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  • Patience Is a Virtue In Business

    Today I learned a lesson that is taught to us since we were children, but never truly embraced: patience.

    Due to a large order of USA dedicated proxies today from an individual, we completely ran out of stock of our private proxies. It so happened that today was one of the better days of the month in terms of new customers (perhaps a promotion got sent out that drummed in new business, still need to check analytics out). The combination of the two resulted in many customers without proxies for… wait for it... three whole hours.

    When customers purchase proxies from us, most are under the impression of automatic delivery, a prideful feature of our service, but this time since the stock was empty we display a very clear message to users when they purchase: “There are currently no proxies available for this location. Please wait up to 48 hours to receive your proxies”

    Oh, but do not be convinced this did the trick. I had some customers emailing me within 7 minutes of purchasing demanding a refund because they ‘didn’t know how to use my site’ or ‘they didn’t get the proxies they paid for, you’re a scammer!’. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only was the message portrayed to them, but they skipped the typical support request workflow of ASKING first where their proxies were before requesting a refund.

    Those who asked first were greeted with a reply from me within a few minutes that said they would have their proxies in X minutes (I was waiting on my ISP manager to get online). How tough was that?

    The proxies are in stock again and those who waited will reap the benefits of using my unmetered, unlimited, bandwidth proxies. Those who didn’t may regret their decision later when they find out how my competition tricks people by overselling dedicated proxies and throttling bandwidth.

    And maybe not. But at least they opened my eyes to a vicious trait that some have yet to grasp in the slightest way.

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