Professional and Personal Ways to Use an Instagram Proxy

Using proxies for social media is nothing new. The same is true for having an Instagram proxy. You might wonder, “why use proxies with Instagram anyway?” Well, you can use proxies from an Instagram proxy site as a way to help gain exposure. Some people even use it for marketing purposes or to sell their own products. Regardless, it can be a lot of work. Fortunately, there is Instagram automation software that take care of a lot of the work for you. No matter your use, it begins when you purchase Instagram proxy IPs. While some people use Instagram accounts the same as Facebook accounts to share pictures with friends, others use it for marketing purposes. If you’re marketing on Instagram, a single account likely isn’t enough. You could be adding multiple Instagram accounts for various reasons, from adding followers to managing customer accounts to analyzing trends and analytics. Always follow the terms of service for any website you use, or else you could be hit with an Instagram IP ban. Please consider the table of contents below to jump to the section about Instagram proxy accounts you want.

Table of Contents

How Proxies for Instagram Work

how to get an instagram proxy First, you need to know how to get an Instagram proxy. You can purchase a proxy from an Instagram proxy site. When you buy proxies for Instagram, you will get a dedicated IP address for Instagram. Each proxy that you access will come with its own IP address, so it will look as if you are logging in from a different location with each Instagram profile to do your social networking. For example, let’s say that you have six Instagram accounts, and you use a different proxy for each account. Instagram might think that you’re logging in from Texas, Illinois, New York, California, Florida, and Ohio. Your accounts won’t be flagged because it will look as if you are coming from a different location with each account and not from one computer that manages multiple accounts. But what is an Instagram proxy? Each account will be completely anonymous, and your IP address will be masked. That is the beauty of an Instagram proxy. You can be incognito when you log in, and you can use them to create as many accounts as you want. There is no limit to the amount of proxies that you use, so there is no limit to the number of Instagram accounts that you create. Even if you do end up with an Instagram IP ban, you can move on to a new proxy IP. There is no need to try and unblock Instagram proxy accounts. You might wonder how many proxies for Instagram you need. The answer depends on how you want to use it. That’s a basic overview, but the process is a little bit more complex when you think about your options for an Instagram proxy. Things like Instagram automation software help with that. They can even help you figure out how to set up an Instagram account using a proxy. Let’s take a look at your options so you’ll know how to move forward when you get anonymous proxies.

Options for Instagram Proxies – Public or Private?

purchase instagram proxy When choosing Instagram proxies, you have a very big decision to make. You have to select between public and private proxies for Instagram. Public proxies are commonly referred to as free proxies. It’s hard to not get at least a little tempted by anything that is free. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of getting something for nothing? It’s incredibly enticing, so you at least want to know what it entails, right? Free proxies aren’t anonymous, so anyone can steal your information. Is identity theft worth not paying for the proxy? You will spend a lot of money restoring your good name if your identity is stolen, so it’s not worth saving the money on the proxy. You are always better off to purchase Instagram proxy IPs. Your best option for proxies is with Blazing SEO. We provide speeds of 1 Gbps with unlimited bandwidth. Our proxies have unmatched uptime as well as IP replacement. Plus, we have many secure servers across ten countries. Check out our packages and find the best option for your needs.

Using Instagram Proxy Accounts to Maximize Exposure

make multiple instagram accounts Once you set up your proxies for Instagram, you can use them for whatever you like. Many marketers go beyond using them to add followers and gather analytics. They use them to make sure that each picture they post receives the maximum exposure. For example, if they have a great picture that they know people will love, they post it on various accounts, using an anonymous proxy for each account or at least use VPS as proxy. This will make it easier for you to compete with the other brands. Eighty-five percent of top brands use Instagram, and using a proxy to get on Facebook which makes it very hard to stand out if you only have one account. If you create multiple accounts, it will be easier for you to make a splash in a populated marketing scene. You might not be able to stand out with a single Instagram account, but if you make 10 or 20 of them, other marketers will have a hard time competing with you. You will suddenly become the Instagram marketer to beat. You can even create various accounts for specific types of customers. It will be easy to create extremely targeted marketing campaigns when you use various anonymous proxies. These proxies can unlock countless opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable. Once you unlock those opportunities, the sky will be the limit. You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come from marketing on Instagram.

