How To Use A PS4 Proxy To Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Even though there are so many games available online, gaming systems like the PlayStation keep persisting and innovating in order to host cooler and wider-universe games. PlayStations are one of the longer-lasting pieces of tech from the 90s, since so many things that were widespread then have fallen out of fashion (from dial-up modems to VHS). Video game consoles have kept up with the innovations in video games and continue to serve gamers the best experience they can. However, savvy gamers can always find ways to level up their gaming experience. That is why looking into getting a PS4 proxy is a great idea.

Proxies are great for online games that you run through Internet browsers, but they also work well with gaming consoles. When you’re considering a PS4 proxy, the most important thing is that it can keep up with you with network speeds. There are a ton of other benefits to using proxies, and they’re incredibly simple to install and use. Using a proxy gets some of the annoyances that slow down gaming out of your way, and in this article we’ll go over the best ways to use a proxy for PS4.

What is a PS4 Proxy?

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When new proxy users are looking for a proxy, they’re generally looking for a proxy IP address. Every computer or Internet-enabled device has an IP address that identifies it and allows it to use websites. Out of privacy concerns or a desire to stop targeted advertising, a ton of Internet users turn to proxies to give them a barrier for their IP address. The proxy provides a different IP address that the website you’re using will see when you’re sending requests—your IP address is behind the wall of the proxy.

Sometimes, people use the terms proxy IP address and PS4 proxy server interchangeable. A proxy server is where all of the proxy IP addresses are housed. When you’re looking for a Playstation 4 proxy, you don’t need a whole proxy server PS4, just a proxy IP address. IP addresses are unique identifiers and can contain a lot of information that you don’t necessarily want to be public or passed around—that’s why proxies are great options. A proxy server PS4 is the hardware that houses all of the proxy IP addresses that users are deploying to protect their personal device IP addresses.

Benefits of a PS4 Proxy

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There are a lot of good reasons to use a PS4 proxy (or even a PS3 proxy if you have yet to upgrade). The ease of use for proxies makes all of the benefits even better.

Dealing with bans

IP address bans happen pretty frequently and they don’t usually mean that you’ve done anything wrong. If you’re using a refurbished computer or inherited an old system from a friend, IP addresses might have been banned in the past. It could have been for a specific malefaction, or the website mass-banning a bunch of IP addresses that looked similar to an IP address that was doing something suspicious.

Websites are super sensitive to suspicious activity because they want to avoid security breaches and protect their users’ information. Using a PS4 proxy helps you avoid these mistaken bands and continue using your device without worry.

Get around geoblocking

For various reasons related to server capacity and government borders, not every game is available in every country. PS4 proxies from reputable providers let you choose which country the proxy server (that hosts the proxy IP addresses) resides in. This means that you can choose a PS4 proxy that’s in the same country as the game you’re playing, which reduces lag.

This also lets you get access to games that are only available in certain countries or unlock sections of the game that are specific to certain parts of the world. There might be prizes or add-ons that you can only find in certain parts of the world, but a proxy allows you to access these without having to travel anywhere.

You can also take your game with you wherever you do end up traveling. You can choose a proxy server location in your home country so the proxy IP address that you’re using when you’re in a different country still locates you at home. Since an IP address is tied to a specific location, you can get a proxy IP address anywhere in the world and be able to unlock global content.

Better network speeds

Using a proxy IP address tends to give you better network speeds. Proxy server locations can also be a benefit for network speeds because the PS4 proxy could be closer to where the game’s server lives. This means that the requests you’re sending through the game have less physical distance to travel. That proximity helps reduce lag.

If you’re using a Playstation 4 proxy, or even a PS3 proxy, they tend to have more bandwidth, which is great for gamers. You can keep up with massive multiplayer battles online without worrying about missed shots or failed moves.

Increased security

Using a proxy for PS4 is a great way to ensure that you have more security in your gaming experience. There are a ton of malicious actors on the Internet who specifically go into places where a lot of people are congregating in order to steal IP addresses and information.

Since the PS4 proxy gives you a barrier proxy IP address, your online activity can’t be tied directly to your personal device’s IP address. Businesses use proxies for security on company computers and through company emails, but as an individual a PS4 proxy is a great way to keep your information secure as well.

How to Set Up a PS4 Proxy

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Like connecting to a proxy IP address through a mobile device or a personal computer, connecting a PS4 proxy is super simple. You start by opening your PS4 Settings, and then go to Network. Under the connection information, you got to Custom and this is where you can input all of the PS4 proxy information. After you test that it’s working, you’re ready to play any game you want on the PS4 proxy.

There are a few different types of proxy IP addresses you can get when you’re looking for a new PS4 proxy: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. A dedicated proxy is one proxy IP address that masks yours, and you don’t have to worry about it slowing down with any other users. A semi-dedicated proxy is one that is shared between about three to five users, but if you get your PS4 proxy from a reliable provider, you don’t have to worry about the other users because your proxy provider will be able to address any security issues as they come up.

The rotating proxy is the most high-level option—it rotates between proxy IP addresses. Businesses tend to use rotating proxies when they need to use web scrapers, but individuals can get a lot of use out of rotating proxies as well. You can use them to keep up with sneaker drops or track deals, or use them to be hyper-vigilant about security. The rotating proxy means you’ll essentially be untraceable because the proxy IP address will always be changing.

Finding the Best PS4 Proxy

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Although there are free proxies out there, gamers who want to get the best experience with a PS4 proxies should look into paid proxies from reliable providers. Free or public proxies don’t make any guarantees about security or speed. However, proxies from Blazing SEO are super safe and super speedy.

Blazing SEO has end-to-end control of the hardware for our proxies, so we’re able to address any problems as they come up. You can get a dedicated IP address for as little as $1.40, and try it out for a month to see how it works. Instead of dealing with the possible headaches of hacking by using a free proxy, you should consider Blazing SEO as the perfect place to understand why proxies can make your gaming experience so much better.

A PS4 proxy needs high bandwidth, which Blazing SEO offers so you never experience any lag. Getting automatic replacements for IP addresses that were randomly banned is really important too, and that is another thing Blazing SEO offers.

Since Blazing SEO is full of people who work around the world, we also offer 24/7 customer service. We also have proxy server locations all around the world, so your PS4 proxy can reside anywhere in the world.

Final Thoughts

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You don’t have to be a computer expert to level up your gaming experience on a Playstation 4. A PS4 proxy is incredibly simple to install, and proxies in general are getting easier to use for everyone, especially if you buy a good proxy from a reputable provider who will be able to help you set it up. Optimizing your gaming console is the best way to enter your games with no headaches and focus totally on the world building and battles that games have available for you.

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