Comparing Private Vs Public Proxies (You Get What You Paid For)

When you use the internet, it is always a good idea to have a proxy. Everything from browsing and shopping to streaming and social media can benefit from proxies. Proxies give you privacy and security by masking your IP address. Instead online services and websites see the IP address the proxy shows them. This information also includes the location of where the proxy’s servers are located. These factors help keep your information safe. They also allow for really creative uses. The first step in obtaining a proxy is choosing between two main categories: private vs public proxies. What makes a public proxy different from a private proxy service? There are two key differences between them. The first think you will notice is the price. Private, managed services will give a list of varying prices that match up with different packages. This helps users only pay for what they need. Public, open proxies do not have a price. They are free to use. There is no subscription or one time fee. Second, you will find that each handles their users differently. Mainly, the nature of a public and open proxy makes it available to everyone. The service is shared among everyone. Going with the private option means just that. Your proxy is private. If there is anyone else using it at all, it would only be a handful of people who have also paid. Regardless, there are countless private options that provide proxies just for you. Use the table of contents below to visit the section you are most interested in.

Table of Contents

Public Proxy Service

how to use a public or private use proxy What are public proxies? A public proxy is exactly that, public. It is open and available to everyone. They are free to use, and a popular choice of many in the discussion of private vs public proxies. Unfortunately, this is a situation where you get what you pay for. There is little if any control or consideration for who uses which proxy for what reason. They are also designed to be used by as many people as possible. This makes performance issues a common occurrence. They offer slow speeds on an unstable connection that has unpredictable downtime. A waning connection is not the only issue involving free proxies. There is also a greater risk of security breaches that puts your private information at risk. With countless users connecting, it is impossible to guarantee any level of safety. So at the very least, using a free proxy with any sensitive information is a bad idea. When it comes to your online security, you are always better off safe than sorry.

Private Proxy Service

private v public proxy On the other hand, what is a private proxy? a private proxy service is much more exclusive. This is primarily because you pay for a private internet proxy subscription. This also means that it is a host’s job to provide this service. Your money goes to things like maintenance and updates. It helps pay the people in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. It also works toward a host having support agents to help troubleshoot and solve any issues that do come up. In other words, hosts want your business. They will do what they can to make sure you get the most for your money. You will still need to know how to use a private proxy. Luckily, this is often easier than even using a free proxy. A good host is looking to gather customers, and they cannot do that if their service is difficult to use. More often than not, you will be set up with a user-friendly dashboard that you can use to manage your proxy and appropriate settings. Not only does this make a private proxy easy to use, it also gives a certain level of control in a clear, user interface. The level of control depends entirely on how the dashboard was built. When looking at private hosts, there are two core options: semi-dedicated and dedicated. Both of them have great uses depending on your needs.


You might think a semi-dedicated proxy is in the middle in the debate of private vs public proxies. In reality, a semi-dedicated proxy is wholly a private internet proxy. Anyone involved has to pay for it. Also, instead of being filled with countless users, you will usually see a semi-dedicated proxy being used by, at most, 3 total individuals. There are guaranteed resources allocated for each person’s use. Regardless of what the others are doing on the proxy, you will have access to what you pay for. These proxies work well for more casual use. They cost less than dedicated ones, and they give you a promised share of the resources for better performance. Where they lack is in security. While they still have really great security, they are not quite as secure as a fully dedicated proxy. Any situation where there are multiple points of entry gives potential hackers more ways to infiltrate. Neither you nor a host can control what other users do with their share of the proxy. This also means that you have no control over whether someone is using proxies for shady reasons and getting IPs banned.


A dedicated proxy is reserved just for you. That means all of the resources and all of the security is centered around you. This keeps your proxy more secure. Dedicated proxies are the better solution when regarding sensitive information like credit card numbers. It also allows for you to have more control on how and where it is managed. You have more control over many of the features that you do not have with semi-dedicated proxies. Not only that, but you are able to take full advantage of all of the resources. You are the only one using it, so you know exactly what it is being used for. It is the best option for the most peace of mind. As expected, a dedicated proxy does cost more than semi-dedicated.

Rotating Private Proxies

There is more variation in managed proxies than just whether they are dedicated or semi-dedicated. Depending on what you need a proxy for, one thing to search for is rotating proxies. Hiding your personal IP behind a proxy is a great way to add privacy to your browsing. With a rotating proxy, you can end up cycling through even thousands of IP addresses. One common use for a rotating proxy deals with scraping. This could also be used to accommodate any tool that can have your computer automatically make really fast requests from a website all at once. A mountain of requests from a single IP, proxy or not, will get hit with an IP ban really fast. When using a rotating proxy, however, the requests are spread over quite a lot of different IPs. And even if the website gets suspicious of some of those IPs, the proxy can just cycle those out of the rotation. No harm done. Rotating proxies are more specialized, so you will not really see them available with free proxies. This is also true for a selection of other particular proxies. This includes proxies for sneakers and Shopify. This means a private, managed proxy gives you a lot more options.

The Best Place to Buy Private Proxies

what are public and private use proxies There is no shortage of places to buy private proxies. Since they are the smarter choice when considering private vs public proxies, there are many companies involved. Instead of picking out specific proxy hosts, it is best to compare what each company has to offer. Things to look for include speed and bandwidth. You do not want to go for options with less than 1 Gbps speed with unlimited bandwidth. Another consideration involves location. You are best looking for a proxy that offers multiple different regions. You never know when you might need to access a website or service that’s available only to a specific region. They need to have multiple packages available in case your needs change. You need to make sure they offer the right kind of proxies for your needs, including rotating IPs. And of course, you will want to make sure they take appropriate authentication steps to ensure security. Luckily, Blazing SEO provides all of this to our users. Blazing SEO has everything you need when you are ready to buy private proxies. Our proxy locations in 10 different countries provide incredible speeds and security without any limits on bandwidth and threads. Browse through our selection of private proxies and find the right package for you. And if you have any questions about our proxies, features, or what option is best for you, we have a support time available 24/7.

Final Thoughts

When considering the debate of private vs public proxies, there is a clear winner. While a public proxy looks attractive at first glance, a private proxy service is your best choice every time. The appeal of a free proxy fades away when considering the performance and security issues involved. What you do not pay for with money, you pay for with effort and time. Having a private, managed proxy allows you the peace of mind to focus on what you are doing instead of worrying about your proxy going down or being compromised.

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The information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.