How To Browse Anonymously With Blazing SEO Proxies

I grew up in an interesting digital environment, where my friends and I practically grew up with tech devices attached to our fingertips. Still, I hopped on the smartphone train much later than most of my friends did, and a big reason was because my parents were worried about online security. If my kid had more technology knowledge than me at five years old, I think I’d be worried about their online safety, too. Not only would I want to protect them from harmful content that targets vulnerable people, but I would also want to make sure their identities were protected every time they used the Internet.

In today’s world, it can feel nearly impossible to accomplish these tasks. It seems that very few people care about online security anymore and are willing to share very personal information online with people they’ve never met before. However, there is still a very real need to maintain anonymity and safety online. With the proper tools and guidance, you can make this happen. In this article, we want to help you not only see the benefits of browsing anonymously, but also learn how to use the right tools to do it more effectively.

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How to Browse Anonymously

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If you want to browse the internet anonymously, you’re going to need to use proxies. In this article, we go into more detail about what proxies are and what types of proxies work best. I find it helpful to think about proxies in terms of a person’s home address. If you want to send a thank you card in the mail, you have to put the person’s mailing address on the envelope, right? Electronic devices work the same way. When you access any website, that website sees your IP address. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it sees your actual home address, but it can gain a general sense of where you are in the world and what kind of device you’re using to browse its website.

If this lack of anonymity sounds a little freaky, then proxies are for you! Proxies act as intermediaries between your device and the website you want to browse. The proxy disguises your device’s actual IP address with a new one, making sure the website sees the proxy’s IP address instead of your device’s. This makes it possible for you to browse the web anonymously and keep your information private and secure.

How to Make Sure Your Proxy Browsing is Anonymous

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Now that you know what proxies are and how they can help you remain anonymous on the internet, we can talk about the process of actually using proxies. You can use proxies with all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari. Each browser has slightly different instructions, but the concept is the same: after buying proxies from a reliable proxy provider, you can enable them in your browser settings.

In our article about proxy use and setup, we talk about the importance of using dedicated proxies, or proxies that are “dedicated” for use by one user. You can also use shared proxies, which are used by up to three people, if you’re looking to save money. However, no matter what proxy you use, always make sure you buy it from a reliable proxy provider.

Why Public Proxies Don’t Allow You to Browse Anonymously

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Some companies advertise “free” public proxies, enticing vulnerable people to think that these unreliable and unregulated proxies will still keep their information safe and secure. That is not the case, and Blazing SEO cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in reliable proxies if you want to keep your personal information safe and secure. Plus, public proxies are built in such a way that and unlimited number of people have access to a limited number of proxies, which makes browsing sluggish and slow.

One of the biggest risks of using public proxies is that users immediately become vulnerable to malicious attacks from online hackers. Since these proxies aren’t regulated by reliable proxy providers, hackers have easy access to the actual IP addresses and personal information of those who use public proxies, even if the proxy provider guarantees this will never happen. It can happen, which is why we want to make sure you know that investing in dedicated and shared proxies (for very low prices!) will always be the key to browsing more anonymously.

Other Reasons for Browsing Anonymously

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These are just a few specific reasons why some of our customers find anonymous browsing to be helpful and sometimes necessary. However, we’re learning about new reasons and use cases every day from our customers. One reason we think that proxies are so awesome (and important!) is that the possibilities for using them are endless.

How to browse anonymously on Android and iOS devices

It’s easy to feel like our phones and all the information on them only belong to us, but the truth is that if you’re not careful, companies and governments can easily access your information without you ever knowing. Many travelers choose to use proxies on their mobile devices because some countries block certain websites in that region. Not only is this annoying, but sometimes this censorship can be unsafe for travelers and detrimental to their experiences. Some authoritarian governments block certain social media sites like Twitter to maintain strict control over online conversations in their country. If you find yourself running into these cases, you will probably proxy browsing to be the solution you need.

If you are one of the nearly 130 million people who use Android devices, you will find that proxy browsing is easy and simple. Many proxy providers offer mobile proxies specifically for your mobile device, which help increase your anonymity and security on that device. To use a mobile proxy for anonymous browsing on Android, simply go to your device’s settings page and enter the proxy IP address and port number. This process works for browsing Chrome anonymously, but you’ll have to enter the host IP address and port number into an “about:config” search on Firefox. Either way, the process is very easy to accomplish, and worth it!

If you’re using an iOS device, the process is very simple. From your Settings menu on your mobile device, access the WiFi network that you’re connected to. Tap the “Manual” section, enter the host IP address and port number, and you’re all set to use your mobile proxy.

Browse Tinder and other dating services anonymously

People also can use proxies to improve their online dating experiences with services like Tinder. Maybe Tinder is banned in your country or region, or maybe you’re simply displeased with the low number of matches you receive every month. Like we said, many people choose to use proxies because they want to remain anonymous online, which is another great reason to use proxies on websites like Tinder. Or, maybe you want to connect with people outside your area by using an IP address that looks like it’s in another location. All of these issues can be solved by using proxies to browse Tinder anonymously. After installing the proxy on your browser, you can start improving your Tinder experience. But always remember that even though you’re using proxies to stay anonymous, the connections you make on Tinder deserve your respect and honesty. Proxies are a great way to “trick” websites, but don’t use them to manipulate or take advantage of others.

Browse Facebook and other social platforms anonymously

Another reason people choose to browse anonymously with proxies is to access more content on social platforms like Facebook. Similar to the ways you can use proxies for Tinder, proxies for Facebook allow you to create and manage multiple accounts at once, unblock restricted content or access content that’s only available in certain areas of the world. Proxies for Facebook and other social media sites help mask your own identity, and in the world of social media, that’s incredibly important. If you want to make it more difficult for hackers and other malicious online users to access the sensitive information on your social media accounts, use proxies to become more anonymous online. These proxies are easy to install, and even easier to use.

If you’re an organization hoping to use Facebook proxies for marketing purposes, you’ll find that proxies allow you to make multiple accounts, follow even more people and gain more followers without running the risk of getting banned. If you request to follow too many people in a short amount of time, Facebook might flag you as a bot and ban your account. You can avoid this by using multiple proxies to create multiple Facebook accounts on one device. The possibilities for using proxies for Facebook and other social media platforms are endless.

How to Browse Anonymously with Blazing SEO Proxies

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If you’re looking to stay anonymous online, increase your security or simply gain access to more websites and online services, look no further. Blazing SEO has proxies for every need, and we’re even willing to create custom packages to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to gain access to websites in other parts of the world, we offer proxy locations in 9 countries. With no limits on speed or bandwidth, you won’t have to worry about unreliable proxies slowing down your experience online. We offer a wide variety of proxies to choose from, including IPv6 proxies (the proxies of the future!), virgin IPs, SOCKS proxies and more. Plus, our dedicated customer success team is second to none, with 24/7 service to help give you the best proxy experience.

Final Thoughts

Many people think it’s impossible to remain anonymous online these days, so they give up trying. However, Blazing SEO is here to remind you that browsing anonymously, increasing your safety and security online and gaining access to even more online content is possible, especially when you have the highest-quality tools to help. (Cough Blazing SEO Cough) Don’t hesitate any longer! Visit our pricing page and get started today.

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