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SOCKS Proxy vs. VPN

You want to surf the internet anonymously, and you’ve been exploring your options. After doing some research, you’ve narrowed it down to SOCKS proxies or a VPN. The two are so similar that it’s hard to know which one is better. Take a minute to learn how the two are the same and how they’re different to know which one is right for you. A Basic Overview First, let’s look at a basic overview of SOCKS proxies and VPNs. SOCKS stands for Socket Secure. Unlike HTTP proxies that are built for the HTTP protocol, SOCKS is built on a protocol [...]

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What Is a SOCKS Proxy?

If you spend any time looking at proxies, you’ll notice there are two main types out there. You can choose between secure socket (SOCKS) proxies and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) proxies. In order to understand one, you must also understand the other. In other words, you must know what an HTTP proxy is in order to truly understand what a SOCKS proxy is. First, though, you need to understand the HTTP protocol. Then, you’ll be ready to look at the proxies. HTTP – The Standard Online Protocol When you browse the web, you’ll notice that sites have “HTTP” in the [...]

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Reasons to Use YouTube Proxies

Most people are basic YouTube users. They log in from time to time to watch funny videos and tutorials. But they don’t think much about how they connect to YouTube. They just type the URL into the search bar, access the site, and watch their videos. That’s fine most of the time, but sometimes, you need a proxy for YouTube. Proxies are necessary when you have to protect your identity or mask your location. Not sure if you need YouTube proxies? Check out some common reasons you need to use proxies. Then, you can pick up some proxies and use [...]

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Tips for Scraping Amazon

Amazon is one of the top retailers online. Actually, it’s one of the top retailers in general, so you know the site has a lot of great data. Due to its popularity, there are tons of reasons to scrape it. Scraping Amazon allows people to get pricing data to help them determine their own prices. It also helps people aggregate review scores or conduct important competitive research. Scraping Amazon might be popular, but that does not mean it is easy. Amazon does everything it can to prevent people from scraping its site. If it catches you scraping it, it blocks [...]

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Cheap Proxies vs. Free Proxies

If you’re new to the world of proxies, you might have a pressing question. Is there really a difference between cheap private proxies and free proxies? If so, is the difference big enough to make paying for a private proxy worth it? First, let’s look at an overview of proxies in general, and then dig into what you can expect if you get a free or a cheap proxy. At that point, you’ll know which option you should choose. An Overview of Proxies When you moved into your home, you contacted an internet service provider (ISP) to come out and [...]

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What Are Proxies?

You’ve heard people talk about proxies, but you aren’t quite sure what they are. You want to ask those people, “What are proxies?” but that would be embarrassing. You don’t want people to know you aren’t up on the latest technology, so you just sit back and act like you know what they’re talking about, even though you’re lost. It’s time to clear up any confusion you have so you’ll understand what a proxy is. Then, you can join in the conversation the next time people talk about proxies. You can show off your knowledge and let everyone know you’re [...]

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