Dump Random Proxy Generators For Your Own Rotating Proxy

You’re looking for thousands, maybe even millions of IP addresses. You’re probably also wondering how you’ll find and manage so many. The seemingly easy answer would be to find a random proxy generator and problem solved, right?

While you might want to hear “yes” and move on with your day, the unfortunate truth is that “free” random proxy generators come at a cost.

IP generators are notorious for:

  1. Forcing you to go to the dark corners of the web
  2. Looking to steal your data
  3. Creating a slow connection
  4. Being (probably) already banned

Doesn’t sound so great, right? So, a proxy generator is out, and you still need a large quantity of IP addresses.

Allow Blazing SEO to provide you with a solution: rotating proxies.

Rotating proxies allow you to easily and reliably generate IP addresses, giving you the freedom to:

  1. Scrape the web easily and efficiently
  2. Access even more public data on the web to set your business up for success
  3. Remove the headaches of manual proxy rotation from your team of engineers

Random IP Generator Woes

cons of a random proxy

We scratched the surface on the dangers that a random IP generator brings to the table, but we want to take a moment to go a little deeper on why these random IP generators are a bad idea.


This might be the single biggest issue with public proxies that we have seen to date. If hackers have access to the same IP addresses that generator provided for you, your public proxy gives them access to sensitive information all too easily.


Public proxies can be slower than private proxies as you are sharing bandwidth with other users. The speed of public proxies fluctuates as it depends on the number of users fighting for bandwidth, but is often slow and overloaded.


When other users are on the same IP addresses as you, you have no control over what they are doing on the internet. If they are doing something that causes them to get banned from a website, you’ll also lose access to that site — interfering with whatever projects you have going on (especially if they’re time sensitive).


If too many people are using the same IP address, it may not be available exactly when you need it as it easily becomes slow or unresponsive.


When using a public proxy, your chances of coming across captchas are much higher. It is seen as spam and will trigger a captcha when one IP address makes an attempt to access a site multiple times.

What Are Rotating Residential Proxies?

learn how to get a random ip proxy with a rotating residential proxy

A single connection between a device and the internet is represented with a unique code referred to as an IP address. This code identifies the device and its general location.

A proxy IP address enables the IP address of your device to remain safe and hidden by acting as a portal. As you surf the internet, proxies create a go-between the user and websites visited online, shielding your actual IP address while providing you with a random proxy IP address.

A rotating proxy IP address allows users access to a large pool of IP addresses. As you surf the internet, this type of proxy will constantly assign you a new IP address at regular intervals. Giving you the freedom of obtaining a random IP address without the danger a random IP generator brings.

There are two types of rotating proxies. Each has its own strengths and best use cases that allow you to choose depending upon your need for a proxy. They are residential proxies and data center proxies.

Residential Proxies

A residential proxy is the kind of IP address you have at your work or home and is assigned to you by an ISP, or internet service provider. Users are able to use proxies as residential IP addresses – websites can’t tell the difference between them!

Note: When shopping around for a residential proxy for personal use or business, there are certain companies that will use residential proxies without the IP owner’s knowledge. Be sure to double-check that a company’s proxies are being ethically sourced from people who know what they’re signing up for.

Residential proxies are best known for their reliability. These proxies give you a legitimate IP address so you don’t look suspicious and you are less likely to get banned with an IP address that continuously changes. The big limiting factor on residential proxies are the costs associated with them. These proxies can be expensive.

Here are some of the most popular use cases for residential proxies:

  1. Large scale web scraping
  2. Ad verification

Data Center Proxies

Rotating data center proxies will also assign you a different IP address per website request, but the logistics look a little different from a residential proxy.

There are both pros and cons to these proxies. While data centers are known for their speed and are an all-around more economical option, your IPs have a higher chance of being banned. Data center proxies, as stated above, are easily identified as such, allowing for a website to ban an entire subnet if they suspect suspicious activity.

Here are some of the most popular use cases for rotating data center proxies:

  • Gaming
  • Sneaker buying
  • Browsing anonymously
  • Projects where speed is the most important factor


Blazing SEO's rotating residential proxy is the safer choice over a random ip proxy generator

With all of the hassle that comes with a random proxy generator, they are neither a good long-term nor short-term solution. Taking a moment to provide yourself with a better alternative such as rotating residential & data center proxies allows you to achieve whatever you are looking to do on the internet in a safe, ethically sound, and anonymous way.

Blazing SEO wants to help you find the best proxies for your use case. We provide both residential and data center proxies – even creating custom plans for whatever you need.

We want to be more than your proxy provider. We want to be your proxy partner.

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