You’ve started your own business, and you want to get some customers. Your dream has always been to compete with the big boys, but you don’t see how it is possible. They have name recognition, and that goes a long way toward making sales.

You might not have name recognition, but you can quickly build your company by using social proof. All of the big companies have it, and you can compete with them if you have it, as well. Of course, social proof won’t come as easily to you as it does to the big companies. You have to be creative, which is where private proxies come in. If you buy dedicated proxies and follow some tips, you will finally get the competitive edge you’ve been craving.

First, though, let’s take a look at what social proof is. You have to understand the concept if you’re going to dominate in your niche. Once you understand what it is, you’ll be ready to learn how you can get it.

What Is Social Proof?

Social proof is one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing right now. Most marketers agree that you need social proof to succeed in the online business world. More importantly, social proof helps no-name businesses compete in the market. It evens the playing field so everyone can get a piece of the pie.

Social proof refers to people’s reliance on reviewing the feedback and actions of others before deciding what to do. That means that if you have something that is considered social proof, people will automatically want to do business with you.

You see social proof in retail situations all of the time. You go to a store to buy laundry detergent, and you notice that one type of detergent is almost sold out. Psychological factors kick in and tell you that detergent must be great because your peers purchased it. That is a form of social proof.

You can also use social proof online. There are lots of different options for this.

Social Proof Online

If you’re connected, you can get social proof from experts or celebrities. If they endorse or approve of your product, your brand will grow in leaps and bounds. That is why so many of the big brands have celebrity endorsements. Do you think Matthew McConaughey loves Lincolns so much that he decided to make a ton of commercials about them? No, that’s not the case. Lincoln pays him a ton of money to make those commercials as a form of social proof. People see that one of their favorite actors like Lincolns, so they decide to give the car a try.

You are just starting out, though, so you probably aren’t going to get any big endorsements just yet. Your Rolodex is still a little slim, but that is OK. There are lots of other forms of social proof, and they are just as effective.

Other Forms of Social Proof

User social proof is a popular option, and one you can take advantage of with your marketing efforts. This refers to positive feedback, such as reviews and testimonials. When people visit your website or social media account and see positive reviews and testimonials, they are more likely to put some money down for what you have to offer. The social proof is there, guiding them toward making a purchase.

“Wisdom of the crowds” is another form of social proof. This goes back to the laundry detergent example. When you notice that everyone else doing something, you want to do it, as well. You can take advantage of this by including a ticker that shows how many sales you’ve made on your site. As that ticker goes up, you will be more likely to make even more sales. You can also take advantage of this by building a strong following. If people see that you have 100,000 Twitter followers, they will want to find out what you have to offer. They will follow you, as well. Often, dominating on social media is as simple as that. Then, once you get the followers, you can turn them into coasters.

“Wisdom of your friends” is yet another powerful form of social proof. You gather this when you get recommendations from people’s friends. For instance, if you add a Facebook review plugin on your site, people can see which of their friends have recommended your product. If they notice that one of their good friends rated you highly, they will be ready to buy your product. Nothing is as powerful as a recommendation from a friend, so be sure to cash in on this form of social proof.

Now that you know what social proof is, it’s time to learn how buying a proxy can help.

Proxies and Social Proof

Private proxies let you expand your reach and open up your market. Without proxies, you are limited to what you can do with your own two hands. However, if you use proxies, you can also use tools to help you gather more social proof. On top of that, you can create multiple social media accounts and create social proof on each account.

More Accounts Equals More Social Proof

When you sign up for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, you’re limited to a single account. In most cases, that is fine. After all, Best Buy only needs a single account to reach its target market.

You’re new, though, so you need some extra help. Multiple accounts can provide that help.

You can’t just create multiple accounts, though. You need to use a new private proxy for each account so the social network doesn’t realize you have multiple accounts. Proxies provide you with a new IP address so you can create as many accounts as you want.

Once you create all of your accounts, what are you supposed to do with them?

First, you can target different parts of your market and you can test marketing strategies. Having multiple accounts gives you the freedom to do this. If something doesn’t work, you can simply close down the account. It is that easy.

