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  • How to Use a RuneScape VPS (And RuneScape Proxies)

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    Magical, mystical, monsters, and more. Raise your swords to RuneScape, a world filled with other-worldly quests and heroic adventures. Transporting yourself to another land takes only creating an online account. Once you get started with RuneScape, you find it difficult to tear yourself away. But the more you explore the land of Gielinor, the more you crave independence online. Do away with slow connections and vulnerable IP addresses with the help of a RuneScape VPS and RuneScape proxy.

    But hold on just a minute, my fellow RuneScape enthusiasts. Before we continue on in this adventurous manner, there are a few avenues that need trekking before we’re ready to play our favorite online game. In this blog, we’ll talk about what a VPS and proxy are. Then we’ll go over how to run the technology. For all you online gamers, hungry for a new RuneScape gaming experience, you’ll receive all the information you need to satisfy your appetite.

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    Before We Talk RuneScape Services…

    proxy for oldschool runescape botting

    I love a bit of history before breakfast. This is why I think it’s important to give a quick overview of how RuneScape was born. The popular multiplayer online role-playing game was conceived in 2001 by Jagex. Since being published almost 20 years ago, the game has gained 200 million online accounts. This staggering number sheds light on how beloved the game has become over the years. You can see why there are so many different ways to play and why players have found alternative ways to use the game they adore thanks to the assistance of a RuneScape VPS.

    At its core, RuneScape allows the individual player to choose how they’d like to play and over 25 different skills to learn along the way. With so many different quests to fulfill and battles to be won, players will be using a great deal of bandwidth streaming the online game. If the game doesn’t stream, then there is no game to play. Pretty obvious. Which leads us to the big question, what kind of solutions are available to remedy this issue as well as solving other problems that can come when online for long periods of time?

    What Is a RuneScape VPS?

    runescape private server vps

    Since you’re a regular gamer and know you’re way around a computer, it’s very possible you’ve heard the word ‘VPS’ being thrown around in your friend circles. But just what the heck does it mean, and how does it relate to gaming? VPS stands for “virtual private server.” In short, a VPS is a way to give the appearance of a dedicated, private server without changing the server at all. In the world of web hosting, there are two words that stick out: shared and dedicated. VPS hosting is an affordable way to allocate a website onto a dedicated server. A dedicated server means you get your own operating system, which increases website reliability.

    In the case of a RuneScape VPS, your online security will be protected, and your computer’s performance will be optimized. When you’re in the middle of an epic quest to slay bloodthirsty monsters, the last thing you want is to have your online identity compromised or for your connection to lag. A RuneScape VPS can be a great help with that. One thing to note, the use of a virtual private server can get you banned from using the game in some cases. Be careful when purchasing a VPS for yourself and always read the provider’s website thoroughly before you buy a product. You see, in addition to using a VPS to play a game, a VPS can be used for nefarious purposes, which requires honest folks out there to proceed with caution.

    What Is a RuneScape Proxy?

    runescape proxies make the gate open

    A proxy server is similar to a RuneScape VPS in that it helps protect you while online, but it does differ from a VPS in other areas. We got through all the technicalities of a VPS, and I promise a proxy server is just as easy to understand. Unlike a RuneScape VPS, a proxy server is all about an IP address. An IP address is a unique address that your computer (and all computers) operate under. By installing a proxy server, you’re essentially installing another IP address on your computer. The proxy server can confuse websites by cloaking your computer’s exact whereabouts. Greater protection means fewer personal details leaking through.

    When playing RuneScape, a RuneScape proxy will help increase bandwidth and allow you to access parts of the game that might have location restrictions on them. Let’s say you live in a country where certain versions of the game are unavailable for download or updating. A RuneScape proxy can get around those restrictions and remove limitations based on geography. A larger bandwidth makes online streaming faster and eliminates a slow connection to the game. With a large number of people playing the game at once, falling victim to a slow connection is possible.

    Like a VPS, online players have been locked out of their RuneScape accounts for setting up a proxy. The same suggestions for a VPS apply. Educate yourself on all your proxy provider does and never use the technology for any activity which would violate RuneScape’s terms of service. Keep everything above board and enjoy the online game you love.

