What Is An Internet Explorer Proxy? (And How To Use One)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again, and again): Proxies are amazing. No matter what browser you choose, proxies can help you surf the Internet and engage with other online users more anonymously and securely. Plus, they can help you access large volumes of data, something that humans find exceptionally hard to do (in fact, our non-robotic brains usually find it impossible.) This means that humans need good robots to help them make the most of their internet experience. For our online users who still find Internet Explorer to be their weapon of choice, we have good news: with a Blazing SEO Internet Explorer proxy, your Internet Explorer experience can be better than ever. 

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Why Use an Internet Explorer Proxy?

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I think it’s important to address some key terms before answering the question that probably led you to read this article: How can a proxy enhance my Internet Explorer experience? Then, we’ll get into the definition of an Internet Explorer Proxy and how to use one. First, let’s talk about the definition of a proxy.

What is a proxy?

When it comes to technology concepts, I find it helpful to use everyday terms and ideas to help me understand. In this case, I’ll use home addresses to explain IP addresses, which are the  letters and numbers that identify your computer to other online users, browsers and websites. In the same way that your house address lets Grandma know where to send this year’s birthday card, your computer’s IP address lets websites know where to send the list of “baby shower gift ideas” you needed yesterday. But, what if you’re someone who wants mail sent to a P.O. Box instead, so people won’t have access to your personal address? Well, a proxy is a lot like a P.O. Box. It uses its own IP address to act as a middleman between you and the websites you want to access, making sure your own computer’s IP address isn’t revealed.  

Why use Internet Explorer?

One of the most common answers to this question addresses the fact that sometimes, change is hard. Many companies and businesses started out using Internet Explorer because it was the default browser on their Microsoft computers. For many IT and marketing teams, changing this default browser to a more recent Microsoft browser version, such as Microsoft Edge, meant putting a lot of time and money into fixing something that wasn’t broken. 

For many companies, a complete overhaul of their browsing habits isn’t an easy task. It requires manpower and money, which can make it a low priority. Again, since many of these companies are still able to use Internet Explorer easily and efficiently, it might not make much sense for them to spend a lot of time, effort and money on this kind of technological investment. One big reason for this might be that a company’s resource management system might be woven so closely with their customer management system that a software change will create a complicated domino effect. In some cases, this isn’t just annoying–it’s also detrimental. About 8% of Microsoft users still use Internet Explorer, so it’s obvious that there are still ways to make it work for you and help you reach your personal and professional goals. Now that we know why nearly 8% of Microsoft users choose Internet Explorer, we can get back to the main purpose of this article. 

What is an Internet Explorer proxy?

Similar to the way people use proxies with other browsers like Chrome or Firefox, proxies used with Internet Explorer can definitely enhance your online experience. This is especially true if you’re trying to access online content more anonymously and securely. Since proxies act as a “middleman” between your computer’s IP address and the website you’re trying to access, they help hide your computer’s identity to make your online activity safer and more secure. Using a proxy can help protect you from online hackers who want to access your identity and other sensitive information you might be using online. Since proxies can be accessed from the comfort of your own browser, you can use them wherever and whenever you want. 

This kind of anonymous and secure browsing makes it easier to gain access to high volumes of data, which can be found when you conduct searches on browsers like Internet Explorer. With an Internet Explorer proxy, you can access this information and make it easier to gather this kind of data. Using an Internet Explorer proxy isn’t more complicated than using proxies with other browsers, but since proxies can be tricky, we want to help make your experience as smooth and easy as possible. First, you’ll need to understand proxy configuration with Internet Explorer.

What Type of Proxy Should You Use With Internet Explorer?

how to use proxy in internet explorer

There are many types of proxies available, and there’s something unique about all of them. At the end of the day, it just depends on what you hope to accomplish with your proxies. Here are some common proxies that can help you best reach your goals. 

