If you want to, you can just sign up for a sneaker server and start copping sneakers today. You’ll get more shoes that you would get with a standard hosting plan, but you can get even more if you following some tips. These tips will help you reach the top of your sneaker copping game. You will be able to take down the competition and finally have a closet (or even a warehouse) full of your favorite sneakers.

As you go through the list, you’ll notice that some of the tips will only work if you pick the right virtual private server. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for a server. You need to have a server that performs, or it won’t be abler to reach your expectations.

Get a Sneaker Bot

Your sneaker server has blazing-fast speeds, which will help you cop tons of kicks in a short period of time. However, if you don’t get a sneaker bot, you’ll only be able to go as fast as your human body will let you. It will be like making a thoroughbred run like a quarter horse. That won’t be fair to your proxy or to you. If you want to let your proxy run full throttle, you need to pair it up with a sneaker bot.

Be careful about this, though. Some servers aren’t compatible with some bots, while other servers let you use any bot that you want. Check your server’s compatibility before moving forward. Once you know what your server is compatible with, you can install your bot.

There are tons of bots available. Some of the best are the Better Nike Bot – All in One and EasyCop Ultimate. These bots have countless features. They basically put the sneakers in your shopping cart for you and check out. Some even monitor your early links and check for restocks so you never miss out on a hot new sneaker. You can program the bots and then forget about them.

Also, because they are bots and not humans, they work so much faster than you do. When they are installed, your sneaker server can really open up and show how fast it can go. In addition, you can utilize your server’s resources since the bots can go after sneakers on multiple sites at once. This is where your servers and bots really shine. They can complete multiple tasks at one time, when you can only take care of one thing at once. It’s amazing what technology can do.

Of course, you don’t want to let your bots run at full throttle. You do need to reign them in to a degree, or it will be obvious that they aren’t humans. Sneaker sites look for bot activity, and if they discover it, they ban the users. With that in mind, you need your bots to go faster than you can go, but not as fast as they can go. Find that happy medium so they’ll fool the site administrators while still copping lots of sneakers. As long as you don’t get too greedy and try to get the bot to make hundreds of requests each second, you should be fine.

Don’t Forget a Proxy

If you don’t have a proxy to mask your identity, your bot will be taken down pretty quickly. You have to think about how your activity will look to sneaker sites. Your bot will make a lot of request to these sites, and your server will be coming in at blazing-fast speeds. If all of this activity comes in from one IP address, it’s going to look extremely suspicious. This is the case, even if you slow down your bot’s request rates.

On the other hand, if you have a proxy, you can mask your IP address. The sites won’t know where you’re coming from so you can keep on copping those kicks.

Don’t go with any type of proxy, though. Consider rotating proxies so you can completely trip up the sites. You can get a new IP address every 10 minutes with rotating proxies. That will make you very hard to track. Even if a site administrator starts to figure out that you’re using a bot to cop sneakers, he or she will lose you as soon as you switch IP addresses. It will be the ultimate game of cat and mouse, and you’ll always win as long as you keep getting those fresh IP addresses.

Your proxy won’t just trip up the sites when it comes to hiding your bot activity, either. It also makes it easier for you to get in on releases that are limited to geographical regions. Let’s say, for instance, that there is a big release going down in NYC. That’s great news if you live in NYC, but you live in Texas. The manufacturer is going out of its way to make sure that only people in the NYC area get in on this limited-edition release. In order to keep others out, the manufacturer is blocking IP addresses.  Your Texas IP address is not going to get through, which means you can’t get those kicks.

Actually, you can, as long as you have the right proxy.

Companies sell proxies with specific geo-locations. You can get a proxy that has a New York City IP address. If you log in with that proxy, the site will think that you’re located in NYC. It won’t have any way of knowing any differently, so you’ll be able to get the shoes. The same is true for other locations. Just buy a proxy for that location, and you can get the shoes of your choice. This is a lot of fun during multicity launches. You can pick up some shoes in NYC, and then later in the day, get some in LA with a California IP address. Then, you might head overseas later the same day with a different IP address. That is a great strategy for getting a lot of shoes in one day.