Over time, you can choose a main account and phase out your other accounts. Then, you won’t have to worry about managing all of those accounts. First, though, you need to work on growing your accounts with bots. Then, once they grow, you can combine them.

Boost Your Accounts with Bots

Bots are automation tools that you can use on your social networks. Bots will allow you to get lots of social media followers. Some bots will even interact with your followers, which will help you boost your social proof. With so many bots out there, you need to know where to look before you get started. Check out some of the top bots for the various social networks. Keep in mind that this is just a small sample of the bots out there. You can try one of these or branch out and try something new. With new bots springing up every day, you don’t need to limit your options.

Tweet Attacks Pro

If you want to take your Twitter marketing to the next level, Tweet Attacks Pro can help. You can use this automation tool to follow, follow back, and unfollow users. It can also retweet and unretweet users. You can even use it to favorite and unfavorite tweets.

This is just some of what this bot can do for it. If you use it, you can quickly build an engaged following. As your followers increase, your social proof will increase, as well. It won’t be long until people are running over to your Twitter account just so they can find out what you have to say.

Following Like

The same company that makes Tweet Attacks Pro makes Following Like. Along with the Facebook version, it also includes versions for Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can buy a single version or get the full version and do it all. It automates all of the important tasks on various social networks, such as following and unfollowing, commenting, pinning, sharing, and adding friends. Just like Tweet Attacks Pro, this will help you build an engaged following, and that will act as social proof. It’s also really easy to use, so you can dive in and get started quickly.

Follow Liker

Follow Liker is another great automation tool. You can use this tool for Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Use the tool to follow and unfollow users, post tweets, reply to tweets, and like photos. You can also repin items on Pinterest, comment on pins, and more. This robust tool will help you build an online presence quickly. Just set everything up and let it get to work for you.


Robolike is one of the most popular bots out there. This is an Instagram/Twitter bot, so you can do it to master two social networks at once. You can use the software to like tweets and Instagram photos. You pick the hashtags that you want the software to follow, and then it goes out to find tweets and photos on your behalf. It likes around 80 Instagram photos an hour and 60 tweets an hour. As you start engaging with people, they will follow you back. That will help you grow your audience.

If you want to try it but you don’t want to spend any money just yet, you can use the free trial. You will need to give the software your social media login information so it can like on your behalf. Just set up your free trial and watch it get to work. Then, you can decide if you want to pay a monthly fee to continue to use it.

Use ScrapeBox to Attract Customers

Now that you know how to automate your social media accounts, it’s time to look at the next strategy for building social proof.

People don’t typically think of a social automation tool like ScrapeBox when it comes to creating social proof, but it is a very powerful tool. You can use ScrapeBox to create backlinks and to find blogs in your niche. This will help you take your social proof to the next level.

Backlinks make you look like an authority online. When websites have links that point to your site, that is a form of social proof. People automatically assume that you know what you’re doing. That is how you received all of the links.

Finding blogs in your niche can also help you with social proof. As you comment on the blogs, you can begin to make a name for yourself. That can eventually turn into a following. Once you build a following, it will be easy for you to get social proof. Invite your followers to visit your site and leave feedback. That can go a long way in helping you build an online presence.

Using Private Proxies with ScrapeBox

You’re probably wondering where a private proxy fits into this. Do you really have to buy a dedicated proxy to use ScrapeBox?

If you want it to work quickly, a proxy is necessary. Search engines are on the lookout for suspicious activity. They are afraid of getting attacked, so they shut down IP addresses that appear to be doing something suspicious. Unfortunately, scraping for data and creating backlinks at rapid speeds can seem suspicious. If you use a proxy, you can change your IP address so it looks like the requests are coming from different locations. This will protect you against the search engines. You can go about your business without worrying about a thing.


Social proof is one of the most important components in internet marketing. If you want to make a splash online, you need to gather as much social proof as possible. While you can try to do it all on your own, you’ll be much better off if you buy a dedicated proxy and let it get to work for you. With the help of a proxy, you’ll be able to dominate in your niche in no time at all.

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