A Guide to Using Proxies for Your Shopify Scraper Tool

Despite the undeniable fact that we are now in the era of online businesses and retail in particular now has a better chance of success online than offline, the online shopping experience is not yet the best it could be. From annoying CAPTCHAs and website entry pages that make you lose out on time-bound offers, to your cart repeatedly emptying itself because of poor connection, we’ve all experienced the woes of missing out on a favorite item just because you couldn’t get there fast enough. When shopping on a platform like Shopify whose backend platform actually allows for direct extraction of a store’s data via a JSON data file, then you have to include worries about data safety and privacy. The worms of fear in your guts as you enter your credit card details, praying they don’t end up in the hands of a Nigerian scammer or a Russian hacker.

If you are like me, you’ve probably thought of all the ways to improve your online shopping experience and either by design or accidentally thought of scraping data from a platform like Shopify to inform your shopping activities and make shopping fun again. And you’ve also thought of several ways to keep your data safe and starve those wicked worms of fear. In that case, then you need one more tool in your arsenal. A Shopify scraper supported with Shopify proxies. Web scraping allows you to obtain data from websites in bulk, and proxies help you to cloak your online activities and get access to location-restricted websites. Together, these two tools will help you break the barrier of tedious online shopping and make your favorite activity fun again. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use a Shopify scraper and the importance of coupling it with Shopify proxies for a wholesome shopping experience. Stick with me.

What Is a Shopify Scraper?

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For over 15 years, Shopify has served as a one-stop shop for all eCommerce needs. From website building to point-of-sale systems, Shopify is a tried-and-true staple in the world of eCommerce. Background on Shopify might be old news to you and your retail-filled brain, but it’s important to build a structure before we put a brand-new television and audio system on the top shelf. The Shopify platform allows users to build a virtual store where customers can order goods and make payments, a point-of-sale product platform model.

In simple terms, a web scraper is an automated bot that helps you extract data from websites by parsing through the HTML code and extracting data according to some preset parameters. Using a Shopify scraper allows you to ramp up your shopping experience by extracting data on offers, sales, and general product data in bulk. This ensures that at any given time, you are adequately informed on all those juicy offers that you absolutely do not want to miss.

A proxy, on the other hand, is a way to shield your IP address from the rest of the world. This means that you’re able to browse the internet incognito. With such a large pool of people using the internet on a daily basis, using a proxy will keep you safe from potential threats. Not only does cloaking yourself from the rest of the internet protect your identity, but proxies also increase your computer’s performance level. High-quality performance means you’ll have the ability to browse the web longer and access more websites than ever. Proxies also allow you to gain access to websites where your original IP address is restricted from accessing.

How to scrape Shopify store data

Together, these two tools help you to create a secure and safe channel of buying goods from your favorite vendor on Shopify without worrying about safety or your connection timing out just as you are about to click “Order”. You want that slick pair of loafers asap? Why lose out on your favorite online clothing and home items when the solution is right before you. Plus, securing your IP address will minimize any stress over entering your credit card, banking, and billing information online. If you’re anything like me, you hold your breath every time you buy something from a new website. Data mining is a real thing, people! And we need to be cautious about where we distribute our personal information. Using a Shopify scraper tool and Shopify proxies maximize proficiency and minimize risk.

Using a Shopify scraper is extremely straightforward and not nearly as complicated as you think. All you have to do is set up your scraping software and enter the URL for the product pages you’ll like to scrape. The scraping software takes care of the rest, helping you to extract the data according to the parameters you set inside the software. The data extracted will be delivered to you in any format you want including as a JSON data file.

You can scrape Shopify products for new updates, sales, discounts and generally keep an eye on new products as they are updated. You can also use your scraper, combined with a proxy, to transcend location barriers and order that Feng-shui bracelet that you like so much but is only available in China. The benefits of making use of web scraping services for Shopify are just too numerous.


How to Use a Shopify Proxy

shopify web scraping

Now let’s take a closer look at how to use a Shopify private app proxy. Fair warning, your credit card is about to get a whole lot of use (not that my credit card has ever taken a holiday, to begin with.)

