Meet Scraping Robot, The Cheap & Simple Web Scraper

For years, Blazing SEO has brought you the best proxies, servers, and VPNs on the market. Now, we’re proud to partner with a new company that’s bringing you the very best in easy web scraping.

As founder and CEO Neil Emeigh describes in this announcement post, Scraping Robot “started as a dream nearly 2 years ago in December 2017. That dream was to utilize the cost-effective resources of Blazing SEO to provide a cheaper scraping platform than any competitor on the market.”

Today that dream is realized. The site’s going live with four modules: an Instagram profile scraper, a Google SERP scraper, an Amazon price scraper, and an HTML scraping module. They are also standing by to build custom modules or meet specific requests from their new customers.

All of these products will cost a mere $0.0018 per scrape, and your first 5000 free scrapes are offered absolutely free of charge! Scraping Robot’s low costs are perfect for marketing departments looking to partner with influencers, small businesses with web scraping projects, and anyone else in need of a good data extraction tool.

Unlike other website scraper software, which requires downloading a program and/or connecting to an API, Scraping Robot is hosted in the cloud and can be used entirely from a browser dashboard if you so desire. Anyone who’s already using Blazing SEO will find their UI immediately intuitive and super easy to use.

We wouldn’t have partnered with this company if we didn’t think that they were offering a great product. You shouldn’t be expected to take their quality on faith either. In addition to the aforementioned free scrapes, you can try demos of their major non-custom modules right from their website. You’re also encouraged to reach out to them with any questions you have or any features they need to implement before you’re ready to jump onboard.

So don’t wait! Check out any of the links in this article for more information on the company, their mission, or click here to get started with free web scraping today. Accessible, affordable software that’s helping businesses and individuals enter the next age of data automation? Now that’s a vision we’re proud to help realize.

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