How To Sell Proxies: The Best Way You Can Make Money

The digital-first transformation has led to an explosion in the amount of data created daily. Every day, it produces about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. This plethora of data is filled with information just waiting to be mined by corporations for insights into what drives human behavior.

At the same time, people are becoming more concerned about protecting their privacy and security while online. These two forces are driving the increased demand for proxies — a demand that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to cash in on the growing demand for proxies, becoming a reseller may be the perfect opportunity. Reselling proxies lets you take advantage of the lucrative proxy market while eliminating many of the obstacles to securing your own proxies to sell. Keep reading to learn how to sell proxies for yourself!

How Do People Get Proxies To Sell?

how to make and sell proxies

There are different types of proxies, and they’re obtained in different ways. You can buy Data Center & ISP IPs in bulk directly from the provider.

Residential proxies are IP addresses issued to customers by service providers. It’s more complicated to buy these because they’re associated with real people’s devices. They have to be obtained directly from the end-users. Ethically sourcing these residential proxies involves ensuring end users have given their complete consent and making sure you don’t use their IP addresses in a way that could harm them.


How To Set Up and Sell Dedicated and Shared Private Proxies

how to setup and sell dedicated and shared private proxies

In addition to buying proxies, you’ll need a delivery system and a way to control user access if you want to set up and sell dedicated and shared private proxies. Reselling through Blazing SEO streamlines this process with our simple API. It integrates with your existing software to let you easily manage your proxies. You’ll have complete control through your user panel. Depending on what plans your customers choose, you can set up dedicated or shared proxies.

How To Market Proxies

how do people get proxies to sell

To effectively market proxies, you need to understand who needs them and why. There are basically two groups of people who use proxies.

The first group needs one proxy IP address to replace their real IP address. Once they shield their actual IP address, they’ll continue to use the web as normal users do. These users may want to access restricted content in their area, or they may not want their internet activity tracked.

The second group needs multiple proxies for web scraping or other automated processes. Most websites have anti-bot software that will block an IP address if it acts like a bot. Proxies allow web scrapers and other bots to mimic human behavior. This group will be the most lucrative because they need more proxies. Some use cases that fit into this group include:

  • Market research
  • SEO monitoring
  • Social media account management
  • Travel data aggregation
  • Ad verification
  • Price monitoring
  • Sneaker resellers

Your website is the perfect place to start marketing your proxies. Providing value without asking for anything in return can help you build trust with your audience. Some article ideas for your website include:

  • Case studies of people successfully using proxies
  • How-to guides on using proxies for different use cases
  • Tips for using proxies and avoiding common pitfalls

Ethical Proxy Selling

ethical proxy selling

Blazing SEO is leading the charge in the proxy industry when it comes to both the ethical acquisition and use of residential proxies. Proxies are used by many of the world’s most reputable companies and governments alike and Blazing SEO understands that vetting your users and customers is vital if you want to maintain your reputation and ensure bad actors aren’t using your proxies.

At Blazing SEO, every decision is guided by ethics. It starts with the proxies they buy. They go the extra mile to ensure their residential proxies are ethically sourced. The end users that trust them with their IP are fairly compensated for using their residential IP address and make sure they don’t use their IP if they’re using it or their device isn’t plugged in or charged.

Blazing SEO doesn’t try to hide their user agreement or sneak it by users. They make sure they have fully informed consent, and they also make it easy for them to withdraw their consent at any time.

But their dedication to ethical usage doesn’t just stop at sourcing their proxies. They also vet their customers, and all residential proxy sales are reviewed. Before allowing anyone to use their proxies, they make sure their specific use case is ethical. They monitor usage through automated monitoring, manual spot checks, and preventative measures.

If you’re reselling Blazing SEO  proxies and they detect suspicious usage from a domain, they’ll simply blacklist the domain. If they blacklist a domain that one of your sub-users is using, they’ll let you know immediately so you can communicate with your customer. If they examine their use case and find that it’s ethical and legal, they’ll allow the domain on a case-by-case basis. Reach out today to find out more about reselling residential proxies.

Start Selling Proxies

 ethical proxy selling

Whether you are looking to resell residential, data center, or ISP proxies, Blazing SEO is here to help you get started. Sign up today, easily integrate your software with our API to automate user management and get started reselling!



conclusion on selling proxy

Learning how to resell proxies can be a lucrative way to earn money online. However, setting up your delivery system and purchasing IPs can be a time-consuming and expensive part of proxy selling. Although proxies are technical and can be confusing, Blazing SEO’s simple API integrates with your software to get you earning as soon as possible.

By reselling proxies, you can take advantage of the growing proxy demand without the hassle and expense of buying your own proxies and setting up your own proxy delivery program. Contact us to learn more about how they can partner with you to grow your proxy selling business.

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