What Really Makes Good Proxies (Depending on Your Needs)

There is no shortage of available proxies. Unfortunately, that leaves us asking about how to find the good proxies. The last thing you want is to be scammed or hit with a buggy or malicious proxy. Having a quality proxy means not having to worry about it. It means not needing to have a backup plan in case it fails. And most of all, it means you can go on with your day. Take a look at the table of contents below to jump directly to the section you need.

Table of Contents

Finding a Great Proxy

where can I find good proxies Before looking at how to find good proxies, the first question to look at is, what’s a good proxy? Even simpler, what is a proxy, and why do you need one? Simply, proxies mask your IP and give you an anonymous identity online. Proxies provide security against any malicious attacks. It also keeps your data safe and private. A good host will provide all of that for you and more. It is important to point out that none of the best proxies are free. No matter how hard you look, that will not be the case. You will absolutely need to pay for your proxy if you expect it to have any real worth. However, it is likely that you can use your proxy to get more value out of it than you are paying your host. While mostly used for privacy, good proxies are fantastic for other uses. If you have specific uses in mind for a proxy, it is important to find the one you need. A proxy that’s good for one use may not work well for another. One example involves shoe sites. There are specific proxies that are best used for this. Other proxies do not last long if at all on these sites. So on top of finding a good host, you need to find the right package.

Qualities of Great Proxies

what makes a proxy good There are several different features to consider when looking for a proxy. There is an overwhelming number of options, and not all of them are great choices. Picking the good ones out of the list can be easy if you know what to look for.

Proxy Speeds

Any service worth considering will readily display available speed. To get the most out of your proxy, you want to make sure you have access to speeds of at least 1 Gbps. Bandwidth can also affect how fast your proxy can perform. High speed doesn’t mean much if your connection can hit a bandwidth limit. In general, you are looking for a service that provides unlimited bandwidth.

Available Regions

Your proxy is tied to a physical location. The IP given tells websites where you are located. This is great, because websites see the location of the proxy. There are available proxies all over the world. Depending on what you are looking for, you might be in the market for a proxy in a specific region. One reason for this would be to get around region blocks. One example is streaming services. Services like Netflix often offer different films and television shows to different regions. Using a proxy in a specific region gives you access to those. Another benefit of having proxy in a different region involves online gaming. This is especially true for anyone more on the competitive side. The game developers have to host their game servers somewhere. And the closer your proxy is to that location, the less lag you will encounter. It is an easy way to give yourself an ethical edge. Keep in mind, sometimes developers prohibit the use of proxies while playing their games. Make sure to keep up with the terms of use for any game you plan on using a proxy with.

IP Replacement

Using a proxy, especially an IPv4 proxy, will likely have you using one someone else used before. There is no way for you or the host to know what all the previous user did with it. Remember, a huge part of why to get a proxy is privacy and security. It could be the case that a previous user abused the proxy on specific websites or cheated in online gaming. If these services implemented an IP ban in response, that leaves you locked out for good. That is, unless you can get a replacement. Because of this scenario, a high quality proxy will offer the ability to replace your proxy IP address. Not only that, but there will be a certain number of free replacements you can have every so often. Different services will offer different frequencies for how often you can do this at no additional cost.

Uses of Really Good Proxies

how to find good proxies Next, you need to think about what makes a proxy good. First, is privacy, security, and anonymity. These need to be as strong as possible. A proxy needs to be able to successfully mask your IP address and keep you secure.  The next quality that comes to mind is fast speeds and uptime. You need to be able to count on your proxy all of the time. There is no reason to struggle with a slow or down proxy. Aside form that, there are many other factors at play. Many of these involve additional features. Access to 24/7 customer support is always a great point. So is having a user friendly dashboard. As long as you are able to easily use your proxy for what you need, the better off you are. Before looking at specific uses of proxies, we want to point out that you should always be compliant with applicable laws. This includes following guidelines in binding terms of use agreements. There are plenty of scenarios where certain uses of proxies is prohibited.

Browsing Privately

One of the most common uses for a good proxy is to browse online with safety and privacy. This might be considered the original point behind them. By hiding your actual IP, you do not have to worry about anyone tracking you. No bots can keep tabs on you. What you do online is for you only. Even the proxy host does not do anything with this information. Good proxies make sure that information is never stored anywhere for anyone to use.

Managing Social Media Accounts

There are a few reasons why you would want to manage multiple social media accounts, but a proxy can help with that. By assigning a different account with a different IP, you can easily access multiple accounts. The number of IPs you have can dictate the number of accounts.

Scraping Websites

Many users have their hands on really good proxies to scrape website data. When used in conjunction with a high quality scraping tool, a collection of good proxies can pull the data you need. You can set the parameters, and then the tool can use the proxy to gather the data automatically. If it hits a snag or a ban, the tool will use the proxy to swap to a new IP that will continue the job. There are a few kinds of sites that are commonly scraped. Social media is often scraped, especially to find marketing data. Travel sites are scraped as well. This is because there are often far too many possibilities to search through manually. Pretty much any website that offers a large collection of public data is a candidate for scraping.

Checking If Your Current Proxy is a Great Proxy

what's a good proxy If you are already using proxies, you will want to know how to check if your proxies are good. First, check if you are paying for it. If you are not, then it is not a good proxy. Other than that, compare your current one with others. Search around and see who offers similar or better packages. Read reviews and make up your own mind.

Where to Find Very Good Proxies

how to check if your proxies are good Now, we get to answering, “where can I find good proxies?” Good proxies live on good proxy sites. Going with a reputable host is a great way to start looking for a great proxy. But how do you know you’ve found high quality hosts with good proxy websites? First, you need to look for paid services. Free proxies unfortunately do not provide the same level of care. This includes privacy, security, maintenance, and even good proxy speed. Even if you are not looking for the absolute best proxy on the market, you need to stay away from free providers. The risk to your security alone should disqualify them from your consideration. For a truly great proxy that has everything you need, you can trust Blazing SEO. Regardless of what you need a good proxy for, we have many different options to suit your uses.

Final Word on Good Proxies

what makes a proxy good Good proxies are not hard to come by. However, since there are so many proxies available, it can be overwhelming. As long as you do your research and choose a paid proxy, you will likely find a good one. Remember, good reviews go a long way in telling you how a proxy is doing on the internet. And in the end, you can leave a review too to help the next person.

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