You have heard a lot of great things about sneaker proxies, but you have a few questions before you get started. Check out some of the frequently asked questions about these proxies. Then, you will be ready to get more sneakers than you have ever purchased before.

How will sneaker proxies help me cop sneakers?

If you’ve been in the sneaker game very long at all, you know what a hassle it can be to buy large numbers of sneakers. Some people try to buy sneakers in person, but that is not easy. The retailers have limits on how many limited editions you can buy, so you have to recruit your buddies to go with you. Then, each person buys a pair, and, if you’re lucky, they hand them over to you at the end of the day. Of course, that will cost you. Your buddies don’t work for free. You might end up spending twice as much as you would if you bought the sneakers yourself. That can really cut into your sneaker budget.

Next, you could try to buy them online, but again, you have to deal with purchase limits. The websites track you by your IP address, and once you hit your limit, you’re done. They won’t let you get any more sneakers. You might have tried to get around these limits in an old-school way in the past. For instance, you might buy a pair at home and then hit the road to use free Wi-Fi to buy another pair. There’s a big problem with that, though. Shoes sell out really quickly. By the time you make it over to the library or snag a signal from your neighbor, the sale will likely be over. You will be stuck with a single pair of the sneakers when you really wanted 10 or 20 pairs.

Proxies fix this problem. When you use proxies, you get new IP addresses for every purchase. This is an easy way to get around the limits. The websites won’t realize you’re buying a ton of sneakers, and you can stay at home instead of scamming free Wi-Fi from your unsuspecting neighbors. This is a win-win for everyone.

As you can see, proxies are necessary if you want to buy a lot of sneakers. once you get your proxies, you will be ready to start buying sneakers like a pro.

Are free proxies as good as paid proxies?

This is one of the most popular questions people have about proxies. They want to know if they can cop sneakers with one of the free proxy services.

In short, no. Free proxies aren’t even close to being as good as paid proxies.

Now that you know the short answer, let’s dig a little bit deeper.

There are two considerations when getting proxies to cop sneakers. You want something that is fast, just as you want something that is reliable. You won’t get either with a free proxy.

When you buy a sneaker proxy, you have dedicated resources at your disposal. All of the bandwidth is yours. That means you can fly onto the sneaker site, cop some sneakers, and then move onto the next one without your proxy holding you back. This type of speed is essential if you’re going to buy a lot of sneakers.

When you go with a free proxy, you’re sharing bandwidth with a large number of people. It might take minutes to connect to the sneaker site. By the time you finally make your connection, it will be hard to get any sneakers. They sell out that fast.

In regards to reliability, free proxies are often run by hackers, meaning they aren’t reliable at all. The hackers might use the proxy to steal your information. Even if does let you connect to the site, you can expect it to go down a lot. That will be incredibly frustrating. You might get the sneakers in your shopping cart, only to have the connection timeout. Then, you will have to log back on and try to buy the sneakers again. They’ll probably be gone by then.

You’re much better off going with a paid proxy. Sure, you might have to spend a few bucks on your proxy, but it will be well worth it, especially if you’re serious about copping sneakers. Ask yourself how much you want to get a new pair of sneakers. If you want it badly, then you have to pay for your proxy. Otherwise, you can expect to miss out on the next release.

What’s the difference between sneaker and dedicated proxies?

Some people go with dedicated proxies when copping sneakers, only to find out that they don’t provide them with the tools they need to get a large number of sneakers. That is because sneaker and dedicated proxies have one fundamental difference. They have different hosted locations.

Proxies have two types of locations. They have geolocations and hosted locations. Geolocations are used to mask the user’s actual location. For instance, you can live in California and have a proxy with a geolocation of Canada. Then, every time you log into the proxy, it will look as if you’re logging in from Canada.

The hosted location refers to the location of the server. Sneaker proxies have hosted locations in Los Angeles and New York. Those two cities are also the hosted locations for the major sneaker websites.

When the proxy and sneaker site are hosted in the same area, they are able to communicate with each other quickly. That means you can buy shoes without worrying about lag time slowing you down. This will give you a clear advantage over people who are using dedicated proxies to cop sneakers.

