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    Last one standing. Sole survivor. The lone wolf. These titles are just a few of the accolades showered upon the winner of Fortnite Battle Royale. The prospect of 100 eager foes can be daunting to some, but not you. You’re cunning, a seasoned gamer with a hunger for victory. In your eyes, Fortnite isn’t a mere game, it’s a lifestyle. You don’t host dinner parties, you host Fortnite strategy sessions. With precious time and energy wrapped up in the game, why relinquish control of your own server?

    But what are Fortnite servers? And why are they a part of playing Fortnite on a daily basis? Don’t be intimidated by all the web hosting speak. In this blog we’ll explore these questions, as well as discussing VPNs for Fortnite and using a Fortnite proxy server. The prospect of Fortnite server hosting? A game you play to win. Enough with the fancy preamble, it’s time for us to get down to the nitty-gritty of server hosting.

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    What Is Fortnite Server Hosting?

    fortnite dedicated server

    The many facets of Fortnite

    Three different ways to play. An incalculable amount of ways to win. That’s Fortnite. In just a few short years, Fortnite has become one of the most popular online videogames. Not only has the game won a multitude of awards but it has also spawned a successful Pro-Am event where the game is played and streamed live. Needless to say, Fortnite doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s pretty incredible to know the background of the game you love and how important that game has become to a vast number of people from across the globe. Just another reminder of how, although we pretend to be enemies while playing an online game, we’re all connected in real life. Whether you’re a fan of Battle Royale, enjoying preventing total societal collapse with Fortnite: Save the World, or prefer building your own island with Fortnite Creative, your creativity will soar to new heights while dialed into the online game. Fortnite server hosting is a fantastic way to keep the fun going.

    Diving into shared hosting

    If you’re familiar with computers, you may have heard the phrase shared hosting thrown around. If you’re not familiar, this post will help explain what the term really means. Here’s a quick note about what exactly shared hosting means. A shared hosting network is perfectly fine for everyday use. Shared hosting is a version of web hosting that utilizes one server to host several sites. Think of shared hosting as a party where everyone is invited. Each time you open up a new tab or jump to a different website on the internet, your shared server is opening up the front door to your computer and all the sites you visit are being let into your home.

    Now, don’t get us wrong, we like a good party. However, there can be danger in using shared hosting for online gaming. Why? Because of the large number of people playing the game from different locations at the same time. Plus, gaming isn’t the only thing most people tend to use a computer for, which means the game might be competing for a place on your server. The more space Fortnite takes up on your computer, the more you’ll find yourself looking for an operating system specially dedicated to the game. Now it’s time to explain why Fortnite server hosting is the perfect solution to all your gaming needs.

    The time for a Fortnite dedicated server

    Now that we’ve fully established Fortnite’s superiority as an online game, it’s time to talk about dedicated servers. The first question that needs answered, what the heck is server hosting and how does a VPS fit into the equation? A VPS (virtual private server) is a server that runs on its own operating system, which gives the appearance of an independent server on your device. Downloading a VPS onto your computer allows you to run applications like Fortnite without issues. The best part? Using a Fortnite dedicated server is simple. Choose a location from which to access your VPS and see the server operating almost immediately.

    What are the benefits of having an independent server? In addition to running applications, a VPS provides more security while playing Fortnite. Accessing different sites at the same time increasing the risk for identity theft or hacking. A VPS creates a protected channel from which to play the game that you love. Because the last thing you want to worry about is your personal information being stolen while gaming online. Let a VPS cover you, so you can get on with the business of zombie slaying and island building.

    Plus, Fortnite server hosting is consistent. What’s that? A reliable server is music to your game-loving ears? That’s what I thought. A powerful, steadfast server means the game never has to stop on account of your computer crashing or stalling. When you’re fighting multiple people online, all at once, the last battle you want to fight is one with your computer. Play Fortnite freely and without delay thanks to an easy-to-install VPS.

    The Best Fortnite Private Server

    fortnite servers

    You’re a seasoned gamer with an eagle-eye for fellow expert players. You recognize the best because you are the best. We get it and applaud you on your good taste. Here at Blazing SEO, we don’t want you to settle. That’s why we offer the very best in Fortnite server hosting. Quality is key for hours of successful gaming. But you knew that already.

