Now Is The Time To Buy Proxies: Top Tips Before Purchase

In a world of big data, being able to navigate the web smartly is more important than ever. The ability to browse the internet in complete anonymity without the boundaries imposed on your browsing activities by your device’s IP address is necessary, beneficial, and crucial. Proxies give you a way to navigate pages and pages of data freely and without the lag of speed and time holding you down.

A proxy is a piece of software that provides you with an alternate virtual IP address that allows you to browse the internet in complete anonymity without compromising your original IP address. Proxies are tools for the age, transforming the way web users interact with and explore the internet. In our modern world, there is no need to put limitations on how we browse the web, nor the content we have access to. However, all proxies are equal but some are more equal than others. Selecting the right proxy to help provide that layer of safety for your online activities is not an easy task. There are several factors you should consider and several options you should explore. But never fear, we are here to help.

In this article, we will explore all the things you need to know before you buy proxies and the best place to get the right proxies for your needs. Feel free to skip around with the table of contents below:

Now That You’re Ready to Buy Proxies…

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Now that you are ready to buy proxies and set them up on your device. I want to start on the very base level of proxy use. It is time to define what proxies are and how they elevate your overall online experience. Think of your proxy as a new, much-improved way to enter the internet. A proxy acts as a gateway between your device and the websites you frequently visit. Most importantly, proxies do a few different things simultaneously.

First, they hide your original IP address from websites and other prying eyes. By shielding that IP, proxies give you more flexibility, allowing you to browse the web anonymously, all while protecting your personal information from anyone hoping to gain access to private data. Second, buying proxies and setting them up on your device gets you admission to content you otherwise would not be privy to.

Proxies let you watch movies from other countries, play games not yet published in your country of origin, and make it safer to scrape the web for large amounts of data. Best of all, once you buy proxies and are in the process of setting them up, the rest is simple. Your proxy provider will give you all of the information you need to successfully set up your proxy.

Once you have that, you need only open up your preferred browser, navigate to the settings, and enter your proxy information into the designated sections before you. To make sure that you have set up your proxy correctly, double-check your IP address on Since we have our proxy definition down, I want to explore the different types of proxies available and which ones will work best for your needs.

What You Should Know Before You Buy HTTP Proxies: Types

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Before we discuss the various types of proxies and their benefits, there is one type of proxy you should never instal on your device: free proxies.

Why you shouldn’t use free proxies?

Safety. Its often tempting to make use of free or cheap proxies because they are, well, free or cheap. However, these proxies are most often used by those with nefarious intentions to access your data. Also, there are lots of users making use of these free proxies, thereby making them unreliable. If everybody is using it, then it is no longer hidden.

The biggest tip to take away from this section? Buying private proxies is always the superior choice. But how do we distinguish between the different types of proxies available for purchase? Let’s look at the kinds of proxies out there and discuss the benefits of each.

Rotating proxies

Rotating proxies are incredibly handy if you plan on using your proxy while web scraping. The whole point of using a web scraping tool is to collect large amounts of online information in a short amount of time. However, since scrapers work at an incredibly fast pace, websites will often flag an IP address that is gathering, what they deem, is too much data at once. Your rotating proxy solves this issue. A rotating proxy automatically rotates from one IP address to another, thus saving you from scraping too much on one IP. These proxies keep you safe while browsing and scraping the web.

Semi-dedicated proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies are the cheapest option of the three proxies but do have to be shared by a small group of people. While sharing the proxy with strangers can be a bit of a risk, if you are hoping to buy static residential proxies with roommates or a few family members, then semi-dedicated proxies are a fantastic option. These proxies will give you more bandwidth than free proxies and help cut back on cost.

Dedicated proxies

While the above proxies have their merit, overall, I recommend using dedicated proxies. When you buy proxies that are dedicated, that means you are buying a tool that is yours and yours alone. Not only do dedicated proxies help minimize web traffic, but they are also incredibly adept at protecting your identity. With a dedicated tool, you will never be fighting for bandwidth. Plus, switching out your proxy is just as easy as with any other kind of proxy we have discussed.

Datacenter vs Residential proxies

If you aim to use proxies for business purposes such as scraping the web for data, then it is quite important that you understand the difference between these two types of proxies. Datacenter proxies, like the name, are housed in a data center. These types of proxies are the most common. Their distinguishing feature is that they are not attached to any residential address or Internet Service Provider (ISP). They are most useful for anonymity on browsing the web. With data center proxies, you have access to a wide range of locations. You can be in England and have an IP that shows you in Canada.

