Scrape Expedia Travel Website (By Using an Expedia Proxy)

The most advertised use of a proxy is to keep your internet presence private and safe. However, people have gotten creative with using these servers. One of these creative ways is to use one as an Expedia proxy. This is when users use a proxy to scrape flight or hotel information from Expedia. Since travel sites like Expedia bring results from many different websites, the number of potential travel options is overwhelming.

It is impossible to search for every single possible flight you could take, especially if you are flexible with when and where. In those cases, scraping data from Expedia is the only way to accurately ensure you are getting the best deal possible. This practice involves a proxy, because a single IP can be blocked from attempting a scrape. This works mostly with proxies that offer rotating IP addresses. There are many different factors at play here. But what does using proxies to scrape Expedia do? What is the process? What are the benefits? Please use the table of contents below to quickly jump the relevant section.

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What Does it Mean to Use an Expedia Scraper?

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Scraping a website refers to a process of automatically pulling in a large amount of data from a webpage. The same idea can be used in scraping Expedia data. This extracts and organizes flight or hotel information in large amounts. The purpose behind this is to save time and money. There are usually countless options  regarding trip details. This is especially true with airline flights. You need to consider factors such as different airports, airlines, routes, layovers, arrival dates, departure dates, and more. Also, flight pricing is notorious for fluctuating weekly, daily, and even hourly. Manually digging through all of those possibilities would be an enormous task taking a lot of time.

Why Scrape Expedia Data?

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Searching Expedia for travel information is a great way to see different flight and hotel information from various sites. However, this is only really efficient when you have strict parameters for your trip. So if you have an exact time frame, destination, airport locations, etc. then you could likely find a decent deal with manually searching the site. If you are more flexible or want to to see when would be the best time to travel to one of several different options, then you will absolutely want to scrape that data. Otherwise, you are looking at spending way more time with manual searches. And even then, you will most definitely see only a small fraction of the possible results. The only way to guarantee you get everything you need is by scraping the data directly from Expedia. The more options you have for traveling, the more results you have. It is impossible for a human to go through all of that information. For a scraper, though, it can search through countless search result pages at once. You can define what specific information you are looking for, and it will pull everything that fits. Then, you will have the data you need. You can sort it and filter it at your leisure and make your plans based on what the scraper found. This is a fully automated process, so there is nothing else you need to do directly.

How to Scrape Expedia Data

how to search on expedia through proxy

What does it mean to actually scrape data from Expedia? It takes more than just having a proxy. Scraping Expedia data requires a kind of program, or bot, to run the task. Fortunately, you do not have to build it yourself from scratch. There are available scraping tools designed to be an Expedia scraper. These tools send inquiries to Expedia and collect and organize the results. It does this repeatedly based on the details you give it. Since this procedure is automated through your computer, it is infinitely faster than parsing through the information manually. Basically, you define the parameters of the data you are looking for. The Expedia scraper then goes to work requesting and collecting the data in question. Then, it delivers this data as output that you can view, sort, and filter as needed. The results include all of the information you requested. Any information that is publicly shown on Expedia can be collected and shown on your scraping results. This gives you a lot of versatility to specify the exact data that you need for your task. This also stops the results from including a bunch of different kinds of results that you do not need. You get what you ask for.

Scraping Expedia Data with a Scraping Service

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There are more options besides using your own proxy to scrape. You can pay a service, like Scraping Robot, to scrape hotel info from Expedia. These services are experienced with the practice of scraping, so they are more likely to have success. Scraping services come with a price, but that is not surprising considering that they are professional services. If you want an Expedia scraper that is more likely to get you what you need, one of these services is what you are looking for. Whether you need detailed flight routes or want to scrape hotel info from Expedia, it is worth it to pay for a trusted expert to jump into the task. Know this as well, no matter what scraping tool or service you need, you will also need a proxy.

Using a Proxy with an Expedia Scraper

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Regardless of which tool you use for scraping, you should need a proxy to scrape the information you need from Expedia. There are already tools available, so why do you need proxies to scrape Expedia? The answer is pretty simple. When a single IP makes too many requests in a very short amount of time, websites have a fail-safe to put a stop to it. The same is true for Expedia.  When Expedia notices a bot is making tons of requests all at once, they will ban the IP. When you use a proxy with a rotating IP, this helps spread the load of the requests. It now looks like multiple different locations are requesting the information instead of just one. This makes it more difficult for Expedia to notice that an automated scrape is happening. This makes it far more likely to get the information you need without any delays or issues.

Even when using a proxy, there is no guarantee that Expedia will not notice you’re trying to scrape data. The good news is, scraping tools usually can adjust their tactics. When they notice an IP is banned, they can switch to another to continue the job. This also means you should have access to use multiple IP addresses at a time. Also, this works best when you can use many different proxies. Depending on how large the task is, you may need access a ton of different proxies to finish the project in full.

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Other than being solutions for scraping Expedia data, proxies also have many other uses. Expedia recognizes when a familiar IP keeps returning to search for vacation options. This tells them that you are serious about booking a vacation. Instead of luring you with lower prices, this may influence the site’s results in giving inflated prices. Since proxies disguise your IP address, using them with Expedia can help you find the best deal. You can use a proxy when you are serious about booking through Expedia. You do not even need to know how to scrape. All you need to know is how to search on Expedia through proxy. This way, the site thinks this is your first visit. This prompts it to give you lower rates in an attempt to attract your business. Now, you can take advantage of their attempt to inspire impulse bookings. And all you had to do was access the website through a proxy. This is a great example of why you need a proxy from Blazing SEO. Your anonymity, privacy, and security are important. You should trust the reliable and reputable name of Blazing SEO to provide proxies for you. We offer the best and fastest options for your proxy needs. Plus, we offer 24/7 customer service to be there when you need us. Visit our store page to find the best package for you.

Final Thoughts

Scraping Expedia or using an Expedia proxy is not something an average user will do. However, it is a powerful way to obtain a lot of data very quickly to make more informed decisions about any future travel plans. There is no way to guarantee that scraping Expedia data will work every time, but there is less risk involved when you use one of the Expedia proxies. Proxies with rotating IPs combined with a suitable scraping tool, like Scraping Robot, can help get you everything you need from Expedia. Of course, a proxy could always be used with manual browsing as well.

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