet. SOCKS are built on a universal connection, so they can be used with HTTP, POP3 and most other protocols. This can speed up your browsing because you don’t have to worry about figuring out what proxy will work for your internet protocol. But HTTP and HTTPS proxies can make certain things faster, too. Even though they can only be used on HTTP and HTTPS protocols, these fast proxies are great for data scraping. This process is the automatic extraction and collection of data from public information on websites, which can be used for product research, competitor analysis, digital marketing and much more. You want the fastest proxy to help you scrape the web because you want to get your information quickly and efficiently. Since HTTP proxies are great at interpreting information quickly, they can speed up the process in a safe, secure way.

What Slows Down a Fast Proxy?

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There are many reasons why your internet speed may be slow, and in some cases, why a proxy could make it slower. Obviously, this is the opposite of what most people want from their proxies. Let’s talk about a few ways this can happen and what you can do about it.

Using public proxies

Here’s where the conversation gets a little more serious. You have probably seen plenty of companies advertising “The best free proxies!”, but we highly recommend that you steer clear of these free offers for public proxies. Unlike shared proxies, public proxies are available to anyone, which means that an unlimited number of users could be using the limited number of resources (like bandwidth and IP addresses) available on the proxy server. Since these resources are being shared, they’re definitely not going to speed up your online experience. In fact, they’re the absolute worst choice if speed is important to you. Even if online speed and anonymity aren’t concerns for you, I’m sure that your security is. Since so many people have access to the same public proxies, hackers and malicious programs have a hay day. Companies might offer free proxies without any of these risks, but just know that it’s impossible to remain completely anonymous and secure online if you’re using a public proxy.

Bandwidth throttling

Bandwidth is the volume of data that your connection can handle. Many people confuse bandwidth with speed, but they’re not the same thing. Bandwidth is the amount of information that can travel over your internet or proxy connection, measured in megabits per second. When you buy a proxy, you obviously want to make sure that you can browse as much as you want without having to share bandwidth. With dedicated (and even shared) proxies, you won’t have to worry about that since your resources aren’t being shared by who knows how many users. However, some internet service providers advertise unlimited bandwidth, but before you know it, your internet speed slows down drastically. This is sometimes due to something called bandwidth throttling, which happens when your internet service or proxy provider slows down your connection on purpose. If there are no net neutrality laws in your country, then this practice technically isn’t illegal. Still, it’s incredibly deceptive and disruptive. If a company advertises unlimited bandwidth and then blocks your connection during high peak times to save resources for their other users, they’re not putting you first as their customer. The easiest way to avoid bandwidth throttling is to buy reliable proxies.

Where to Buy the Fastest Proxies?

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Surprise, surprise…I know just the place. (We don’t call ourselves “Blazing SEO” for nothing.) We take great pride in offering blazing fast 1 Gbps speeds on all our proxies, which means you won’t have to compromise when it comes to speed. Since SOCKS and HTTP proxies are both good options to increase your browsing speed, it can be hard to decide what option is best for you. Good news! With Blazing SEO, you get both types of proxies with your purchase, so you don’t have to choose. You can also take advantage of our valuable free trials, which allow you to test your proxy speeds for your specific use case. We also offer proxies in nine different countries and 19 cities in the United States, so you can make sure your proxies are in the most ideal location to increase your browsing speeds. Our Blazing SEO team takes great pride in putting our customers first, which means offering the fastest and highest-quality proxies. When we say you get unlimited bandwidth, we mean you get unlimited bandwidth. We offer IP authentication, subnet diversity, automatic proxy replacements and more. We also support HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, which is something not all proxy providers can say. But our best quality is our excellent customer support team. If you’re having trouble with your proxies and need to find customizable solutions, we’ll work with you to find what works best for you. Put all of this together, and you could get some pretty fast proxies!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what makes a proxy fast and reliable, you can make a more informed decision about the option that works best for you. Just remember: when it comes to proxies, you don’t want to skimp! Public proxies might sound faster and more affordable, but at the end of the day, the potential hacks and risks on these proxies just isn’t worth it. When you buy proxies with Blazing SEO, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

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