How To Find The Fastest Server (Super Fast VPS & Dedicated)

The speed of business keeps a fast pace that leaves many companies in the dust if they are not careful. When time is money, people are often looking for ways to save time or speed up processes. One way that you should never overlook is the speed of how you access and use your data. Using a server is a great way to safely, securely, and reliably have access to what data you need, when you need it, wherever you are. However, working with a server means you can only work as fast as the server allows. In that regard, it makes the most sense to find the fastest server. It is easy to get stuck at this point. It is one thing to know you need the fastest server, but where do you go from there? We discuss below the steps in finding the server you need. We cover how to evaluate your specific needs, two different kinds of servers, and how to find the fastest one that best benefits you. Depending on what step you are in the process, you can use the table of contents to jump directly to the information you are looking for.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Having the Fastest Server

fastest server, fast servers At its slowest, the speed of business is as fast as your competitors. At the very least, you need to be keeping pace or overtaking your direct competition. You are already in the right ballpark for trusting your important and sensitive data to a professional server (or considering it if you have not done so already). To make sure you and your business can progress, grow, and move forward in a safe and comfortable manner, it is a must to ensure you are using the fastest server. This increases performance through every transaction with the server and cuts down on time wasted waiting for a server to catch up to you. This opens up that time so you can use it on more important things. The best thing about having the fastest server is that you reap the benefits of faster speed regardless of use. Even the simplest task can benefit from more speed. Processes from writing documents and transferring files to intensive video editing are improved by a faster server. Speed aside, there are plenty of other defining aspects of a server that can be different depending on your needs.

Identifying Your Fast Server Needs

vps fast There are a wide variety of uses for servers. Everyone has different needs, and you cannot expect a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Individual and business needs vary greatly from one to the other. That is why you have to take a look at your unique situation to discover the right server option for you. Anyone offering you a singular solution designed to work for everyone will be asking you to pay for performance you do not need, to go without capabilities you do need, or both. There are a variety of things to keep in mind while evaluating your needs.

  • What will I use the server for?
  • How many resources will my use case need?
  • How much storage do I need access to?
  • Who all will be using the server?
  • How much simultaneous use will the server experience?
  • Etc.

This planning is important, because there are many aspects that define your server. You will want to have the fastest server, but you may not need to have a lot of storage space. This is also true about processing power and RAM. You need to keep in mind how intensive your programs are and how much will need to be running simultaneously. It can be difficult to determine exactly what you need if this is your first experience with getting a VPS or dedicated server. In those cases, you can reach out to Blazing SEO’s Knowledge Base to get insight into the best choice for you. If you are currently using a server, however, you may already have an idea of your server needs and are ready for the next step. First, you will need to know the difference between VPS (Virtual Private Server) and a dedicated server.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

The biggest difference between VPS and a dedicated server is that the latter is an entire, physical server just for you. A VPS offers similar functionality, but the physical unit is shared with others. Instead, a virtually separated environment and OS is created for you. The choice between the two comes down to price and performance. By definition, a VPS is the less expensive option, since the physical server itself is not dedicated just to you. However, this does mean that there will be far less functionality and capabilities when compared to a dedicated server. The biggest difference is that dedicated servers have the added benefit of exclusive resources and tighter security. Also, you are usually able to customize many different aspects of a dedicated server that are not available with a VPS. It allows you to more closely build the exact server to solve your needs. So the decision between a VPS and a dedicated server comes down to comparing how much control, safety, and capabilities you need along with your available budget. There is no single right answer for everyone. Below, you will find information that further defines the difference between the two types of servers and how both can serve your needs.

Testing Your Existing Fast Server Speed

Private internet access fastest servers If you are already using a server, you may be wondering how your current server’s speed measures up to the fastest servers out there. The first thing you will want to do is check with your current host and view the details of your server package. Appropriate information about your server should be readily available, including the number of cores, RAM, speed, storage capability, and any bandwidth caps. Doing this will give you measurements you can use to compare other servers against the one you are currently using. It is important to remember, though, that your current server might not be performing as well as the host claims. This could be the case if you have gone with a cheaper option that lacks appropriate server maintenance. Especially if you have had your existing server for a while, it is smart to independently test your server speed. The easiest way to test your server is by using it. That is, move large documents in and out of the server and note the speeds and time taken to complete the actions. It is crucial to be sure and repeat the process both when the server is seeing little use and again when the server is undergoing heavy use. This way, you can be sure that you are testing the limitations of server speed and bandwidth.

Finding A Super Fast VPS

Private internet access fastest servers You might ask yourself, what is the fastest proxy server? One potential server solution is to find a super fast VPS. If you do not have much need for specific customization and feel comfortable sharing hardware with others. Since there is no hardware set aside only for you, this option is more inexpensive compared to dedicated servers. Keep in mind, though, that even though you are sharing hardware with a fast windows VPS, you are still guaranteed resources to run for your server. Performance will not suffer from this shared space. Also, being virtually separated ensures security. There are a few different ways to discover how to check which VPS server is fastest. The most straight forward is to look among competitors in the field. They will give you the specs and whatever other information you need to compare the performance of different servers. You should also keep in mind the VPS features available, like multiple locations, solid-state drives, and 24/7 customer support. These aspects do not make the VPS fast, but they can easily give you a reason to give a server a second look.

Finding a Fast Dedicated Server

What is the fastest proxy server VPS aside, you may find you would benefit most from getting a fast dedicated server. Having an entire unit dedicated to you or your business guarantees that every resource is entirely focused on you. This also give you more control as discussed below with the customization options. Also, though VPS offers fantastic security, a dedicated server is even more secure by design. With the only way to access the machine at all coming from you and the server’s host, it cuts out any other potential openings for malicious attacks. Fewer openings means there are fewer opportunities for someone or harmful software to slip into the server unnoticed. In terms of speed, a dedicated server is more reliably faster than a VPS. Mostly, this comes from the fact that a VPS has a small amount of latency by having the data pass through the virtual environment. The best way to find the fastest dedicated server is to directly compare between different hosts. Each host will want you to see the best of what they have to offer, so the available specs will be easily found and compared. Just like with VPS, make sure to look for other dedicated server features as well. Something like 24/7 customer support is important to consider in this decision as well as speed.

Customization options for dedicated servers

The most versatile aspect of a dedicated server is its potential for customization. Since it is a stand-alone machine used only by you, you have more options for the features. While VPS options are more limited, a dedicated server will likely give you options to mix and match between different components. This can include items like available OS, size of storage, and amount of RAM. Customizing your dedicated server gives you to option to save money by skipping features that you do not need. Your customization decisions are also not permanent. As your needs grow and change, so can your dedicated server. When you need higher storage capacity or more RAM, those can be met and implemented into your server.

The Best Option for the Fastest Servers

fastest server Blazing SEO, the hottest proxy and server provider on the planet, offers both Windows VPS and dedicated servers for a variety of uses. We provide access to speeds of 1 Gbps for all of our options: VPS and dedicated servers. Our 24/7 support team can help find the exact option that works best for you or your business. For the fastest VPS or dedicated server, visit our product page and choose the right package for your needs.

Final Thoughts on Fast Servers

You now know how to find the most efficient, fastest server that is right for you. Do not forget about the choice between VPS and dedicated servers. If you feel more comfortable with added security and a greater sense of control, then you know a dedicated server is right for you. On the other hand, if you are more budget-minded and have needs satisfied with a virtual environment, then focus on VPS in your search. Regardless, Blazing SEO has the best options and packages available for both VPS and dedicated servers.

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