    What exactly does Blazing SEO offer you in terms of VPS? What don’t we offer? Once you install a VPS, choose from 4 different locations across the United States in which to run your private server. From Dallas to Chicago, the 4 locations will meet your needs, no matter where in the country you live. Plus, Blazing SEO servers run on 1 Gbps speeds, which means they are optimized for the fastest performance out there. Make sure to follow the installation instructions based off of the type of computer you own. Using a VPS tends to differ a little depending on whether you use a Mac or PC. And if you have questions about your purchase, our team is available 24/7 to solve any and all your tech issues.

    Once your VPS is purchased and downloaded, activation should ready within 30 minutes of your order. That’s right, just 30 minutes until you’re ready to start playing Fortnite with a virtual private server. Complicated software that requires a computer science degree in order to navigate it? No way. Are all the statements above a bold declaration of our expertise? You bet they are, because here at Blazing SEO we believe in our products and want only the best for all your Fortnite needs.

    Using a Fortnite VPN

    fortnite vpn

    Alright, as you can tell, we love Fortnite and the use of a VPS to make playing easier. Since you’re a savvy gamer that knows their way around the internet, it’s possible you’ve come across a few other types of web hosting. As knowledgeable as you are, it’s easy to confuse a VPS and a VPN, but oh boy is there a big difference between the two.

    As stated above, a VPS is a private server that allows for more control and stronger security over your server. A VPN (virtual private network) connects you to another server on the internet. Using a VPN makes it look like you are accessing the internet from another location than the one you’re in. That means if you were to use a VPN to play Fortnite, your location would be shielded from hackers scouring the internet. Restrictions on your location would also be disregarded, so any updates to the version of the game you’re playing would not be hindered by where you live. Sounds pretty straightforward right?

    The trouble is, while Fortnite allows the use of a VPS, they do not condone the use of a Fortnite VPN download. While downloading a VPN is routine for a lot of tech users, Fortnite users should be wary of downloading software that can get you banned from playing the game. VPNs are often used by people who are trying to steal identities, go unnoticed while hacking into servers, or for accessing illegal websites. This is why Fortnite is so adamant about using Fortnite server hosting instead of a VPN. However, it is important to know the difference between a VPS and Fortnite VPN download. Educating yourself on both can prevent you from running into trouble while running Fortnite online. Phew, I’m sure glad we distinguished how and when to use a VPN. And with that, there’s just one more kind of web hosting to discuss.

    What Is a Fortnite Proxy?

    fortnite proxy

    VPS, VPNs, and proxies oh my. Online resources will give you a wide variety of information on these three topics. With such a bloated market, valuable data on the respective subjects can be hard to come by. And just like our previous discussion of VPNs, misinformation about a Fortnite proxy server can lead to quite a headache. Let’s leave the debilitating headaches for those fearsome gaming adversaries of yours, shall we?

    In basic terms, a proxy conceals your IP address while browsing the internet. That means that every time you open a tab and type in the address of a website, the installed proxy redirects your request. Without an Epic Games proxy, your ISP requests the website of your choice and sends you to the address. A proxy is useful when using your laptop on a network you’re unfamiliar with, like a coffee shop, hotel, or airport. Running a proxy server prevents hackers from tracing your activity online. When it comes to playing Fortnite, the use of a proxy isn’t exactly above board.

    As was the case with a VPN, Fortnite does not support the use of an Epic Games proxy while playing online. If you already have a proxy downloaded and are exploring the ins and outs of Fortnite for the first time, be careful when and how you use web hosting. Safety online is paramount but make sure safety doesn’t come at the cost of playing your favorite game.

    Wrapping Up

    Discovering Fortnite changed the way you interacted with online communities, strengthening your bond with fellow Fortnite enthusiasts. A passionate love for the online game comes with the wish for consistent and reliable play. The use of Fortnite server hosting creates a protected server from which to build whole worlds on an island or fight heroic battles. The team at Blazing SEO recognizes that you’re a true gamer through and through, that’s why we’ve created VPS technology to make playing Fortnite faster and better than ever. The connection between you and your server should be just as epic as your abilities as an able-bodied warrior. Install a VPS and play on.

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