Snapchat is one of the hottest social networks for the younger crowd. As it turns out, the younger crowd is one of the most coveted groups for advertisers. If you want to reach people on Snapchat, you need a mixture of proxies and a good marketing strategy. The two can help you make a killing on this network.

There is a process that you have to go through in order for this to work. Make sure you go through every step of the process in order to get the desired results. Then, you can reach tons of millennials and boost your income.

Use a Snapchat Proxy to Create Multiple Accounts

If you have tried and failed at Snapchat marketing in the past, it is likely because you only used one account. How can you possibly reach the masses with a single account?

When you have multiple accounts, you can micro-target each account and reach the right people. On top of that, you can split test your accounts in order to get the best results across the board.

Use your Snapchat proxy to create multiple accounts. Go with at least five accounts, but create more if you can manage them. The more accounts you create, the greater your chances are of having a breakout account. This is easier than you might realize. Snapchat doesn’t have as many users as other social networks, so you can become an influencer on Snapchat. The key is perfecting your Snapchat marketing in order to get the best results.

Get Snapchat Followers

Once you have your accounts set up, you need to get some followers. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to monetize Snapchat.

It takes some time to build up followers, but it is well worth the effort.

Market Your Handles

Begin by marketing your various Snapchat handles on different social networks. If you have multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you can spread the word easily. Market one handle per account. If people like you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they will follow you to Snapchat to see what you have to offer. This is a quick and easy way to get some followers.

You also need to reach out to people on Snapchat. Using a custom geo-filter, find high-traffic areas and then engage the users. You can get a lot of followers this way.


Hosting question and answer sessions is another great way to build up your Snapchat account. Advertise the session on another social media account, such as Twitter. Include a link to your Snapchat profile and host the session there. People typically like these sessions, so it is a great way to get people over to Snapchat.


You should also consider paying for shoutouts to build your following. Shoutouts are posts from other people about your account or services. If an influencer does a shoutout, you can get a ton of followers. Seek out the best influencers in your industry and approach them about shoutouts. Most people are willing to give a shoutout for some money, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

You can also trade shoutouts with people who have around the same number of followers as you do. Sure, you won’t get as many followers as you would if an influencer provided the shoutout, but you will still be exposed to new people. Plus, this won’t put a dent in your bank account. Find as many people as you can and approach them about exchanging shoutouts. If you can do this with dozens of people, you can build a solid following.

Live Story

You should also try to participate in a live story. That way, your story will be in front of a lot of eyes at one time. Start by turning on Snapchat’s location service. Then, you’ll have the option to add your story to a live story if one is happening at that time. Add your story to the live story so you can get a lot of exposure. You will get a ton of attention in a short period. That will translate into more followers. Keep in mind that live stories aren’t always occurring, so if one isn’t active, try it again later. You will get the opportunity to take part in a live story eventually.

Reward Followers

Finally, make it worthwhile for people to follow you. Reward followers so people will tell their friends about you. Coupons and sneak peaks are an excellent way to reward your followers. In addition, add in some valuable content that people won’t want to miss. You will get lots of followers this way.

Tip for Keeping Your Followers

Once you get your followers, you need to keep them. Unfortunately, people tend to lose followers by sending messages the wrong way. Make sure that you use public story mode when sending out your messages. Private snaps go to users individually. This is a big no-no in the Snapchat universe unless you have something private to say to someone. Never send out 100 private snaps to 100 followers. Use your public story mode so everyone can see them. That way, you will follow Snapchat protocol and keep your followers. If you fail to do this, you can expect to lose followers as quickly as you get them.

Monetizing Your Account

Once you add some followers, it will be time to make some money. You have several options for monetizing your followers. Start by logging into each account using your Snapchat proxy. Then, get ready to make some money.

Charge for Shoutouts

If you have a large audience on one of your Snapchat accounts, you can charge others for shoutouts.

Here’s the good news. There has yet to be a set price for shoutouts, so you can charge what you think your service is worth. Consider how many followers you have when pricing your shoutouts. You might be able to charge $100 per shoutout, or even more. You can also have people throw in products. For instance, if you send a shoutout out for a clothing manufacturer, you can ask for money plus some free clothes.

