Facebook Proxies: A Guide To Bans, Accounts, and Scraping

Difficult as it is to believe, Facebook is celebrating its sixteenth birthday this year. Sixteen years of friend requests, posts, comments, and learning far more about your coworkers than you ever cared to. Facebook is the great experiment, the platform that connected generations, a site with as many active users as there are people in China and India, two of the world’s most populated countries. But you know all this. Facebook is the beautiful monster in which we are all happily enslaved.

And since it is a social media service so integrated into our daily lives, we should be getting the most out of everyday use. That is where Facebook proxies come into play. Whether you are new to proxies or have been using them for years, a proxy for Facebook is tailored made to help you with making multiple Facebook accounts at once, unblocking Facebook, and web scraping the site. In this blog, I will take you through how to do all of the above and show you the trick to finding a Facebook proxy that works. Thanks to apps, using Facebook is even easier than it was sixteen years ago. Why not utilize the technology we have today and get the most out of your regular social media experience.

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What Are Facebook Proxies?

Every single computer has a unique IP address and that address leaves a trail, marks from where it has traveled across the internet. While not inherently bad, using your computer’s original IP address can only get you so far. If you are looking to use social media in new ways or hoping to unblock restricted content, Facebook proxies are just the ticket you need to get there. Think of your proxy as a gateway between you and the internet, a connection between your device and the websites you visit. A Facebook proxy shields your original IP address and makes websites believe that the IP provided by your proxy bears your true identity and location.

Using a proxy through Facebook is a fast, efficient way to create multiple accounts at once, unblock accounts, and scrape the site for relevant content. Without a proxy, your device is more exposed to hackers and must suffer the limitations that come with geographical restrictions. Rather than live at the mercy of your current IP address, let Facebook proxies unlock an entirely new side of your favorite social media site.

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

Bypass blocked Facebook profile

Being the Facebook expert you are, you are probably aware that Facebook has two primary functions, a social function, and a business function. And what is more, you are only allowed to have one of each kind. This might be alright from a social perspective, but not so much from a business angle. Problem is, Facebook does not just say that you can only have one account and then look the other way.

Now, how does Facebook know if you have multiple accounts? Facebook has the ability to track IP addresses and other identifying information. That means that if you try to create more than one Facebook account from your home computer, Facebook will know, and the administrators will shut you down in a flash. There are plenty of hotshot entrepreneurs running more than one business at a time and since, these days, it is nearly impossible not to create a social media page connected to a company, what are these business owners to do? Do they continue to leave profits on the table, or do they find a way to make more Facebook accounts? That is when Facebook proxies come in handy. By making multiple Facebook accounts, you are taking active steps to further your business.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before jumping in headfirst. It works like this, choose a proxy provider that allows you to pick the locations of your proxies, this way, your IP address will come from one place, rather than all over. If Facebook sees that you are accessing an account with IP addresses from all over the country, they are likely to believe that you have been hacked and will block your account. Being proactive about proxy locations will help minimize this risk. After you have chosen your location, assign your proxies. You should have a different proxy for every Facebook account that you set up. That way, your account will continue to use the same information every time you log in. This will make the account look legitimate. Failing to do this will lead you down the path to getting blocked, much like the issue of location we discussed. Once you have taken all of these necessary precautions, you are ready to get your proxy up and running in the interest of creating multiple Facebook accounts.

What Kind of Proxy Should I Use to Create Facebook Accounts?


There are three main types of Facebook proxies to consider when creating multiple accounts, but there is only one that will be the most effective for you and the needs of your business. The three types of proxies are: shared, semi-dedicated, and private. Shared proxies are less secure and can be accessed by anyone and are free for public use. While free stuff can be enticing, shared proxies rarely work and open you up to hackers.

Semi-dedicated proxies are a little more secure but are still shared by up to 3 people. Semi-dedicated proxies are great for general web browsing, but not as reliable when it comes to more specific needs. That is where private proxies come into play. Private proxies are the best option for account creation. Simply put, private proxies are fast, reliable, and easy use. You will even be able to unblock Facebook at work without any hassle. Private proxies for Facebook do not make you jump through hoops. In fact, once you decide to invest in these Facebook proxies, you can start surfing within minutes.

Avoid Getting Banned With a Facebook Proxy

Now that we have clearly defined what Facebook proxies do and how to use them to set up multiple accounts, I want to discuss ways to avoid getting banned from the site. Getting banned is never ideal, but before you despair altogether, there are clever tricks to help steer clear of a blocked account.

Avoid spamming

Every new account should bring something unique to the table. If you were to create fifty accounts that sell the same products or contained similar messaging, Facebook would see that as a huge red flag. By diversifying your accounts and marketing strategies, you are far more likely to have success in opening multiple accounts and still bypass a blocked Facebook profile.

Do not connect pages 

While connecting pages is a great way to boost traffic, it creates a digital trail of all your activity. A trail that will eventually lead right back to you and derail all the hard work you have put into your business-driven accounts. Treat each one of your accounts like a different entity and keep them separate from one another.

Do not overdo it with likes and posts 

Liking pages is a great way to put your new business account on the map, however, go easy with the likes and posts. The more pages you like within a short span of time, the more likely Facebook will flag your account, assuming you are using a bot to run your accounts. You can avoid this problem by knocking down the rate limit. Slow and steady is the way to go.

