If you’re an old-school marketer, you remember the days before automation. You used to have to do everything on your own, which meant you might wait months to enjoy the results. Internet marketing was a slow and laborious process, and it took forever to receive a payoff.

Those were not the good old days.

Now, thanks to marketing automation tools like ZennoPoster, you no longer have to put as much time and energy into the process, and you can see the results much faster. Of course, you can only enjoy the benefits if you know how to use the tool. Let’s take a look at how to set up ZennoPoster so you can start enjoying the benefits.

First, though, let’s make sure you know what ZennoPoster is.

What Is ZennoPoster?

ZennoPoster automates SEO tasks. It is basically a macro shell that you can command to do different tasks. You can send it out to comment on blogs or post articles. It can even manage your email account for you.

There are two things you need to know before you use ZennoPoster.


First and foremost, you absolutely, positively need to use proxies with this tool. It is essentially a bot, and bots need proxies. If you fail to use a proxy, the search engines will realize you are using a bot, and your account will get flagged. Your IP address will be banned, and you won’t be able to post anymore.

It’s also worth noting that not any proxy will do. Some people like to cut corners with free public proxies. That sounds like a great idea on the surface. You can pick up some free proxies and enjoy anonymity without paying anything.

Free proxies come with their own price tags, though. They are incredibly slow, and some are compromised. Instead of going with a free option, you need to choose the best dedicated proxies for ZennoPoster. The best dedicated proxies are fast and secure. That means you can complete the tasks at hand without worrying about your connection timing or someone stealing your information.

Learning Curve

That takes care of the first thing you need to know about using ZennoPoster. You also need to know that ZennoPoster is not easy to use. It has a steep learning curve. That curve is so steep that many people buy it and decide not to use it. They simply don’t understand how to get started, so they forget about it and go back to doing all of their tasks on their own.

Fortunately, you don’t have to try to get your money back. You’re about to learn how to use this tool.

Let’s dive in so you can get started with ZennoPoster.

Project Maker – Where It All Begins

If you’re going to be successful with ZennoPoster, you have to get acquainted with Project Maker. This is where you will create all of your projects. You will design your bots from scratch inside of this system.

There are a few things you need to understand about Project Maker.

First, it has a tab titled “Recording.” If the software is recording, it actually records all of your browser-related actions. You will record your actions in order to train your bots. For instance, if you want the bot to go to a website and click on a certain button, you will need to record the action. You will actually go to the website and click on the button. Then, the bot will know what it needs to do.

Now let’s move on to variables. You will see a tab for “Variables” inside of the software. Variables are essentially placeholders. You create variables to store values inside of the system. “Website Name” is an example of a variable. Username is another example of a variable. You will add all of your variables inside of Project Maker. Variables will impact how your bot works.

You will also see a section titled “Action Property” inside of the Project Maker. You will find settings and options for various actions inside of the project, and you can edit them inside of this section. This is where you will want to go if you want to include some custom actions. You can use this instead of recording the actions. This will allow you to customize your bots.

Finally, you will see a header that says “Play.” Hit it when you want to deploy your bot. You can play the bot all the way through, or you can add breakpoints to test different parts of the bot. It is a good idea to use breakpoints so you can find out what is working and what isn’t working. Right-click on an action to add a breakpoint. Add several so you can check each part of your bot. When each breakpoint successfully completes the test, you will be ready to deploy the bot in its entirety.

When you right-click on an action, you can also choose to make it as “Optional.” Only do this if an action isn’t absolutely necessary. If an action is marked as optional, ZennoPoster will attempt to complete the action. However, if it encounters an error, it will move on to the next action without stopping. If it isn’t marked as optional, the bot will completely stop if it is not able to complete an action. You will have to address the issue and then redeploy the bot. In most cases, every action will be necessary, but you will likely create some bots with optional breakpoints.

Now that you have a basic overview of how to set up projects, let’s look at some specific projects in detail.

Using ZennoPoster to Create Accounts

Account creation is one of the most popular uses for ZennoPoster. Internet marketers love using the software to create accounts so they don’t have to spend so much time on the process. This tool lets people create multiple accounts in seconds. That’s much better than spending the day creating 100 Twitter accounts. Can you imagine how boring that would be?