Have Your Payment Method Ready

Sneaker ServerYou can have the best server in the world, but if your payment method isn’t ready, you’re going to run into a real problem on the release day. You don’t have time to fumble with your payment information, and if your card doesn’t work when you check out, you will likely lose the shoes. You need to prepare, or it will be too late.

People don’t typically like to use their standard payment methods when they’re buying kicks online. They often prefer going with something that they just use for sneakers. There are a couple of ways to go about this. One, you can create a PayPal account just for buying shoes. PayPal is a great service because it offers anonymity, just like your proxy. It’s hard to trace, so you can hide behind that additional layer of protection. Unfortunately, though, some people set up a PayPal account and assume they are good to go. Don’t make that mistake. Open up your account, load your information into your bot, and then use your proxy and server to make a purchase. It can be a tiny purchase. You just want to make sure that the account is working. Then, keep your information stored so it is ready to go on the day of the sale.

A prepaid credit card is another top choice. This is even more anonymous since anyone can go the store and buy one of these. Still, you need to make sure the card is working. Just use your server to visit a site and make sure the credit card works. If it does, it will be ready on the day that the sneakers go on sale.

There is one more thing to think about in regards to payment methods. Servers have a ton of power, and that might tempt you to go after a lot of different sneakers at once. That is fine to do, but you might run into trouble if you try to use the same payment method for all of your purchases. PayPal or your payment method of choice might cut you off for security reasons if it notices you have made 50 online purchases in 10 minutes. That will set off a huge fraud alert. If you intend on making a huge number of purchases, consider setting up different payment methods. That way, each method will go through without any problems. Just make sure you test each one before the day of the release. Otherwise, you could hit one snag after the next.

Reduce Latency

You can’t get the most out of your server if you have to deal with latency. If you’re dealing with a lot of latency, people are going to whiz by you in the virtual checkout lane. That means you won’t end up copping any sneakers. All you’ll have are bills for servers, bots, and proxies. You won’t have a bill for sneakers, though, because you won’t get any.

Fortunately, you can reduce latency by doing two things, and it all comes down to location. First, your server needs to be close to sneaker data centers. When the server is close to the data centers, it can communicate quickly and easily with those data centers. It makes connections quickly so you don’t have to wait a long time to connect and cop your kicks. While others have to wait several seconds for that connection, your connection is seamless. That is often the difference between winning and losing in the world of copping sneakers.

Second, you need to think about the location of the proxies that you use. Choose a company that has servers and proxies in the same data center. Again, this decreases the latency. The proxies and servers are able to communicate faster. When they communicate faster, there is less of a lag. Less of a lag means it takes less time for you to get your kicks.

When you get a server that has the right location, the connection is fast and smooth. The proxies immediately connect to the VPS. Then, the VPS immediately connects with the sneaker site. The end result is a fast connection that gets results. If you do this, you will be well on your way to getting the most out of the server.

Stay Connected on the Go

Copping sneakers is a pretty consuming job. There are tweets to monitor and Facebook posts to peruse. Then, of course, you need to read the news to find out what Adidas and other companies have to say about their newest releases. You might be out on the town and realize that something is about to go down. Fortunately, you can access your sneaker server when you’re out and about. That will let you make any changes you need so you can cop those sneakers.

It’s a good idea to practice accessing your server from your mobile device before you need to so you’ll be ready if you have to make any changes on the fly. Then, you can cop some sneakers while you’re waiting in line at the airport or in the backseat of a cab in NYC. If you’re truly going to get the most out of your server you have to be able to access it from anywhere, so be sure to follow this tip. It could make the difference the next time some cool kicks are released.

A server is a great way to cop shoes. With your server at your disposal, you’ll have the speed and resources that you need to get tons of shoes. Don’t make the mistake of jumping in without setting everything up, though. Take the time to follow these tips so you’ll get the most out of your server. Then, you’ll be able to get all of the shoes you could possibly want for your collection. At that point, you can sell them for extra cash or just have the best collection of kicks in town.


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