As one of the top retailers on the web, there are a lot of legitimate reasons you might want to scrape Amazon or similarly scrape information from craigslist for information. You might want to aggregate review scores for your own site, which means you’ll need to pull reviews from the various sellers on Amazon. You can do that quickly by scraping the site for reviews.

You also might be selling your own products on a website and need to scrape Amazon for pricing information. Without doing that, you won’t be able to offer competitive prices on your own products. If you fail to offer competitive prices, you’ll never be able to be competitive in the marketplace. However, if you can offer competitive pricing, you might be able to knock those retailers down a peg or two. Then, you’ll start selling lots of products online.

In addition, you might want to scrape Amazon to get the scoop on your competitors. You might want to find out what they’re selling and what their customers have to say about them. This is a great way to conduct market research, and it is something that you shouldn’t ignore.

These are all great reasons to scrape Amazon, and they all have something in common. They all require Amazon proxies to be effective.

Amazon Proxies – The Key to Scraping

Whenever you scrape data from Amazon, you have to make a lot of requests at one time. If you make all of the requests from your own IP address, Amazon might think that it’s under attack. It will appear that you are doing something malicious, like trying to hack into accounts or install malware on the site. In addition, Amazon doesn’t like people to scrape its data because some people use data for black hat purposes. That means that even if doesn’t suspect that you’re doing anything malicious, Amazon will ban you if it suspects you’re scraping data.

Of course, smart internet users are a step ahead. They use Amazon proxies to get new IP addresses. People who use their proxies correctly don’t get them banned so they don’t have to worry about cycling through different proxies, either. They can scrape all of the data they need without any issues.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to properly use proxies. Because of that, they run into some of the same problems that people have when they use their own residential proxy IP addresses.

Follow some quick and easy tips, and you will be able to scrape data in no time at all. Then, you can run your business online without any problems.

Choose a Tool

You need to choose a tool to help you scrape your data, or you will spend all of your time on Amazon scraping and harvesting data yourself. This is a time-consuming and laborious process, and one that you want to avoid.

There are two schools of thought with this. Some people like to use Amazon’s API to get information from the site, but you won’t get as much from the API as you would from a third-party tool. That is why it’s a better idea to go with a scraper that has the ability to harvest all kinds of data for you.

However, you have to be careful when it comes to picking a scraper. First, scrapers can be an investment. Some of them cost hundreds of dollars, so you want to make sure that they deliver the results.

That brings us to the second point. While they can be a big investment, a lot of them don’t deliver the goods. They simply don’t perform when it comes to scraping. Sure, they can get some information, but a lot of them are underwhelming.

That’s largely because the market is saturated. If you go to Google and type “Amazon scraper” into the search bar, one scraper after the next will come up. This can be overwhelming. If you want to pick a scraper on your own, there are two things to keep in mind. First, look at the scraper’s reviews. While people don’t always take the time to leave a review when a scraper is great, they do spend the time to leave bad reviews. Most people aren’t shy when a scraper is bad, so check out the reviews to see if lots of people have left bad ones. If you see a lot of bad reviews, you need to move away from that scraper. It will be a waste of time, even if it’s affordable. There is no sense in wasting your time with bad data, so move on to something else.

Second, watch out for scrapers that have a lot of biased reviews. If you notice that all of the reviews include affiliate links, you need to look elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, but if a company can only get people to say something nice about a product if it pays them, you need to look elsewhere.

If that seems like too much work, you can check out WebHarvy. Many people have enjoyed success with this scraper, and it is more affordable than a lot of the scrapers on the market. You can get a single use license for $99, so you do have to pay some money, but it’s not a huge investment. Plus, it’s relatively easy to use, so you can start scraping Amazon pretty quickly when you use this tool.

Don’t Let Your Tool Act Like a Bot

You use a tool so it can act like a bot, right? That’s the great thing about using a tool like WebHarvy. It can go in and act like a bot, grabbing all of the data you need really quickly. While it does that, you can kick back, relax, and take the data as it comes to you.

