There are lots of reasons to buy dedicated proxies. You might want to remain anonymous during basic web browsing, and you know a proxy can help. You might need proxies for SEO or to conduct competitor research. Again, proxies will do the trick. You might even need proxies so you can cop sneakers or watch Netflix overseas. Whatever the case may be, you need to avoid some common mistakes when buying your proxies. These mistakes will make it difficult for you to get the most out of your web proxies. If you avoid these mistakes, it will be smooth sailing once you get your proxies.

Buying the Wrong Type of Proxy

People tend to think that all proxies are the same, so they end up buying the wrong type of proxy. Then, they don’t understand why their proxies don’t work in the way they want them to work. You can avoid this mistake by educating yourself on the different types of proxies. Then, you can buy the proxies that you need.

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

First, you have semi-dedicated proxies. This is the most basic of your options. If you choose semi-dedicated proxies, you will share your proxies with two other users. Since you’re sharing, these proxies are cheaper than other paid proxies are. These are great for basic web surfing, but they aren’t good for using social networks. If you just want basic anonymity while surfing the web or watching movies, go with this option. If you need something more, you need to look at one of your other options.

Dedicated Proxies

Next, you have dedicated proxies. If you go with this option, you’ll be the only person using the proxy. You can use them for social networking, web browsing, watching movies, and SEO. In fact, there isn’t much you can’t do with a dedicated proxy.

Rotating Proxies

Then, you can go with rotating proxies. You’ll get multiple ports with a single IP. Your port will change IPs every 10 to 120 minutes. This is a good option for scraping data and doing other activities that require multiple IP addresses. You can make lots of request without worrying about it when you have one of these proxies.

Sneaker Proxies

Finally, you have sneaker proxies. These proxies are located next to sneaker datacenters, allowing for fast connections. If you want to cop sneakers on launch day, sneaker proxies are a must have. They cut down on latency so you can throw the sneakers in the shopping cart and check out without any problems. That makes it easy to get the best kicks with every sneaker launch.

Not Getting Enough Proxies

If you have a big job to do, you need to get enough proxies. If you create too many accounts with a single proxy, you are setting yourself up to get banned.

For instance, let’s say you need to scrape massive amounts of data from search engines. You use five proxies and ScrapeBox to scrape the data. You will only have five IP addresses at work, and the data comes back really quickly. This will stand out to the search engines. They will notice that five IP addresses are making tons of requests, so they will ban them. Then, you won’t be able to use those proxies anymore.

You will have to swap them out for new proxies or buy new ones before you can continue. Then, when you continue, it will just happen again. It is a vicious cycle that will continue unless you change your ways.

On the other hand, if you get 50 proxies, your requests will get spread out. That will make it difficult for the search engines to catch you in the act. You can work as quickly as you want, and your proxies won’t get banned. That is essential if you’re going to get the job done in a timely manner.

With that in mind, make sure you buy enough proxies. You can buy proxies in bundles, making it easy to get a good deal on multiple proxies. Think about what you need to accomplish and then select the right number of proxies. Then, you’ll be on the right track to get the job done.

Sharing Proxies with Friends

You might be enticed by the idea of going in with some friends to share proxies. Then, you’ll share the settings, meaning you can both access the proxies.

That might sound appealing, but you need to look at the big picture. If your friend does something illegal online, the proxy will get banned. That means you won’t be able to access it anymore. You’ll have to go back to the drawing board and get more proxies. That is a huge hassle, and it can turn into a costly mistake.

Proxies aren’t that expensive, so buy your own dedicated proxies. Then, your friend can buy his or her own, as well. You will only have to spend a few dollars a month, and you won’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. Peace of mind is a great feeling when dealing with proxies. You’ll know you can work online uninterrupted.

Not Trying Before Buying

You never know what you’re going to get before you try it out. Maybe the proxy won’t work on the site that you need, or maybe it isn’t fast enough. If you buy before you try, you will be stuck with the proxy for the month, no matter what. Most companies don’t offer refunds, so you’ll be out of money. That can leave a sour taste in your mouth.

That is why it is important to go with a company that offers a free trial. You can check out the proxies for a couple of days before you commit to buying them. This is the perfect way to make sure you buy dedicated proxies that meet your needs. Then, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your proxies will provide you with all of the tools you need.

