Twitter Proxies (Why You Need Twitter Automation Proxies)

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With over 300 million active users and over 500 million Tweets a day, Twitter is one of the largest, most active, and engaging social media platforms out there today. That also means it’s one of the best places to market your business, especially if your target market consists of young urban professionals. There’s a catch, though: you can only create one Twitter account at a time, which ultimately limits what you can accomplish on the micro-blogging site.

Fortunately, there’s a way around this problem, and that’s by using Twitter proxies. In this article we’ll cover what makes Twitter proxies, sometimes referred to as Twitter automation proxies, unique and how they can help you get the most out of the Twitter platform, so be sure to use our table of contents to help you get around. By the time you’re done here, we promise you’re on your way having a much stronger Twitter presence. Now let’s get #started!

Table of Contents

Twitter Proxies

Twitter automation proxies

Like any other proxy servers, a Twitter proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the websites you browse, working as a ‘gateway’ through which all your requests are made. Since the proxy makes these requests on your behalf, you’re afforded several advantages while searching online. These include private or anonymous browsing, enhanced security, improved performance, and greater access to restricted content.

As their name suggests, Twitter proxies are especially designed to operate in conjunction with the Twitter platform. Though there are several unique reasons behind their usefulness (more on these later), one of the primary benefits of using twitter proxies is to bypass Twitter’s account limits that we mentioned earlier. This is possible because using a proxy hides your home IP address (how the internet identifies your computer/device) and substitutes it for its own. Since a website never recognizes where the requests originate from, you can act as if you were multiple users. As such, you can use Twitter proxies to create as many accounts as you want. Simply use a different proxy for each account, and Twitter will never know the difference, meaning you have greater freedom to manage your followers and market to a wider audience.

Using a Proxy for Twitter Marketing

Twitter bypass proxy for marketing

The core reason Twitter proxies are a must for any user is influence. At its core, Twitter is a social media platform, which for the technology-driven culture of today is a marketing gold mine. Because, let’s face it, these days literally everyone and their dog (cat, bird, hamster, lizard, chinchilla…) has a social media page. Therefore, the more users you can reach, the greater chances you have to gain followers, improve your brand awareness, and drive revenue or support for your services or causes.

There’s a lot that that you can do with Twitter proxies in the marketing arena alone, so here are five tips for marketing effectively:

Set up multiple accounts

The more accounts you own, the more people available to whom you can promote yourself, and as we mentioned above, Twitter proxies let you create multiple accounts without being banned. We want to supplement that with a bit of advice when setting up your accounts, however. We recommend setting up at least 5 accounts using proxies for a strong marketing base, but you want each account to be slightly different from the others or they won’t serve their purpose. That is, if you’re an internet marketer, keep them all in that niche but break them down separately to harness a finer focus, for instance using one dedicated proxy account for SEO and one for your blog.

You also want to create unique landing pages for each Twitter account so you can drive traffic and gather leads without any issues. They can be as simple as using a lead capture form to reach new clients. No matter how simple or complex, unique landing pages will help you maximize your Twitter presence.

Use a Twitter automation tool

When you use a Twitter proxy, you can also use an automation tool. These tools make it easy to manage multiple accounts as they can handle a lot of the tasks—such as following someone or retweeting a post—automatically for you.

There are even great options available depending on the style of account management you’re after. If you like to stay involved, choose a tool like Hootsuite. It’ll let you schedule your tweets and provides some amazing statistics, but it’s up to you to still follow or unfollow people and interact with other users.

TweetAttackPro is a great tool if you instead prefer to take a hands-off approach. It handles almost all your Twitter duties for you, including following/unfollowing, tweeting/retweeting, replying to a comment, and favoriting. Just remember you must use a Twitter proxy if you’re going to use these tools. If you don’t, Twitter will ban all your accounts, and you’ll have to start back at square one.

Piggyback off influencers

Even if you have a tool that finds people to follow, you should still do some following on your own to find the best people on Twitter. The key is to seek out your niche’s influencers and find out who is following them.

You don’t want to follow the same people with each account, though. Instead, pick different influencers for each account. Search an influencer’s followers and then follow those people. Only follow a few people at a time to keep your follower-to-following ratio solid. This is important because without a near 1:1 follower-to-following ratio, most people will believe you’re either a robot/spammer randomly following people or you don’t have anything of real value to offer, even if you do.

Split-test your accounts

Twitter proxies also allow you split-test your accounts, the process of testing different specific aspects of a marketing campaign across one or more accounts to see which performs the best. For example, knowing what the hottest keywords or hashtags are for your industry and testing how they out- or underperform on your accounts is a great way to organically drive more traffic to your Twitter pages.

Likewise, testing the ideal timing of your posts and how many tweets are posted in response to them is a great way to home in on when and how often you should be posting content for your followers. Everyone engages with social media at different times of the day, so identifying that optimum point will ensure the majority of your followers are engaging with your content.