Instagram Automation Software with an Instagram Proxy

instagram automation software One option some people use is having an Instagram automation tool. There are tons of Instagram automation software tools to choose from, and there are a few different ways to use them. Depending on what someone is trying to accomplish, they may use multiple tools or stick with a single one. Some of these tools work as simple post scheduling. Similar to the idea behind HootSuite, they help you plan and schedule when you want things to go out. One difference is when an Instagram automation tool accommodates Instagram proxy accounts. This way, if you have a few different Instagram accounts to cast a wide net, each proxy associated with an account can be managed from the same tool. As long as you do not overuse a tool to the point of looking like a bot, you should generally be able to avoid an Instagram IP ban or worry about having to unblock Instagram proxy accounts. One example is below.

Mass Planner

Mass Planner is probably one of the most popular Instagram automation tools out there. You just need to install it to your computer and then add your Instagram accounts to the software. Then, you’ll create your campaign by adding your photos individually or all at once. You can schedule them up to two weeks in advance so you can load them into the system and then forget about them. This takes a lot of the stress and planning out of running an Instagram account. This isn’t just a mass scheduler, though. You can also automate your like, comment, follow, follow back, and unfollow activity with this tool. It also has proxy support built in so you can easily use this with your Instagram proxies without having to be an IT specialist. Just put your settings into the software and you’ll be ready to dominate Instagram with your new Instagram automation tool.

Making Money with an Instagram Proxy

make money with instagram proxies If you were running a single Instagram account, you wouldn’t need a proxy. You could just create your account and log in like normal. That’s not what you’re going to do with this strategy, though. Instead, you need to make multiple Instagram accounts. Instagram only lets people have one account, though, so you need to use proxies to get around the issue. Each proxy comes with its own unique IP address. You just need to use one for each account and you will be all set. Instagram will think that a unique person is logging in with each account, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. It’s important that you assign a unique proxy to each unique account. That means you need to buy one proxy for each account that you have. Fortunately, you can buy Instagram proxies in bulk. Buy as few as five or get more than 100. You can get as many as you want. As a rule, though, you should create at least five Instagram accounts, and it is better if you can create more. The more accounts you create, the easier it will be for you to make money with Instagram proxies. Consider starting with 20 or so accounts, and then you can build up from there.

Choose Profitable Niches

Once you have your proxies, you’ll be ready to create your accounts. The key is to tackle different niches to see what is the most profitable. Go onto Instagram and see what people are most interested in. Then, create accounts around those niches. For example, let’s say that you discover that people are really interested in dogs and makeup. You would need to create one Instagram account around dogs and another one around makeup. That is just one example. Pick as many niches as you want, and then create a unique account for each niche.

Choose Your Best Accounts

After you spend some time gathering followers, you will notice that some of your accounts perform better than others do. Some niches are just more popular than others are. If you had a single Instagram account, you would spend your time trying to grow your following, even if it wasn’t a popular niche. However, since you have so many Instagram accounts, you don’t have to waste your time growing an account in a difficult niche. You can get rid of the accounts that aren’t working and keep the ones that are. With that in mind, stick with the accounts that have at least 5,000 followers. That’s how many followers you need to make serious money. Get rid of the accounts that have fewer than 5,000 followers. You don’t want to waste your time trying to make money with accounts that don’t have enough followers. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to start making some money. Now, let’s look at one of the options for making money on Instagram.

Create an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

how many proxies for instagram Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money with Instagram. Sign up for affiliate networks and choose products in your niche. Then, take pictures of the products and include the affiliate link. If you have a lot of followers, you should make a lot of sales. Best of all, affiliate products are pretty much limitless. You can constantly send out new offers. Just make sure that every post isn’t an affiliate offer. If you only send out offers, you will turn your audience off. Instead, mix affiliate offers with regular photos. That is the best way to keep your audience interested. You also need to make sure that you switch out Instagram proxies when you go from one account to the next. That way, it doesn’t look like the same person is posting all of the offers.

Final Thoughts

There are many uses for an Instagram proxy. However, you should be careful in making sure to use them wisely. Also, you need to use an Instagram proxy site that you trust. It is best to avoid any Instagram IP ban, even if you have ways to practically unblock Instagram proxy accounts. Keep in mind, it is important to keep best practices. With that, it is likely that you can find success.

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