Of course, companies don’t make it easy to create accounts. They don’t want bots going in and creating tons of accounts so they put some hoops that you have to jump through in place.  These hoops are in the form of various steps that you have to follow to create accounts. ZennoPoster is able to navigate each of the steps, as long as you train it to do so.

Begin the process by opening up ZennoPoster’s Project Maker and hitting record. Then, go through the process so ZennoPoster knows exactly what you want it to do. Go to the website and click on the signup tab. That way, ZennoPoster will automate the process each time it creates an account for that website.

Next, you will need to use a macro builder to fill out the various fields, such as name, email address, and password. If you would prefer to use a list instead of letting ZennoPoster randomly assign names, you can use variables. Then, you can create a list of variables that it will use when filling out the information. It will move from one variable to the next so each account is unique.

You can stop right there if you want. Then, hit play and let ZennoPoster get to work. However, if you want to be extra careful, you can also have the system verify each new account. Just choose some text from the account creation page, and ZennoPoster will check it against the page it lands on after creating each account. If the account wasn’t created properly, you will see an error. Then, you will know that something went wrong during the account creation process. You will need to go back in and test your bot to find out what caused the problem.

What happens if you have to verify the account via email? That can leave you clicking on verify links all day long, especially if you create a ton of accounts. Fortunately, ZennoPoster has you covered. You can use the tool for email processing, meaning it will click on all of those links for you.

Processing Emails with ZennoPoster

You can grant ZennoPoster access to your email account. Once there, it will search for certain emails, and it will perform the desired actions when it finds those emails. This will save you a ton of time.

ZennoPoster’s email processing feature doesn’t work with all type of email accounts. You have to have POP3 access for ZennoPoster to access your accounts. You also have to be careful, since various email providers check for signs of abuse. If ZennoPoster handles hundreds of emails a day, you could get shut down. Your email provider will think that you’re up to no good or you have been hacked by bots. That means you need to slow ZennoPoster down so you don’t get locked out of your account.

If you don’t like the idea of making ZennoPoster work slowly, there is a solution. You can set up your own email server. Then, you won’t have to worry about ZennoPoster working too quickly. You will have all of the control, so ZennoPoster can go through thousands of emails a day if you wish. It will be entirely up to you.

Regardless of if you have your own server or use a client like Gmail, you will need to provide ZennoPoster with the name of your POP3 server. You will also need to give the software your username and password, as well as the port of access. The port of access is most likely 110, but it is a good idea to check just in case your port of access is different.

Using ZennoPoster to Get Past CAPTCHAs

CAPTCHAs are automation’s worst enemy. Websites use CAPTCHAs to stop bots in their tracks, and it often works. The bots can’t solve the CAPTCHAs, so the automated processes can’t work.

While lots of people think that ZennoPoster can solve CAPTCHAs on its own, it actually can’t. It comes to a full stop when it comes across a CAPTCHA. It doesn’t try to solve it because it doesn’t want to get banned. Instead, it alerts you so you can stop what you’re doing and solve the CAPTCHA for it.

That’s a pain, isn’t it?

ZennoLabs realized that this was causing a real headache for marketers, so it developed CapMonster. You can add this tool to ZennoPoster. Once you add it to the software, you need to program CAPTCHAs into the system as you come across them. You can also get it to pull data from the most common CAPTCHAs and add it to the database. Plus, it has a database full of several million CAPTCHAs already, so it is ready to get to work right out of the box.

This isn’t as a completely foolproof system, but it is definitely better than nothing. You do have to be willing to pony up some money to get it, though. If you want the Professional version, you will have to pay $97. You can save some money with the Standard or Lite versions, but they run fewer threads at a time, and they don’t work as quickly. That can be a real deal breaker when you’re trying to get jobs done quickly.

Adding Proxies to ZennoPoster

You also need to add the best dedicated proxies to ZennoPoster. Once the proxies are added into the system, they will block your location and identity so search engines won’t pick up on the fact that you’re using a bot.

The process is relatively simple. Follow the video below to add your proxies to the software.

Create Your Own Bots Today

Now you are ready to dive in and create your own bots. Take it slowly and start with simple bots. Then, as you get the hang of the system, you will be ready to build advanced bots. Each new bot will save you time with your internet marketing tasks. The more time you save, the easier it will be for you to dominate your market.

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