How to Use a SERP Scraper to Stay Ahead of the Competition

With everything living on the Internet these days, it can be hard to stand out in a crowded online market. Most businesses present their work as innovative and necessary in a way that sounds distinct to whatever other companies are in their field, making sure to stand out against the competition. However, when everyone wants to seem necessary and distinct, everyone can end up looking the same. The best way to stand out in a crowded marketplace is to do some basic analysis of SERP data. For the best results, you can turn to a SERP scraper.

SERP stands for search engine results page, and many people use the analysis of SERP in order to make their website rank higher and stand out. Tracking local SERPs can also help you understand what people are looking for on various searching websites and what that means for how you should present your business on your website. Today, we’ll go over the best ways to employ a SERP scraper for various use cases.

What Is SERP Scraping?

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Whenever you search something on a website with a search function, the results on the front page are the ones that people are more likely to see. It’s not that dedicated searchers won’t go to the second page, but it’s important to rank higher if someone is searching quickly. Instead of paying exorbitant advertising fees to get on the front page, you can work on finding SERP data and tracking local SERPs to understand what gets ranked on the top.

Although searching algorithms rank what’s most relevant, there are ways to make sure your websites are optimized for relevancy in searching. When you search something on Google or Bing or even a jobs website, you want to make sure your results are getting in front of the right people.

When you pull together a bunch of SERP data, you can start to search for recurring keywords. If you’re analyzing job postings that come up when you search “engineer”, you want to make sure you can figure out how to make your engineer job posting looks desirable on the page. However, the difficulty with SERP data is that you have to gather together a ton of it in order to have a good enough sample size to make informed changes. That’s where a SERP scraper comes in.

Best SERP Tracking

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A SERP scraper is a web scraping robot that you can set to collect all of the search engine page results and deliver them to you in an easily readable spreadsheet. As opposed to doing it manually by copying and pasting all of the page headers and meta descriptions, an online SERP scraper will pull all of this information automatically and give it to you in a .CSV file or Excel spreadsheet.

A web scraper like Scraping Robot will scrape SERP data and scrape search results quickly so you can make changes whenever you need. Part of staying ahead of the game on the Internet is being able to pivot quickly whenever there are changes in how the algorithm is presenting websites as relevant on the search results page.

A Google SERP scraper will help you stay on top of the various changes and competition in local and global competition. As an individual or a business owner, it’s important to understand how and why various search engines are ranking certain results above others. You should definitely consider investing in a reliable provider of a SERP scraper, as opposed to a free Google SERP scraper. Web scrapers can cause problems online, so you want to make sure you get it from an expert who will be able to help you make the SERP scraper work for you.

When you’re using a web scraper, you have to be careful because it’s possible that they could get banned. SERP scrapers aren’t doing anything wrong because they’re just collecting public information, but bots tend to look suspicious to websites. Bots tend to be employed by cyber criminals and bad actors on the Internet who are trying to collect personal information and resell it illegally. Therefore, web developers have a lot of structures in place to ward off suspicious behavior.

If you’re using a SERP scraper and want to make sure your IP address doesn’t get banned, you can take a few steps to ensure the safety of your IP address and SERP scraping. When you’re using a search engine results page scraper, you can set it to make requests slightly less often. Bots send requests to websites really quickly and don’t look human, so making them work a little more slowly will look more human.

After spacing out the requests, you can also choose to do scraping projects in chunks. If you need a ton of data, breaking up the project into parts will help you save your IP address. These tactics are overall fine if you just need to do some regular SERP monitoring. However, when you’re using a SERP scraper and need it to work more quickly, pairing it with a proxy will help you work faster.

Tools for SERP Monitoring

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Proxies and web scrapers often work in tandem and lead to great results for businesses and individuals who need to work on high-level data collection and analysis for digital marketing.

A proxy IP address is an IP address that acts as a barrier between a website and your personal device’s IP address. The proxy IP address is what the website sees, so it can’t track your IP address. In addition, you might have an IP address on your personal device that was banned. This is pretty common—websites will mass-ban groups of IP addresses when they pick up possible criminals or issues. A proxy IP address will ensure you can continue to use the websites you need with your SERP scraper.

A SERP scraper also works with a proxy for tracking local SERPs in different locations around the world. IP addresses are tied to geographic locations because of various geographic barriers and location-based access to websites, software, and applications. If you have a business and you’re working on expanding in different countries, you’ll need a proxy IP address that’s located in a different country so you can do local research. You’ll be able to use your SERP scraper and global proxy IP address to figure out what people are seeing around the world.

Outside of location, there are a few different types of proxies to use with a SERP scraper: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. A dedicated proxy is one proxy IP address for one user. These proxy IP addresses work best for people who want more anonymity on the Internet, or the reduce lag in their web browsing and lag in video games.

Semi-dedicated proxies are shared among three to five users, and they’re best if you want to save money on a proxy IP address from a reliable provider. If you want to use a dedicated or a semi-dedicated proxy IP address for your online SERP scraper, you’ll have to set the scraper to work more “human” like we discussed above.

Rotating proxies are the best for web scraping and SERP monitoring because they rotate out new proxy IP addresses whenever you need them. When you’re collecting a lot of SERP data, you want to use a rotating proxy with your SERP scraper so as soon as one proxy IP address gets banned, another one will come in to pick up the slack.

Best Proxies for a SERP Scraper

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Investing in a proxy might seem intimidating, but they’re very helpful and will definitely give you a great return on your investment. Free or public proxies are all over the Internet, but they’re unstable options because there is no regulation of how many users can be on them at once. You’re more likely to experience lag and run into bans. Here at Blazing SEO, we have a ton of options for cost-effective proxies to enhance your SERP scraping.

Datacenter Proxies

If you’re looking to do a ton of web scraping quickly, datacenter proxies are a great option. You can get a rotating proxy for as little as $1.98 per IP address. Blazing SEO has datacenter proxy locations all over the world so you can use a SERP checker online from anywhere in the world. Blazing SEO also has 24/7 customer service for that reason: serving clients around the world and making sure their proxies are working for whatever their needs are. A SERP scraper and a datacenter proxy will get you immediate results in your SERP work.

Residential Proxies

On the other side, residential proxies are ethically-sourced proxies that look more trustworthy to websites in general. Residential proxies look better to websites because they read as originating from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Even if you’re doing a big SERP scraping project, you don’t have to work as much about bans because your proxy IP address will work. With locations around the world and 24/7 customer service, you’ll be able to meet your goals for whatever you need with your SERP scraper.

Final Thoughts

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SERP scraping is a necessary part of any business strategy these days because there is so much competition on the ground and on the net. A SERP scraper will help you do research and make dynamic changes when you need to. Since everything needs to be online, you want to stay ahead of the curve. Luckily, scraping and using proxies makes it easy to do high-level research without being a technology expert.

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