Hearing talk of proxies and scraping bots might be getting you worried about that computer science degree you chose to pass on. However, employing a Shopify proxy requires little knowledge of hard- or software. After a simple download, your proxy will be ready to use in minutes. Before running the software, it’s important to note the make of your computer as well as familiarizing yourself with the computer’s system preferences. This information will factor into how you set up the Shopify proxy. But don’t worry, the company you purchase from will give you assistance with download and set up.

In addition to a quick download, Shopify proxies will increase performance by locating your IP address in the same city as the Shopify servers. The old adage “location is everything” definitely rings true for online shopping.  Tiny towns in Alaska and heavily populated cities in California will have no issue buying from their favorite Shopify sites. Located in Chicago, the Shopify data centers are centrally placed for customer benefit. Ever watch your laptop crash in the middle of an expensive purchase? I have, and let me tell you – I never did have the heart to re-order my box set of The Office. Granted, the purchase wasn’t life or death, but time and money are valuable. Take the uncertainty of online shopping out of the equation.


Data Center vs Residential Shopify Proxies

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Proxies in general fall into two main categories in terms of where they are sourced from (Shopify proxies are not exempt): data center proxies and residential proxies. Datacenter proxies like the name suggests are housed in a data center, from which all of the proxy IP addresses originate. These types of proxies do not have a residential address or an Internet Service Provider attached to them. Residential proxies, on the other hand, are sourced from real-life (adequately compensated for the use of their IP addresses) and they have a residential address and an attached ISP.

These two types of proxies are both very valuable to your Shopify scraper tool and indeed, you can choose to use any of them, depending on your exact needs. If you are looking to shop in privacy, access geo-restricted vendors on Shopify, and generally improve your Shopify experience, then data center proxies are as good as any. If you are looking to scrape data though, residential proxies are more suited to this task, as all your activities carried out through this type of proxy takes on the form of an actual user online activity making it hard for the Shopify platform to identify your IP as belonging to a bot and ban it. Attaching a residential Shopify proxy to your Shopify product scraper will smoothen your scraping process and make it much more efficient.

Scrape Shopify Products With Blazing SEO’s Proxies

Proxy for shopify

All the discussion about Shopify proxies might leave you asking one question: Where can I find the best Shopify proxy on the market? That’s where Blazing SEO comes in. Blazing SEO offers high-quality, efficient proxies to help with all your Shopify needs. Just what does Blazing SEO offer with a purchase? Glad you ask my well-dressed, stylish friend.

Blazing SEO’s data center proxies offer the largest subnet diversity out there. Subnet diversity guarantees the best results for Shopify sites. In addition to subnet diversity, we utilize enterprise hardware to craft our proxies. Enterprise hardware increases speeds and helps with long-term software reliability. The more reliable the software, the fewer issues you’ll have while browsing your favorite sites. Plus, when you purchase a Shopify proxy from us, you’re buying a product that is made 100% in-house by our skilled engineers. Who knew that proxies could be bespoke? We did. And we know you’ll love it. Should you have any questions or concerns about our Shopify proxies or any other products we offer, our customer service team is available 24/7. At Blazing SEO, we create top-notch products at rates as low as $0.80/IP address.

We also offer ethically sourced, reliable residential proxies at the most affordable prices. Only the best for our customers and we hope that you are already making that decision to join the league of smart users using Blazing SEO’s proxies to improve their shopping experience.

Tying Everything Up With A Bow

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That leopard-printed faux fur coat isn’t going to buy itself. Armed with a keen eye and an empty closet, you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe for the season. Online shopping can be tedious and the more websites you visit, the greater the risk for identity theft. All jokes aside, we’ve hit upon some major factors of what makes a successful shopping experience. Customers are the kings and queens of eCommerce, so why shouldn’t each and everyone be treated like royalty? Failing internet connections and unprotected IP addresses have no place here.

Shopify is an eCommerce empire, tasked with building new websites and continuing the success of online retail. But the larger the internet grows, the greater the risk of collapse. With the help of Shopify proxies attached to your Shopify scraper, your personal information, identity, and safety are all tied up. What they’re tied up with will depend on whether you’re a scarf or an ascot person. Blazing SEO is ready to send you forth, equipped with the very best in Shopify proxy technology. Pretty fancy, huh?

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