    How to Run a RuneScape Private Server VPS

    how to run a vps runescape

    Running a RuneScape VPS on your computer requires a few steps. Don’t worry – I’ll take you through those steps, and trust me, they aren’t as complicated as you might think. First things first. Once you’ve purchased a high-quality VPS, the provider will give you all of the installation requirements. This is step one. Simple, right? You’ll want to take note of your username and password for your VPS account. This will help you install any updates the VPS might have along the way.

    A provider should give you a hosting package that includes an SSD – a storage device that works similar to a hard drive disk. It offers customers the most storage capability available. Larger amounts of storage make for a better connection and also keeps stored data safe. Running a RuneScape VPS equipped with an SSD will ensure you never lose the progress you’ve made plotting adventures and building a full-fledged online character.

    Most providers also give you a few different options for where you’d like the main VPS server to be located. Those servers are often located in major cities, such as New York or Los Angeles. The ability to choose your location means even the smallest, most remote towns will have a strong connection to the technology. Have no fear mighty world-travelers; your favorite game will run smoothly as you fight to survive.

    How to Run RuneScape Proxy Servers

    runescape remote desktop

    I have to stop myself from making a pun about proxies and their ‘proximity’ to security. Oh thank goodness I had enough self-control not to make a fool of myself. In truth, running a proxy does help to protect your exact location. Protecting your identity is important when online; that’s a no-brainer. The best proxy providers let you choose the location you’d like the address to appear from, creating total anonymity while online. Before running a RuneScape proxy, make sure you know how many proxies you’d like to purchase at once. Multiple proxy servers give you more bandwidth.

    Also, make sure you acknowledge the speed of the proxy. The faster the proxy, the less limited you are. Some providers put a limit on bandwidth; others have unlimited access. How often you play the game online, might be a good indication as to how fast you need the proxy to be. Now, of course, faster is better, but you also want to pay a fair price for what you need.

    Finally, depending on the browser you use, setting up the proxy can vary. We recommend sticking with the same browser and not jumping between Firefox and Google Chrome. In addition to sticking with the same browser, it’s also important to stream the game from the same location. Just like a RuneScape VPS, makers of RuneScape do not condone the use of a proxy to play their game. The use of a proxy can get you banned, and the service is not to be abused.

    A Note on RuneScape Botting VPS and Proxies

    don't use a runescape botting vps

    In doing your research for the right RuneScape VPS and proxy, you might become wise to RuneScape botting. RuneScape botting is the process of playing RuneScape with the help of an automated program, a program that performs the game without the need of a physical player. I’m sure you can guess how supportive Jagex is of this trend. We get it, not everyone has enough time in the day for hard work and play, but botting is not a supported alternative to direct play. Certain players have tried to make money off of botting, which is another reason why it is frowned upon. Making a profit off of accounts is the main source of income for Gaming’ gold farmers.’ Gold farmers use bots to make money and nothing else. Gaming isn’t supposed to be work; it’s a means of escape and enjoyment. Just like the caution made above, buying a proxy for old school RuneScape botting is not a kind of gameplay that Jagex can ignore. Botting is almost a surefire way to get yourself kicked out of your own account and blocked from continuous gaming.

    All of this information is meant to educate, not scare. Understanding the terms and conditions of the game is an important part of gaming. This way, you have full control over your RuneScape account and are never blindsided by an aspect of gaming you’re unfamiliar with. Do your homework on botting within RuneScape and use all of your newfound knowledge for good. A RuneScape VPS and proxy are not to be abused within the gaming world.

    Wrapping Everything Up

    We love your passion for gaming and online worlds. Finding your passion for RuneScape has transformed your free time, free time that would be filled with a void otherwise. There is nothing more satisfying than finding something you enjoy and doing it well. From your perspective, life inside of a computer screen offers just as much excitement as the great outdoors, perhaps more. Living a life via RuneScape has left you with a desire to play the game to its fullest. A RuneScape VPS is a fantastic way to enhance your digital experience.

    Living an entire life from behind a computer screen is a powerful prospect. RuneScape is filled with intense dangers, but those intense dangers often equate to adventures. And who wouldn’t love a life full of adventure? Using both a VPS and Proxy can be a part of your gaming lifestyle. Like any great gamer, you read the lore and history behind the world your character lives in. Before you begin using the technology discussed above, do the research and consult this blog for tips and tricks. You don’t gamble with your character’s life, so why gamble with the safety of your online presence? Know the rules, conquer the game.

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