Amazon Proxies: What Are They And What Are The Benefits?

I am a dedicated online shopper. My heart beats wildly as I refresh my email, hoping against hope that I will find a discount code from my favorite stores. Sometimes it’s not about the prize, but the chase. The excitement that comes from the search and the anticipation of finding a product that I can’t live my life without. That’s why Amazon is a treasured find amongst the millions of online retailers vying for the attention of eager consumers. The number of times I have found a smoking deal on an item of clothing or piece of furniture is too high to count. So many modern lives have been transformed by the convenience and user-friendly capabilities found on However, even one of the most popular websites online has its limitations and depending on where you live, your experience browsing Amazon can vary. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution to this problem. Enter Amazon proxies.

In this blog, we will define what Amazon proxies are, how to use them for web scraping, and discuss all the benefits of using an Amazon proxy, no matter your location in the world. Staying safe online and getting the most out of your time on Amazon starts with proxies. Let’s get started.

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What Are Amazon Proxies?

Which dedicated proxies work for amazon

So, what exactly is an Amazon proxy? A proxy is a way to access the internet without compromising your original IP address. You see, every single device has a unique identifying number that indicates where you are located. Each time you visit a different website, that site is able to see and track that IP address. Websites are attuned to the traffic flowing in and out of their pages, which is why your IP address is valuable to them.

While not a huge deal at first glance, using your original IP address has its limitations. That is why Amazon proxies are useful and valuable tools. Proxies have the ability to shield your IP and funnel your activity through the proxy server that houses the new proxy IP address. This means that your true location is hidden, and your identity is better protected against hackers and those doing nefarious things online.

What does this mean in terms of your time spent on Amazon? Well, Amazon proxies allow you to bypass any geographical restrictions placed on your device, keeps your personal information safe, and make it easy to scrape Amazon for relevant data. I talk more about the benefits a little later on, but just know that using proxies for Amazon is the best, easiest method of using Amazon on your own terms and in your own way.

How to Use an Amazon Proxy

Amazon web proxy

Lucky for you, using an Amazon HTTP proxy is a simple process. Once you find the most reliable proxy on the internet, all you need to do is set up the proxy based on the settings of your chosen browser. After that, you are all set to use Amazon proxies at your leisure. One thing you do want to keep in mind while using these proxies is the type of proxy you are going to purchase. If you have done any preliminary research about proxies, you will see that proxies come in a few different shapes and sizes. For our purposes, I would encourage you to use either a rotating or dedicated proxy while on Amazon.

Rotating proxies automatically rotate your IP addresses for you, which means you also do not have to worry about Amazon catching on to what you’re doing or how you are using your proxy. This kind of proxy is especially useful when scraping large amounts of information on the site. And since your data is private, Amazon can only track you by your IP address. Once that IP address is rotated, Amazon can no longer track you or your activity. On the flip side, dedicated proxies are proxies used by you and you alone. They are fast, efficient proxies that are a fantastic tool for the cost. Before you buy your proxy, think about how you are going to use your proxy and what you are going to need that proxy for in the future. By keeping this information in the back of your mind, you will be sure to choose the right proxy for your needs and use said proxy correctly.

Benefits of an Amazon Web Proxy

Best proxy for amazon

Now that we have defined what an Amazon web proxy is and how to use one, I want to dive deeper into all of the benefits that come along with using the tool.

First, your anonymity online is greatly increased. Because proxies shield that original IP address we talked about above, your personal information is also hidden from plain sight. This means that all the private info you enter into Amazon is even safer. Plus, the data you keep on your server can not be found and taken because of your online activity. With so many people using Amazon at once, it can be difficult to know if you are truly secure. Amazon proxies create security and take the anxiety out of putting information online.

Second, if you are having to fight location restrictions because of your current location, a proxy for Amazon will assist in bypassing that restriction and unlocking content that might otherwise be unavailable to you. Amazon might look a little different depending on where you live, but proxies will allow you to shop another version of Amazon no matter the country you are in. Plus, if you travel a lot for work and want to access the version of Amazon you are used while abroad, a proxy is a fantastic means to do so.