Buy Residential proxies

Residential proxies provide another level of functionality that is not accessible via datacenter proxies. These types of proxies are sourced from actual users and are connected to a real residential address. They are also attached to an ISP. Unlike data center proxies that still give the appearance of automation despite hiding your IP address, residential proxies give the appearance of a real live user. This makes it extremely valuable for business purposes like scraping the web. Most websites these days have tools such as CAPTCHA, that help to block bots and devices that give the appearance of bots. With a residential proxy, your internet activity continues to have the appearance of an actual user, making it possible to access even sites that have a bot-blocker.

While on the high-end of the pricing scale, residential proxies offer a lot of value that pays off in the long run. If you need to generate the appearance of a real user in another location, then these types of proxies are what you need. For example, you may need to join a virtual meeting in a different country and appear to be in that country. With a residential proxy, your IP address appears to be attached to an ISP in the target country rather than a virtual data center in the cloud.

Before you purchase, remember to buy proxies with your specific needs in mind and always avoid any free deals that pop up during your proxy research. Want to know even more about the different types of proxies? Check out our blog here.

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Proxy: Features

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Having distinguished between the different kinds of proxies you might run into online; I think it is time to talk about three of the main features to keep in mind when buying your proxies. This is what all of the best proxies, and the best proxy providers, will have in common.

Subnet diversity

Before we jump into this topic, let’s define what a subnet is. A subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network. The practice of dividing a network into two or more networks is called submitting. Unfortunately, when different proxies share the same subnet, it can be hard to fly under the radar. And while proxies are the perfect way to stay anonymous online, some proxy companies do not offer subnet diversity, making it very difficult to remain completely protected while jumping from one browser tab to another. For example, if you make all your requests from the same subnet, you could get your IP address banned. For this reason, you will want to choose a proxy provider that offers various subnets. The more diverse your proxies are, the easier it will be for you to use the internet without attracting any attention to your device. Then, you can go online without any worries, even if you have to make a lot of requests at once.

Focus on speed

There is nothing better than a strong internet connection. When it comes to using a proxy, speed matters. You will want to find a proxy provider that does not limit speeds or the threads you can use to connect. Most importantly, pay attention to bandwidth and avoid any companies that want to place restrictions on the amount you use. It is best to go with unmetered bandwidth and lightning-fast speeds, that way, you can use your proxy at your leisure and avoid annoying lags and downtime.

Wide variety of locations

As I mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of using a proxy is the ability to bypass locations and unblock content in different regions. In order to make that happen, you need to find proxy servers that are located in a variety of different places. By choosing a proxy provider that offers a vast array of countries, you will have more options, and have the luxury of buying multiple proxies in one place and multiple proxies located in another.

While the list above does not represent every single feature that a high-quality proxy possesses, it does show the most important things to keep in the back of your head when you buy proxies online.

Where to Buy Proxies Online

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With all this talk about how to buy proxies, I am sure you are wondering where to buy proxies while online. Well, you are in luck, because here at Blazing SEO, we offer the highest-quality proxies at the best possible prices. Not only do we offer rotating, semi-dedicated, and dedicated proxies, but we also offer high-quality residential proxies sourced fairly from real users. Our residential proxies are backed by ethical considerations that make sure everybody involved benefits from fair usage.

Plus, you will be able to authorize your proxy using our simple proxy authorization guide. As of now, we offer IP authorization (HTTP or SOCKS), and Username: Password. Currently, we offer proxies in 13 different countries including the USA, Germany, and Brazil. Our USA location has nineteen cities to choose from, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Dallas, and Buffalo. Plus, we have Sneaker and Shopify proxies that are tailored made for eCommerce shopping.

If you have any questions about buying proxies online, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. They are available 24/7 and able to answer all of your burning proxy queries. With the help of Blazing SEO, you will never again be wondering, hey, just where can I buy private proxies anyway?

Final Thoughts on Buying Proxies

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Ever since installing my very first proxy into my browser, I have never been the same. Not only do I feel more comfortable entering personal information into the places I shop online, but I also know, that I have more freedom while browsing the internet. There is something to be said for removing limitations placed on physical location or the place your device was made. When those restrictions are lifted, you will never look back. When you are ready to buy proxies online, remember all of the tips that I mentioned in this buying proxies guide and trust Blazing SEO to provide you with the highest-quality proxies at the most competitive prices around.

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