Fine-tune for targeted marketing

Once you’ve used your proxies to analyze your accounts, you can fine-tune them to better reach particular audiences or serve specific facets of your business. The idea is that you’ll be able to attract an extremely targeted audience by narrowing your page’s scope.

For instance, going back to the internet marketing example, you can have one account that’s related to your internet marketing business in general, but have your other accounts focus on PPC marketing, content marketing, and so on to draw in people specifically looking for those areas of expertise.

Furthermore, you can post fun contests and polls in order to keep your target audience invested with the content you’re sharing. Staying on the pulse of your followers and avoiding becoming to overtly promotional of your services will allow you to add real attractive value to your Twitter conversations and enjoy the benefits therein.

Other Reasons You Need a Twitter Proxy

Twitter proxy for Iran

Given Twitter’s incredible popularity and staying power within the global sphere, the reasons why you need Twitter proxies are becoming more numerous and nuanced every day. Listed below are some of the other prominent reasons why buying some proxies for Twitter is a smart idea:

Unblock Twitter

Despite the popularity of Twitter, not everyone has access to the platform. Several governments, especially those in Asia and the Middle East, traditionally control what online information their citizens can access. Since Twitter is a place where people can express their thoughts on a variety of topics, including political ones, countries like China, Iran, and North Korea block social media sites like Twitter to prevent social and political unrest.

If you live in these areas and want unrestricted access then, how do you get Twitter unblocked? Your solution, of course, is to use a Twitter bypass proxy.

Connecting to a Twitter proxy outside of these restricted countries, such as one within the U.S., will bypass any restrictions and unlock Twitter. Since the site server communicating with the network service provider doesn’t recognize the work around (or where you are actually making the request from), it doesn’t block you out.

For example, schools and businesses regularly block Twitter and other distracting sites in order to promote productivity and reduce down time. Using a proxy originating outside of the restricted network will let you bypass the server constraints and access the social media site with complete freedom.

Scrape Twitter

Data. In today’s online and tech-driven world data is the lifeblood of every internet marketer, research analyst, and Twitter-feed aficionado. Obtaining that data, though, is the key.

Your first option would be to manually collect the data you’re after, which on a platform as large as Twitter would likely take you years to gather. The other option is to use a scraping tool to do the work for you, but to use one you need the proper proxy. Users across the world use Twitter automation proxies alongside their scraping tools to scrape Twitter for valuable market info in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually—all while remaining anonymous and avoiding detection by Twitter’s policy restrictions.

In the end, scraping websites like Twitter can not only give you a greater understanding of how your accounts are performing currently, but also be used to develop better-informed future marketing campaigns and content your followers will resonate to, therefore optimizing how Twitter works for you.

Bypass account bans

Ever posted something that you shouldn’t have? For users who cannot afford to leave their legion of followers without fresh content for an extended amount time, Twitter proxies are the perfect solution. Once more, because a Twitter proxy acts on behalf of your computer and hides your IP address from the Twitter servers, you can access the platform and your account without being blocked. Without a proxy you’d be out of luck until your ban expired or was lifted, which might mean you lose followers for lack of activity.

Where to Buy Proxies for Twitter

Where to buy proxies for twitter

It isn’t always easy to know where to find the right Twitter proxies best suited to your specific circumstances or location, let alone understand what type of service you’re getting in the end. So let us make it easy for you.

Blazing SEO offers proxies which are reliable, fast, and secure, with packages that let you purchase proxies at bulk prices. We host from 9 different countries around the globe, from Germany to Vietnam, and offer proxies from 19 cities in the United States alone. Wherever you buy your Twitter proxies, though, you’ll have glitch-free access to Twitter with 1 Gbps speed no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re wanting access in China or needing a Twitter proxy for Iran, we can help you unblock Twitter today.

The best part? Your Twitter proxies are ready to go instantly upon purchase and download, and our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to help you every step of the way. After all, it’s our business to provide you the tools you need when you need them so that you’re always guaranteed to be #satisfied.

How to Unblock Twitter With a Proxy

How to unblock twitter with a proxy

While their applications are greatly varied, how you use Twitter proxies is extremely simple from a setup standpoint. Following the purchase of your Twitter automation proxies you’ll receive authentication info so that you can access and verify them to your device. At that point you’re all set. It’s that easy.

It doesn’t matter if you live some place where Twitter is banned either. When you connect to a proxy located outside these regions, you’ll be able to browse just as if you lived where access wasn’t denied. The proxy will mask your real IP address and send your requests directly to Twitter without your internet service provider ever knowing.

By using a proxy Twitter then becomes like any other unrestricted website you want to use, allowing you to stay connected, stay informed, and stay enjoying the internet in its freest and fullest form.

Final Thoughts

With the help of Twitter proxies, there’s no limit to what you can do on Twitter. We hope this article has shed some light on the possibilities of using a Twitter proxy to make both short-term discoveries and long-term informed decisions for how the Twitter platform can work better for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about reaching the right audience, and with a bit of the knowledge we shared here today, you’re sure to be taken notice of in no time.

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