Semi-Dedicated Proxies (Where To Buy The Best Shared Proxy)

Adulthood feels like a constant struggle to protect what you have. After all, you work for your bread and at the end of a long day, you want to kick your feet up, slap some butter and jelly on a slice and just relax. While taking pride in one’s earnings is all well and good, I still long for one particular grade school rule. Sharing. Lunchtime treats of Goldfish and Oreo’s divided between hunger-struck friends. After school antics where action figures and playsets were no longer owned by one, but all kids involved. Those were the days. Although we’re unable to recreate childhood in its entirety, there is a way to revive sharing from its restful slumber.

Awaken the great and powerful semi-dedicated proxy. In this blog, I’ll take you through what semi-dedicated proxies are, how to use them, and introduce you to the best semi-dedicated proxies on the market. Whether you’re new to the proxy game or consider yourself an old pro at all things digital, this post is information that is begging to be shared.

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What Are Semi-Dedicated Proxies?

Shared proxies

The phrase semi-dedicated sounds strange, I know. I can assure you, semi-dedicated proxies aren’t less dedicated to their given job than any other kind of proxy. Before I dive into the main topic of interest here. I want to define the word proxy on its own. A proxy is a doorway, a middleman between the internet and you. Not only do proxies redirect all your internet traffic, protecting your computer from harm, but they also increase the performance of requests made online. The 2 main kinds of proxies are private and shared, or for our purposes, semi-dedicated. A way to search through the internet without being watched or dedicated? What a dream.

Now that we have a basic understanding of proxies, let’s get to the heart of it. Semi-dedicated proxies are proxies able to be used by up to 3 people at a time. This means you aren’t the only one using the same server at the same time. Remember, grade school rules. Semi-dedicated proxies are often used by those who are looking to browse the internet on a casual basis. If you’re managing a lot of content at once, semi-dedicated proxies might not be for you. Shared proxies are best used on a budget because sharing the proxy means that you split the cost of the technology. Quite useful if you’re in the market for a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Plus, semi-dedicated proxies have a lot of the same capabilities as private proxies. They support HTTP and SOCKS service, which are protocols used to understand and interpret traffic flowing into your server. The cheap shared proxies will also allow you to bypass regional or international restrictions placed on certain websites. More access for little money.

How to Use a Semi-Dedicated Proxy

Semi-dedicated proxies

I touched on a few different benefits of utilizing a proxy but time to explore further. Your best friend broke you off half his popsicle and you’re required to do nothing but sit back and enjoy. The popsicle is strawberry flavored, obviously.

The first reason to use semi-dedicated proxies is if you’re looking to protect your identity online. You know by now that the internet is vast and filled with strangers. Rather than cowering in a corner and refusing to open up Google Chrome, install a proxy and shield yourself from potential threats. Because a proxy redirects traffic, it’s difficult for outsiders to track your browser history or activity. Ordering from a multitude of websites, saving billing information, and banking online are all a daily occurrence, so keeping safe is priority number 1.

Second, semi-dedicated proxies are useful for bypassing geographical restrictions on websites. If your browsing for school purposes, work, or personal, certain countries won’t allow access to media outlets, streaming sites, and a whole lot more. Short of flying to a particular country and hunkering down in a hotel for the foreseeable future, a proxy is the closest you can get to accessing restricted content online.

Last, a semi-dedicated proxy is the perfect tool for those looking to use multiple proxies on a regular basis. Really? I might find myself in desperate need for more than 1 proxy at a time? You bet because when purchasing your proxy, you also choose the location of the proxy server. So, let’s say you need a proxy based in Germany and a proxy based in Japan, you’ll need to purchase more than 1 proxy. Rather than spend a large amount of money on a proxy not exclusive to your computer, buying a few semi-dedicated proxies is a wallet-friendly route to take. Use the Japanese proxy for a few hours than hop over to the German proxy straight after.

Are Semi-Dedicated Proxies and Shared Proxies the Same?

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I mentioned this topic a few paragraphs above, but I want to minimize confusion at every turn. When researching the differences between proxies and figuring out which works best for your busy digital life, you might find the phrases semi-dedicated proxies and shared proxies used interchangeably. This isn’t your eyes playing tricks of a mistake on the part of an online blogger (that’s me). The 2 phrases mean the same thing. That’s why it’s important to remember the basic definition of semi-dedicated proxies. A proxy shared between 2-3 people. Once you have that idea locked inside your mind, you’ll never separate the 2 phrases.