Failing to Get the Right Tools to Go with the Proxy

Many people get their proxies and then think they can dive right in and do what they need to do. For some tasks, proxies are just one step. People need additional tools, as well. These tools help people accomplish everything they need to do online. You’ll need different tools for different tasks.

Copping Sneakers

For example, if you’re copping sneakers, you will need to get a sneaker bot, as well. Your sneaker bot will automate the sneaker buying process, ensuring that you’re able to load up on all of your favorite kicks. You can even deploy your bots to different sites so you can get tons of sneakers.

You should also consider getting a sneaker server. These servers provide people with dedicated resources that they can use for copping sneakers. That allows them to work faster. In addition, some servers share datacenters with sneaker proxies, reducing latency. If you’re serious about copping sneakers, consider adding these tools.


If you’re using dedicated proxies for SEO, you’ll also need tools. Consider using ScrapeBox and other powerful SEO tools to get the job done faster. You can scrape data, leave comments, and more with ScrapeBox. This is just one option for SEO. You can also use tools to build backlinks and complete other tasks.

Social Media

Let’s say you want to build a social media presence. You can also combine tools with proxies for this. From Follow Liker to Autopin, there are tons of tools you can use for social networking.

Take the time to determine which tools you need and then get them. Add your proxy settings into the tools and get to work. You will quickly discover that the tools let you get even more out of your proxies. You will be an online powerhouse when you combine proxies with the right tools.

Choosing a Proxy That Doesn’t Support Various Tools

Once you have your tools, you want them to work. Unfortunately, some dedicated proxies don’t support all of the tools out there. If you choose one of those proxies, you will be out of luck when you try to run your tools.

Buy dedicated proxies that support various tools so you can dive right in and get to work. This will make it much easier to get what you need out of your private proxies. On top of that, it will ensure that you don’t waste your money when shopping for tools. You want to use what you buy, and you can when you buy the best private proxies.

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Choosing Proxies from High-Risk Countries

Most people buy proxies without looking at their countries of origin. There are a couple of problems with that. First, if you choose a proxy that originates from halfway across the globe, it might be slow. Second, if you choose a proxy from a high-risk country, you are more likely to be banned. That’s because high-risk areas are known for hacking, attacks, and scams.

For example, let’s say you choose a proxy from a high-risk country and you use it to scrape data. You send out lots of requests at once when you scrape data. The search engines will notice that lots of requests are coming from a region that is known for hacking or attacks. It might block all requests from that region, even if the IP addresses are different. You could end up with lots of blocked proxies on your hands. That is very frustrating, and it will make it much harder to get your work done. You will have to go back and get new proxies just so you can complete the task at hand.

On the other hand, if your proxies were from the United States or another trusted country, search engines wouldn’t think twice about lots of requests that come from multiple IP addresses. It will be business as usual, so you can collect your data without any setbacks.

Shopping Based Solely on Price

Everyone likes a deal. It’s understandable. You want to get the best price you can on items, but it’s important that you don’t sacrifice value for price, especially when it comes to proxies. Anyone can create a proxy and sell it to the public, so you need to look beyond price to understand the value you’re receiving. Look at speed, the number of subnets, and other factors when choosing a proxy. This will ensure that you buy the best private proxies available. You might still get a good deal, but when you look beyond price, you get the best without question. That is important if you want to harness the true power of dedicated proxies.

Using a Company That Doesn’t Offer Support

Proxies are simple to set up, but if you use a variety of tools, you might feel like you’re in over your head. You can get confused about how everything works, so you will need to turn to someone for help. You don’t want to pay a tech support professional to help you. Instead, you want to access free support from the company you purchased the proxies from.

Some companies offer a bit of support, while others are always on hand. Blazing SEO takes it a step further by letting customers contact the owner directly. That ensures that you get the support you need to get your proxies up and running. With the help of the owner, you will be able to dive right in and enjoy using your dedicated proxies.


It’s not hard to buy the best dedicated proxies out there. Simply avoid making some common mistakes, and you can have some of the best proxies at your disposal. Once you have these proxies, it will be easy to complete various tasks. Whether you want to watch movies, surf the web, cop sneakers, improve your SEO, or complete another task, proxies can help. Seek out the best, and you will have a great tool to use to complete your tasks. Then, the rest will fall into place and you will get the job done, no matter what that job might be.

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