Semi-dedicated proxy

A semi-dedicated proxy, or shared proxy, is one of the most commonly used proxies. Semi-dedicated means that you share the proxy IDs, speed and bandwidth with a few (up to three) other users. Some people prefer not to use semi-dedicated proxies because of this sharing aspect, which can reduce your anonymity and security. However, if you use semi-dedicated proxies that are managed by reliable proxy providers like Blazing SEO, you don’t have to worry about compromising your information or having to share lousy proxy IDs. Plus, since you have to share semi-dedicated proxies with other people, they’re a little cheaper to use than other types of proxies. 

When it comes to using semi-dedicated proxies with Internet Explorer, you can still accomplish many of your online goals, but you’ll have to consider what those goals are. If you’re looking to use a semi-dedicated Internet Explorer proxy to perform simple tasks, like accessing foreign streaming services or simply browsing the web, then semi-dedicated proxies might be a good option for your Internet Explorer experience. 

Dedicated proxy

Semi-dedicated proxies are shared between a few people, but dedicated proxies are completely your own. Dedicated proxies are usually going to cost a little more than semi-dedicated (and some other) proxies, but that’s because you’re getting more for your money in terms of anonymity and security. Since you are the only one using the dedicated proxy, you are the only one using the bandwidth and IP addresses, which improves the speed and efficiency with which you access information on Internet Explorer. If you’re trying to access large volumes of information on Internet Explorer through data scraping, then dedicated proxies can help you do that. Or, if you’re simply looking to remain more anonymous and increase your online security, dedicated proxies are for you. No matter how you want to use Internet Explorer proxies, the many resources available can improve your overall experience. 

Rotating proxy

Like I said above, one of the many reasons people choose to buy and use proxies is because they make data scraping much more efficient. Data scraping is the process of using a bot to access large volumes of online data from search engine results pages, social media account pages or eCommerce sites. Rotating proxies can help you do that because they help users avoid proxy bans, which can happen when websites identify bot activity. This activity isn’t illegal, but some websites prohibit it because it can impact their website’s functionality. If you adhere to web scraping best practices and use the highest quality proxy resources, then you can still access this data in a way that doesn’t harm the website in question, and also helps you use the data to reach your own personal or professional goals. 

How to Use a Proxy in Internet Explorer

how to use proxy in internet explorer

Setting up your Internet Explorer proxy and learning how to change proxy settings in Internet Explorer is very easy to do. All you have to do is follow these steps based on the Microsoft Support guide for proxy configuration on Internet Explorer:

  1. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools Menu.” (You can also hold down the Windows key and the S key together. Then, search “internet options.”)
  2. Select “LAN Connections” under the “Connections” tab.
  3. In the “Local Area Network Setting” dialog box, you’ll see a heading titled “Proxy Settings.” 
  4. Check the box that says “Use a proxy server for your LAN.”
  5. Enter the proxy name and port number.
  6. If you need to bypass certain addresses for other uses, you can do so by entering these addresses after clicking “Advanced Settings.”
  7. Click “Okay.”
  8. Close Internet Explorer, then reopen it. 
  9. Get started using your proxies!

Where Can You Buy the Best Proxy (or Proxies) for Internet Explorer?

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When choosing a proxy server company, you want one that puts its customers first and offers the best proxies available. Even though proxies are used to increase your anonymity and security, shady proxy companies can still sell you proxies that can compromise these things. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, so make sure you choose the proxy provider that will take care of you and your needs. 

Good news! If you’re looking for a proxy company that offers the most reliable proxies, unlimited threads,  bandwidth and the unwavering support of a dedicated 24/7, then look no further. Blazing SEO can give you these things and more. With our high-quality selection of proxies and customizable proxy solutions, Blazing proxies can give you everything you need to help you get the most out of your Internet Explorer experience. (We offer great proxies and resources for using proxies with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, too!)

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to use the Internet, and people are finding more and more every day. That’s the beauty of the Internet and computer technology. Even with older browser versions like Internet Explorer, people are still finding ways to make the technology work for them and help them reach their personal and professional goals. Whether you want to scrape large volumes of data with dedicated proxies or simply watch the latest episode of your favorite UK Netflix series, Blazing SEO can help you find the right proxy for your Internet Explorer needs. 

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