Now, do be aware of the all-mighty public proxy. This is a different beast. You might think that “public” means “shared” but in this case, public means open to all, while shared is exclusive to a select few accessing the server. A fair amount of public proxies are free, which might be enticing at first glance but we know better. The number 1 reason for downloading a proxy is safety. Before you do anything rash, like downloading a public proxy from an unprotected website, think about that unprotected website like a wound without a bandage. Risking your safety by using a public server with an unlimited number of users might bring trouble straight to your computer. Share your proxy don’t scare your server into oblivion.

Differences Between Semi-Dedicated Proxies and Dedicated Proxies

Should I choose semi dedicated or dedicated proxies

Cost-effective. Magic words ringing in my ears and now yours. Semi-dedicated proxies are a cost-effective alternative to expensive dedicated servers. However, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of dedicated servers. An important question to ask yourself  is “should I choose semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies?” They both have merits, yes, they do. In order to fully understand shared proxies, we need to investigate another avenue of proxy life.

The virtues of dedicated servers are much like those of semi-dedicated. Built to protect and able to break down geographical barriers, a dedicated server is a powerful technology. Since a dedicated server is yours and yours alone, the cost is significantly higher than the proxies we’ve explored in this post. If you only need to access a proxy server from 1 location and want to use that 1 proxy from long periods of time, a dedicated proxy might be your answer. Total ownership of your proxy will benefit those who wish to keep online activity private. A private proxy will minimize congestion while browsing because no one else is vying faster server speeds at the same time as you. Private servers are an investment but useful to the right owner.

On the flip side, if you don’t need the amount of space a dedicated proxy server offers, you might end up wasting money on a server far too advanced for your needs. Why buy more for your computer than you need? You wouldn’t buy an abundance of computers just because you can. I don’t know about you, but I can only keep track of one laptop at a time. There’s no shame in sharing and if a private proxy doesn’t match up with your online activity, then make the right choice for your daily life.

The Best Semi-Dedicated Proxies Out There

Semi-dedicated proxy

We’ve smashed through definitions with ease and weighed the pros and cons of available proxies. After a fair amount of words read and time spent learning about servers and such, you might be asking, “where can I find semi-dedicated proxies?”  Don’t worry, you don’t have to scour the internet in order to find the perfect proxy for your personal and professional life. Knowing will only get you so far, you need to download in order to see the nifty technology for yourself.

Here at Blazing SEO, we know a thing or 2 about proxies and we’re thrilled to offer you the best semi-dedicated proxy on the market today. Our proxy packages let you choose your region, the number of proxies needed to browse safely, and the duration of proxy use. As a bonus, if you purchase a proxy from 3 months or more, you’ll receive a recurring discount of 5% and above. We have step-by-step guides for IP address authorization and how to use the proxy tester in the dashboard. These helpful tips will ensure a smooth transition from purchase to the actual implementation of the product. Because the last thing you want is to feel unsure about download and setup. Do note that setting up your proxy will depend on the kind of laptop or desktop you have, but don’t fret, we’ll see you fully understand how to use the technology.

With over 19 cities available in the US and servers in Germany and Brazil, the internet is an open oyster. Should you have a burning question about how to use the technology or how to set up the proxy after purchase, our customer service team is ready and available 24/7. Affordable, reliable proxies are our game, and we’re happy to help with your semi-dedicated proxy purchase in any way we can.

Wrapping Up Shared Proxies

My friends and I ruled the 4th grade, trading M&Ms and skittles like the tiny moguls we were. We felt like invincible queens, rich in our shared stashes of beaded necklaces and slap bracelets. As I grew older, my powers of skillful sharing were minimized. Although unintentional, as I aged, I also closed myself off to sharing what I worked for. No longer can I say this is entirely true. My adult-self brushed off her old sharing ways and used them for a whole new kind of digital experience.

A cheap way to buy semi-dedicated proxies is by gathering a select group and going in on this affordable technology. The best semi-dedicated proxies are right at your fingertips. Gone are the days of feeling unsure about the safety of your identity or hesitating to enter your personal information into a website. It’s 2020, the digital age is not a novelty, it’s a reality and proxies are the way forward. Blazing SEO encourages you to remember the good times you had sharing with friends and challenging that feeling into modern technology, made with your safety and browsing requirements in mind.

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