Provide Time-Sensitive Offers

The hook with Snapchat is that posts don’t stay around forever. You can play into that by offering discounts to users. The snap will disappear 10 seconds after they view it, so they have to take action quickly, or they will miss out.

Create a Snapchat video, explain the discount, and then direct them to the story with the discount. Let them know how long they have to act on the discount. If they fail to take action within that timeframe, the discount will disappear.

Then, it’s up to you to follow through. When the time is up, you need to take the site down or disable the URL. You can also redirect people to a page that says that the discount has expired. People need to know that you mean business. When you offer a time-sensitive discount, they have to take action within that period or they’ll miss out. If they understand that, they will be more likely to take action the next time around. After all, no one wants to miss a deal.

Create one offer per Snapchat account. Log into each account with your dedicated proxy, promote the offer, and watch the money roll into your bank account.

snapchat proxy

Jump into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You don’t need to have your own company to make money as an affiliate. Instead, you can market other people’s products and reap the benefits. That means you don’t have to worry about production costs or paying your employees. You just need to pick a product, market it, and earn a commission. It’s no wonder so many people love affiliate marketing.

You have a couple of options for promoting affiliate products. First, you can work directly with a business. For instance, you can find a company that offers an affiliate program and sign up for it through the business. Then, you will market products for that company.

Second, you can go through an affiliate network such as Commission Junction. Then, you can pick through tons of affiliate products and find the ones you want to market. You can market a single product or market several products. The choice is yours.

There are a few things to keep in mind with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

First, look at how much you will earn. Some companies offer high commissions but their products are so cheap that you don’t earn anything. For instance, let’s say a company offers a 99 percent commission but its products sell for a dollar. You’ll only make 99 cents. That means you would have to sell a ton of products to pay the bills.

Now, let’s say that a company offers a 20 percent commission and its products sell for $100. You’ll make $20 for every sale. The commission might be lower but you will actually make more money with this product. You would just have to sell five products to make $100. You would have to sell over 100 products to make $100 with the other affiliate marketing opportunity.

Next, you need to make sure that you choose products that fit into your niche. You have to create a niche for each Snapchat account. You don’t want to offer products that don’t fit into that niche or you will alienate your followers.

In addition, you need to be mindful of how often you send out links to your affiliate products. If you constantly send out links, you will annoy your followers and they will drop off. Instead, mix them in with other snaps. That way, you will offer value to your followers.

Finally, even though you will have multiple Snapchat accounts, use the same account to get your affiliate links. You have to pay taxes on your affiliate sales, and you don’t want to have tons of different affiliate accounts out there. It will make it difficult when tax time rolls around.

Promote Music

Lots of starving musicians out there are looking for their big break. Because of that, they are willing to use some unconventional methods to promote their tunes. You can use that to your advantage by promoting their music for a fee.

This is pretty simple to do. You can add music to Snapchat videos. Offer to add music from aspiring musicians and include a link to their Spotify profiles. If you have a huge following, you can make some serious money with this.

In fact, it can be so lucrative that you might even want to consider creating one Snapchat account around music. Target people who love music and then become a promoter. This can be a lot of fun and it will help you make some money.

Promote Local Businesses

You can use your offline communication skills to your advantage by offering to promote local businesses on Snapchat. Contact some local businesses that don’t have a presence on Snapchat and offer your services. If they say yes, choose a Snapchat proxy for their account and get to work. You can talk up their services and maybe even record a video in front of the establishment. Get creative with this. There really is no limit to what you can do when promoting local businesses on Snapchat or to what you can charge if you’re able to get results.

There is more to Snapchat than meets the eye. On the surface, it is just a place for millennials to congregate. In reality, it is a moneymaking machine for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have your own products or want to try out affiliate marketing, you can make money with this platform. Begin by buying the best dedicated proxies out there. Set your proxies up, and then build your accounts. Get lots of followers, and start making money. You will be able to reach your business goals in no time at all when you follow these strategies.


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