Here’s the problem, though. Amazon is amazing at detecting bot behavior. It has software that analyzes behavior, and it can tell when something is acting like a bot instead of a human. When it catches something acting like a bot, it bans it. Then, you have to go through the process of getting another proxy. If you act like a bot again, it will ban you again. You’ll never get anything done if you go about it this way. You’ll be frustrated, and you won’t have any data to show for your hard work.

So how do you prevent your tool from acting like a bot? It all comes down to the speed that it works.

First, you need to place a limit on the number of queries the software makes per second. Think about what you can do as a human. You can’t make 100 queries a second, even on your best day. Limit it to what you can do so your software doesn’t stand out to Amazon.

You also need to vary the bot’s actions. If the bot always goes from Point A to Point B to Point C, it’s going to stand out to Amazon. However, if it goes from Point A to Point C, and then to Point Z, it will act like a human. People are erratic, so your bot should be erratic, as well. The more you can make it look like a human, the better off you will be.

In addition, don’t run it at all hours of the day and night. Humans take breaks, so your bot should take a break, too. Turn it off at night, and give it a break from time to time during the day. That is a great way to confuse Amazon. You’ll still get a lot of data, but you won’t throw up any red flags.

Rotate Your Proxies

Amazon examines everything when you use its site, including your IP addresses. While you could just get a handful of IP addresses and switch between them, it’s much better to get a package with rotating proxies.

When you sign up for rotating proxies with Blazing SEO, you will get a new IP address every 10 to 120 minutes. Blazing SEO has more than 6,000 IPs available in the rotating pool, so you don’t have to worry about running out of addresses when scraping Amazon for data. You also don’t have to worry about Amazon catching on to what you’re doing. You will go through IP addresses so quickly that Amazon shouldn’t be able to keep up. However, if the site does catch one of your IP addresses, you can rotate to a new one and keep scraping. Your data are private, so Amazon can only track you by your IP address. Once you have a new IP address, Amazon can’t track you any longer. In other words, the site could ban one of your IP addresses, and it won’t recognize you when you rotate to a new one.

Only Scrape What You Need

Proxies from Blazing SEO have 1 Gbps of unmetered bandwidth, so speed is not an issue. You want to make the most out of that speed, and you can do that by only scraping what you need from Amazon. Some people make the mistake of using up their bandwidth by pulling a lot of useless information off the site. That slows proxies down. Take the time to determine what you need from Amazon, and then set up your scraping software accordingly. That will free up your resources to work much faster. The faster your resources can work, the sooner you can finish up the project and move on to the next item on your to-do list.

You’ll enjoy another benefit with this, as well. Whenever you only have the data that you need, you don’t have to sift through mounds of useless data. That saves you a ton of time on the back end. You will appreciate that when it is time to put your data to work.

Store Your URLs

In most cases, your software will stay up and running through the duration of the project. However, accidents do happen and software does crash. When that occurs, you do not want to start from the beginning. Even the best proxies can’t remember what URLs you have crawled, so store a list of all of the URLS you have crawled so you can skip them if the software crashes. Then, you can pick up where you have left off if something happens. That will save you a huge headache. Just make sure you store the URLs outside of the software so you can still access them if the software crashes.

Don’t Copy the Product Descriptions

With the combination of Amazon proxies and scraping software, you will get a lot of great information, including product descriptions. Some site owners use a large chunk of the product descriptions for their own sites, but that is a mistake. While it’s easy to take that information and put it on your own site, Google will flag you for duplicate content. Use the scraped information as a guide, but don’t copy it verbatim. Otherwise, your site will be flagged and you’ll be buried in the search results.

Don’t Log into Amazon When Harvesting Data

Some people get confused when harvesting data. They log into their Amazon accounts and then use their proxies to scrape data. In reality, you should only scrape data that is available without an Amazon account. Make sure you are logged out of Amazon before you start scraping. That way, you will only gain access to the data you should get when scraping. That is the best way to avoid any problems when scraping data from Amazon, or any other site for that matter.

Proxy scraping open up the door for scraping data on Amazon. When you have your proxies and a tool in place, you can comb the online retailer for a variety of data. Then, you can use your data for various purposes, from beating online prices to accessing product descriptions. This information will help you grow your online business.


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