To put it simply, dedicated proxies are an excellent choice for basic web browsing or for buying random items online. Proxies made specifically for buying sneakers are the best choice if you’re serious about copping sneakers. They reduce lag time and make it much easier to load up on sneakers.

Why is subnet diversity important?

Some companies will try to tell you that subnet diversity isn’t important, but that isn’t true. Subnet diversity is critical. If all of your proxies share the same subnet, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Your proxies won’t be able to keep you anonymous since all of your requests will come from the same subnet. The sneaker sites might end up banning you because it will be obvious that one person is making tons of requests.

On top of that, when someone continuously breaks the rules, an entire subnet can get banned. That means that all of your proxies could be banned if you don’t have a diverse assortment of subnets.

You need to choose a proxy provider that offers subnet diversity so you can avoid these problems. That way, you can keep up and running for the long haul. You might end up with a banned proxy here and there, but you won’t have to worry about all of your proxies being banned. In the fast-moving world of sneakers, this is critical.

Do proxies work with bots?

Not only do proxies work with bots, it is important that you use proxies if you’re going to use a bot. Bots send out lots of requests at once. If you don’t protect yourself with a proxy, you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. The sneaker sites will ban you, and you will have to go back to the drawing board in an effort to cop sneakers. By the time you get back up and running, it will likely be too late.

Once you have your proxy and bot in place, you will be able to get tons of sneakers. Bots automate the process for you. They monitor the internet for early links, put sneakers in shopping carts, and check out for you. You can even program them to send white label notifications to people, letting them know that their sneakers are on the way. With so many tools, it’s no wonder that sneakerheads are crazy about bots. They make it easy to buy sneakers. In fact, you can set everything up and leave the house on the big day without any worries. The bots will take care of business and you can keep up with the action by receiving automated messages.

The question is, then, which bot do you choose? There are lots of great bots out there. Better Nike Bot – All In One, Another Nike Bot – All In One, and EasyCop Ultimate are all great options, but they are just three of the countless bots out there. If you decide to go with a lesser-known bot, do your homework before purchasing it. Read the reviews and make sure it can perform up to your standards. Also, make sure it comes with updates.

Can I use one proxy for multiple accounts?

Some people try to cut down on costs by using one proxy for multiple sneaker accounts. They quickly realize that this doesn’t work. If you try to use one proxy for all of your sneaker accounts, you are going to get banned. Your proxies won’t work, and you won’t be able to buy any sneakers. You need to rotate your proxies out so you always have a fresh proxy when it’s time to make a purchase. Otherwise, you are going to be disappointed when all of your friends have new kicks and you’re still wearing last year’s style.

Can I use a proxy with a virtual private server?

Yes, proxies and virtual private servers work great together. In fact, some servers were built with copping sneakers in mind. These sneaker servers are right next to the sneaker sites’ datacenters so you can enjoy a fast connection. To make it even better, some even share datacenters with sneaker proxies. When you get a VPS and proxy in the same datacenter, you can expect to get amazing results. In fact, it will be difficult for other sneakerheads to keep up with you. You will be flying online.

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How can proxies help me make money by selling sneakers?

There’s a good chance that you don’t want to just stock up your own sneaker collection. You probably want to sell some sneakers, as well, and proxies will provide you with an important tool to help your business. When you use proxies, you can buy more sneakers than you could on your own.

You can improve your business even more by pairing the proxy with a bot. Then, you can deploy bots to all of the sneaker sites at once. The bots can buy one pair after another and then send them out to your customers. It won’t be long before you have lots of satisfied customers.

If you’re going to do this, be sure to advertise your business. Hit up the social networks and build a blog. Keep people informed about the latest releases and let them know that they can buy from you.

Then, start selling. It’s a good idea to start off slowly and build up your online business. It will take a while for you to get used to using the bots so you don’t want to hit it too hard at first or you might have a hard time filling your orders. Sell a pair, and then increase it. Before long, you will be selling hundreds of pairs of sneakers and you can branch out and offer them in more places. You might even be able to set up your own eBay store and sell sneakers there.

Now that you know the answers to some popular questions, you are probably ready to test out a proxy on your own. Start with 100 or more proxies. Then, set them up with your bots and virtual private server. At that point, you will be ready to finally bring home a large number of sneakers. Nothing will prevent you from getting all of the sneakers you want.


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