How To Buy Sneakers In Bulk: Is It Even Possible?

The sneaker resale market in the U.S. reached $2 billion in 2019. Sneakers are no longer just shoes. They are assets — especially the rare and limited edition drops not many can get their hands on or feet in.

If you want to make a profit by reselling sneakers, you’re probably trying to figure out how to buy sneakers in bulk.

Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to cop sneakers in bulk these days. The retailers are very much aware of the value of the sneakers they sell and the demand in the market. But, at the same time, it’s also not impossible. 

Can You Even Buy Sneakers in Bulk Online?

buy sneakers in bulk

Whether you can buy a particular sneaker model in bulk online depends on the sneaker itself and the website. Many websites have policies in place for bulk buying, especially for limited edition items. This is mainly to prevent the items from selling out immediately and allow end consumers to buy them. Generally speaking, most retailers that sell hyped sneakers have some kind of bulk order limitations in place to prevent bulk buying. Usually, the policy dictates that one customer can buy one pair only. 

Brands like Nike, Kith, Supreme — as well as retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods, JD Sports, Farfetch, and Finishline — have bulk limitations on popular sneakers. Either these websites won’t allow you to increase the quantity of the product or simply cancel and refund the amount for extra pairs that you wanted to buy. You may not even be able to buy a different size or color with the same account and credit card. Sophisticated protocols nowadays can prevent a single person from bulk buying exclusive drops like Jordans or Yeezys. 

But not all sites are like that. Yeezy Supply rarely puts order quantity limits, so you may just be able to buy certain Yeezy sneakers in bulk on this website. Similarly, Footlocker and its sister websites — Footaction, Footlocker Kids, Champs Sports, and Eastbay — may just have a loophole for bulk sneaker ordering. While these all belong to the same company, the websites are independent of each other. For instance, you can buy a pair of Jordans from the Footlocker site and then use the same billing profile on Footaction. 

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Can Jigging Work?

does jigging work?

In case you’re new to the sneaker reseller scene, ‘jig’ is the term that refers to tweaking billing profiles in a way that websites think the profiles are different. That way, a person can buy sneakers in bulk — to some extent — using the same credit or debit card. Jigging is nothing more than manipulating your name, address, and other contact details in a way that they remain the same but appear different to a website. 

This is because the websites that have these order quantity limit rates in place have automatic protocols to check whether more than one order is going to the same person or address. You change that, and you may just trick the website into thinking the orders are from completely different profiles. 

Here are some ways you can jig to cop sneakers in bulk:

  • Create different email addresses: For example, Apple lets you create up to three alias iCloud email addresses linked with your primary email.
  • Use a different physical address: You can use the addresses of your neighbors, friends, or family members.
  • Use different phone numbers: You can use the numbers of family members or get a second landline or mobile line.
  • Alter the physical address: For example, you can use both Street and St., or Avenue or Ave., or add an apartment number to a house address.
  • Use longer USPS postcode 

Jigging doesn’t always work because there are only so many manipulations you can do. Secondly, some websites are more sophisticated and can detect that the orders come from the same profiles. 

For instance, some websites detect the address based on the postcode, so you can’t really change the postcode or the linked address. 

How To Buy Sneakers in Bulk for Reselling

how to buy sneakers in bulk for reselling

So, how have resellers figured out how to buy Jordans in bulk or how to buy Nike sneakers in bulk? If you want to turn your sneaker resale business into a real deal, you have to increase your sales — and that hinges on quantity. 

Some of the most valuable sneakers for resale in 2021 were going for over $10,000. So you can imagine the profit margins with a bulk of such hyped sneakers from luxury brands to the classics like Nike or Adidas

You can try your luck placing orders with the same card on different websites that are releasing the sneakers you’re after. It goes without saying that you’ll have to be super quick and order sizes strategically. You can also use jigging practices with this method, but with some sneakers selling out in seconds, this could be hard to do. 

Another solution is using virtual credit cards, which can all be linked to the same credit card. Since you use a different number every time, you may just be able to buy multiple pairs with the same credit card. 

Use Sneaker Bot With Proxies

buy sneakers in bulk with proxy

Jigging, using virtual credit cards, or placing orders require a lot of effort and may still not work. This is where a sneaker bot comes in that does all the work for you. It can scrape websites to release information and place orders as and when the drops happen, ensuring successful orders in seconds. 

But a bot alone may not be able to get you those Jordans or Balenciaga sneakers in bulk. Using proxies with the sneaker bot is the ultimate solution to easily buying sneakers in bulk. BlazingSEO can provide you with the proxies you need. 

Residential proxies are provided by internet service providers, so these mitigate real users — such as someone sitting in their house in Rowlette, Texas, or someone in an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York. These proxies ensure the bot doesn’t get caught and your IP address doesn’t get banned from retailer websites. A more affordable option is data center proxies, which are based in data centers spread around the world. 

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Wrap Up

conclusion on sneakers

The sneaker resale industry is poised to reach $6 billion by 2025, and you can get a slice of the pie with bulk buying. With quantity limitations on limited-edition sneakers, the best way to go about bulk buying is using a sneaker bot with proxies from different locations. 

With proxies, you may even be able to leverage the different geographical versions of websites and order sneakers from other countries. It’s a lot easier than using dozens of cards and billing profiles.

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