Using A Samsung Proxy On A Mobile Device For Added Security

I have never been one to insist on having the newest electronics. For example, my Samsung smartphone is already a couple of generations old. The battery is still decent and apps still work as intended, so I am not in a rush to replace it. However, I did start to realize something a while back. I have been using this phone for years. And like most people, I use my smartphone constantly. If anyone were to pay attention, they could probably get a clear picture of who I am, where I live, what I am interested in, and probably some valuable data.

If I had been smart, I would have used a proxy from the start. I conduct much of my life through my smartphone, so privacy is as important as ever. Even if my computer uses a fantastic proxy, that does not me any good if I continue to bank online, browse, shop, and more with my phone.

It is safe to say that smartphones have revolutionized our way of life. We have full connectivity to each other and virtually every fact in our pocket or purse at all times. But what if you are in a region where your needed content is blocked? More than that, what can you do to make sure you are being as private and safe as possible? That is where proxies come in.

If you are interested in learning more about using a Samsung proxy, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What is a Samsung Proxy?

Your proxy is your go-between. It is like the driver when you pull up at a fast-food drive-thru. You tell the driver what you want to order. Then, your driver relays that information. They even interact directly with the cashier at the window. All you have to do is pass your card over, and the work is done.

As far as that restaurant is concerned, you didn’t order anything. The driver made the order, completed the payment, and received the food. You did not interact directly with the establishment at all. The same idea works for proxies. Regardless of the website or online service you access, they see your proxy instead of you. Every interaction passes through the proxy so that you are not being personally tracked.

Why Do You Need Samsung Proxies?

You are probably wondering if it is even worth it to get a proxy for the latest Samsung devices. Would the benefits of a proxy make up for purchasing one and editing your Samsung proxy settings? Honestly, it is absolutely worth it. There are many uses for a proxy, and some of these uses are passive. That means you do not even have to do anything specific to take advantage of it.


Proxies keep your browsing activity private. That is their primary use. Whenever your proxy is working, no site you visit sees your identifying IP address. Instead, they see your proxy’s IP address.


Since every site you visit only sees your proxy, it is much harder for anyone to steal your data. There is now an extra element to your security. Before anyone can even begin to hack into your connection, they would have to realize you are using a proxy. Then, finding out where to go from there is no easy task.

Region-locked content

Whether you like to stay up-to-date with news, play mobile games, or watch everything Netflix has to offer, you have likely encountered a region lock. In regards to Netflix, some content is only available in certain countries. This all depends on each country’s definition of copyrights and whether Netflix contracts specify countries of availability. For news and anything else, many countries have moved to block information that it finds unsavory for some reason or another.

When you are in either situation, a proxy can help. When you use a proxy, your destination does not see you and where you are. It sees this information about your proxy. In this case, it makes decisions on content based on where your proxy is from. This is true for the other way around as well. If your ISP is blocking a certain site, you can use your proxy to see it. That is because your ISP also only sees that you are encountering your proxy. It does not see what your proxy is doing.

How to Change the IP Address in Samsung Mobile

Samsung smart TV proxy configuration

How can you change your Samsung proxy settings? It is common to think that it is complicated. It is even fair to think that you may need to root your device or gain developer privileges to do so. However, that is not the case. Luckily, there is a straightforward list of steps you can follow.

How to change the IP address on a Samsung phone

There are only a few steps you need to follow to set up your proxy on your Samsung phone. First, go into your settings menu. Then, access your Wi-Fi networks. Select the Wi-Fi network that you are currently using or intend to use. Now, you should be able to see the SSID of that network connection. Press and hold over the SSID until you see a pop-up menu. Select the option “Modify Network Config” from that menu.

Now, navigate to the advanced settings and find the menu available for Proxy Settings. Select the “Manual” option. After that, you should be able to enter the proxy information that you have from your proxy host. Until you change or reset these settings, any time you use that network connection, you will be using your proxy.

How to change the IP address on a Samsung tablet

Samsung tablets and phones have similar functionality. This means the steps are not much different between the two. However, there are a few key differences.

Like with Samsung smartphones, go into your device’s settings, navigate to the section named “Wireless & networks,” and tap on “Wi-Fi settings.” Here, you should be able to see a list of Wi-Fi networks. This includes any network that you are currently connected to.

Find the Wi-Fi connection that you want to use a proxy with. Now, press and hold on that network name until a pop-up menu appears. Select the “Modify network” option. In the resulting menu, navigate until you find the proxy section. All you have to do here is make sure your proxy settings are set to “Manual.” Now, just like with a smartphone, you need to enter the proxy information given to you by your proxy service. After updating the information, save the changes.

Can You Use a Proxy on a Samsung TV IP Address?

There is a simple list of instructions to follow to set your Samsung smart TV proxy configuration. It follows similar steps to your Samsung smartphone and tablet. The biggest difference is that you are navigating by remote control instead of a touchscreen.

First, you need to begin from your tv’s home screen. Then, select “Menu” and “Network.” This should bring up a network menu. Select the option, “Network Settings.” It is likely that you will need to perform a network test before you can configure your proxy settings. After running the test, you should see a menu that includes the option, “IP Settings.” Select that button.

In the IP Settings dialog box, scroll until you get to the DNS settings. Change the settings type to “Enter manually.” Then, enter the proxy information given to you by your proxy service. Go ahead and select okay to save the changes. It is a good idea to power cycle your tv now to make sure it boots up and establishes the network connection through the proxy. After that, your Samsung TV will be using your proxy when it interacts with online services and media.

What is the Best Samsung Proxy?

Samsung smart TV IP address

You are likely wondering where to find the best proxies for your Samsung device. There are not really any options specifically for your mobile phone or tablet. The same general proxies that work for your computer can be configured for mobile.

What you need to look for are proxies that have the performance that do not limit your use. Mainly, you need high speeds of at least 1 Gbps and unlimited bandwidth. Maximum uptime is also really important. It is best to find a proxy provider that has a reputation for amazing proxies and fantastic service. One proxy service that can satisfy all of your needs is Blazing SEO. We have the performance and dependability you need to get what you need and stay anonymous while doing so. Take a look at our available proxies today to get started.

Final Thoughts

When a lot of your life is being run from your phone, it is a good idea to add a layer of privacy to it. Every year, more features, apps, and services shift focus away from computers and phone calls to mobile control. Even if you are not engaging in financial tasks on your smartphone, you never know when you might need to start. It would be best to already have a proxy ready to keep your information private.

Your mobile security is just as important as it is for your home computer. And since your smartphone is often your only travel companion, you need to make sure you can read and watch everything you want. You can get a sense of security and access to region-locked content by using a Samsung proxy.

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