No private messages

Sending private messages to people you do not know is a fast way to stand out as a spammer. If you do this, the administrators at Facebook might unravel your account trail and take all of your accounts down. Instead of doing that, avoid the private message feature unless you know someone, or unless someone messages you. When people see a private message from someone they don’t know, they automatically think the person is a spammer, and many people report it as such. Avoid the problem so you can stay on Facebook.

Ways to Unblock Facebook Through Proxy

Now, if you find yourself in a situation where your account has already been blocked, do not worry, Facebook proxies are a fantastic solution to this problem as well. Instead of deleting your account and setting up a new one, simply sign out of your account, set up and proxy and log back in. Facebook will not recognize the IP address you are using and therefore take no issue with the account being accessed. I will caution you against toggling back and forth between different proxies in order to do this, as this can look suspicious as well. Much like we discussed earlier, stick with one proxy location when unblocking an account. The more it seems you are truly in one location, the better success you will have in accessing an account that you were once locked out of.  And like I mentioned above, sticking with a reliable private proxy is the best way to unlock an account at work, school, or home.

Web Scraping With the Help of Proxies for Facebook

In addition to using a proxy for Facebook access and unblocking accounts, you might also consider using your proxy for web scraping. Web scraping is an automated method of data collection. Collecting data from Facebook is particularly useful for market research, competitor analysis, and sales. But the higher the volume of scrapes you perform, the more proxies you will need, as Facebook can see what the bot is doing on the site. Facebook proxies will allow you to scrape higher volumes of content and then arrange that content into an accessible document, all while protecting your Facebook accounts from getting banned. Remember that there are rules, laws, and etiquette when scraping. First, be sure to read and understand the rules Facebook has put in place. Within the last few years, Facebook has taken legal action against some large scraping efforts. Many times, the concern is when a company or person is looking to gather private data. Anyone scraping should always make sure to only look for information that is already publicly available.

Different Types of Proxies for Facebook

Proxies come in a variety of different types. Each one has different properties. Depending on what you need, some proxies will be more suited than others. Other times, it could be that you could simply use a cheaper kind of proxy for your task.


There is more to internet traffic than what we witness on the HTTP and HTTP(S) front. There are countless data transactions. When your only goal is to access information on typical web pages, you can stick with an HTTP or HTTP(S) proxy. However, if you are looking for general use, including different protocols used to share or transfer data, then a SOCKS proxy is likely the better choice. In general, SOCKS is more versatile. It does not process the data accessed, so it can access information through any protocol. As a tool, a SOCKS proxy is a great choice to have in your back pocket that can be used to access and pull information in general. However, if that is not exactly a concern of yours, then a simple HTTP(S) proxy can take care of your needs.+

Dedicated vs Semi-Dedicated vs Rotating

There are plenty of situations where more than one person is using a proxy. The most extreme example is a shared proxy. These are normally free options that have as many people using them as possible. This is never a smart choice because performance suffers and you can never tell for sure if it is safe. In regards to more legitimate proxies, the three typical differentiations are semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating. Semi-dedicated proxies are much more restricted than a shared proxy, but there are a few people using that single proxy. Each member is paying a reduced price to share a proxy, so it is less likely to share a proxy with a riskier user.

However, the only way to know exactly what all is happening in a proxy, you need at least a dedicated proxy. These are reserved entirely for you. No one else is using it. This choice is more expensive, but you get peace of mind. Rotating proxies take dedicated proxies to the next level. Not only are you the only one using each proxy when you access it, but you are also cycling through different proxies as you browse. This adds a new level of security. Now, anyone who happens to look at an IP you are using will see that it does not do much by itself. They would have to see all of the IP addresses you cycled through to follow your steps. Rotating proxies are usually more expensive than dedicated ones.

IPv4 vs IPv6

When the internet was in the earlier stages, the architects created an identifier that defined the connection of each user. The fourth version, IPv4, was the one that took off with the popularity of the world wide web. Unfortunately, it did not account for how many connections would exist after a few decades. Now, IPv4 does not have enough variations to handle everything. So, IPv6 came along to handle that issue. In regards to proxies, the difference is with authenticity versus price. There is more rarity in regards to clean, unused IPv4. Websites are quicker to trust these addresses.

Since IPv6 is newer and has an incredible number of unused addresses, it is much easier to get hands on an IPv6 address that has not been used or blocked. Depending on the situation, certain services may be quick to distrust an IPv6 address, especially if it is doing something like scraping data. Authentic IPv4 addresses are more expensive. If you find some that are cheap, it is best to stay away. The rarity of IPv4 has made a scenario where they are generally reserved for ISP distribution. Unfortunately, this could mean that these were stolen from an ISP. This is a can of worms you do not want to open.

Finding a Facebook Proxy That Works

With all this talk about how to use Facebook proxies, you might be wondering how to find a Facebook proxy that works. First, make sure you are purchasing your proxy rather than downloading a free Facebook proxy from the internet. As I stated above, just because something is free does not mean it is the best option. Second, make sure the proxy provider offers a diverse range of proxy server locations and private proxies. The combination of these two features will help keep your device protected and your identity secure. In addition, find a proxy provider with a customer service team that is available 24/7 and ready to answer all of your burning questions.

Final Thoughts

While you are celebrating Facebook’s sixteenth birthday this year, remember all that the platform has to offer. From creating multiple accounts to automated web scraping, proxies are a fantastic method of unlocking new aspects of the social media site. Get high-quality, reliable Facebook proxies today and see all of the newfound possibilities that come along with them.

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