Third, web scraping. I will go into greater detail about web scraping in the next few paragraphs, but it is important to note that scraping Amazon is a hugely beneficial process and another reason why people buy a proxy in the first place.

While the list above does not include every benefit that comes along with using Amazon proxies, it does represent the most popular reasons to buy the tool. For even more information about proxies and how to use them, check out our blog here.

Amazon Scraper Software and Your Proxy

Proxies for amazon

Okay, so what the heck is Amazon scraping anyway? Web scraping is the automated act of data collection. Scraping is hugely beneficial collecting large amounts of information from Once you tell a web scraper what to look for, it finds that information and compiles it into one neat document. Given how fast scraping tools work, the time you might spend doing research on your own is minimized. Many people use Amazon scraping tools to gather pricing on products, check out customer reviews, and find all the products that a particular brand might sell. When scraping Amazon, it is important to use a proxy, particularly if you are going to do massive scrapes. Scraping at a high volume is a big red flag to Amazon. By protecting your identity or rotating your IP address often, you are less likely to be banned by the site.

Finding the best web scraper on the market can be tricky but keep in mind how much you are going to scrape at once. I would advise to only scrape what you need when you need it. This is another layer of protection against bans on Amazon. Since we have the definition for Amazon scraper software locked down, let’s go through a few more tips for Amazon scraping.

Tips for Scraping Amazon

Amazon http proxy

First, do not let your scraping tool act like a bot. This can seem a bit confusing given your scraping is, in fact, a bot but let me explain what I mean. Amazon is amazing at detecting bot behavior. It has software that analyzes said behavior, and it can tell when something is acting like a bot instead of a human. When it catches something acting like a bot, it bans it. Once you are banned, you are forced to switch proxies. Getting banned is incredibly frustrating and you will not have any data to show for your hard work. So how do you prevent your tool from acting like a bot? It all comes down to speed. You need to place a limit on the number of queries the software makes per second. Think about what you can do as a human. You can not make 100 queries a second, even on your best day. Limit the bot to a smaller number of queries and your software will not stand out as much to Amazon.

Second, cache the places that you visit. Caching is the temporary storage of web documents. In short, your browser houses a duplicate of web pages you have visited recently in order to reduce its bandwidth usage, server load, and lag. Scraping a big website like Amazon takes a lot of work, even if you have a bunch of tools in place. All the necessary resources can put a lot of pressure on your system. Because of that, you do not want to reload pages you have already visited. What is the solution? Cache the places you have visited. This way your system will not have to reload the pages if you need to go back to them. That will make it easier for you to get the data you need, and it will allow you to remain anonymous, just like you like. Plus, you will not have to connect to Amazon’s servers to access cached pages, which means you will not have to worry about an IP ban.

Last, divide your tasks up unto stages. Have a massive scraping job to perform? Here’s a big tip, do not do the job all at once. By diving the task up into reasonably sized stages, you are able to remain under the radar and draw less attention to yourself while scraping. Best of all, many reliable scraping providers will help you will custom scraping jobs, which means all of those tasks can be broken up in a comprehensive way.

The Best Proxy for Amazon

Scraping amazon

With all of this talk about how to use Amazon proxies, you might be wondering what the best proxy for Amazon looks like.

Reliable proxy providers will offer a variety of proxy server locations for you to choose from. More locations mean more options. In addition, choose a proxy provider that offers both dedicated and rotating proxies, this way you are not limiting yourself to just one type of proxy. You will want to buy Amazon proxies that are easy-to-use and simple to set up. It is a big bonus if that same provider has a customer service team that is available 24/7, ready and able to answer any and all of your proxy questions. By keeping the above in mind when shopping for proxies, you will be sure to buy the best Amazon proxies for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Amazon scraper software

Amazon is the Rockstar of the online retail world. With so many products and services to choose from, society scarcely need open another website in order to find all that they need for daily life. If you are someone with a browser tab solely dedicated to, why not get even more out of the site you love? With the help of Amazon proxies, your identity will be safe, location restrictions will be bypassed, and scraping will be a cinch. Trust in the power of proxies and get started today.

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