Get Involved In Sneaker Reselling (Be Fast At It Too)

If you are a sneakerhead, you always have the latest and greatest sneakers on your feet, you follow all of the sneaker blogs, and you always know the release dates for the hottest kicks. As much fun as your sneaker hobby is, you need to expand it so you can make some money. Stop limiting yourself by only adding to your own collection. Instead, use sneaker reselling proxies to build an online business selling sneakers. You can learn how to become a sneaker reseller and start being a business in a short period with the help of proxies. Best of all, you don’t need much startup money or even a lot of time to learn how to be a reseller. You just need a few sneaker reselling tips to know what you’re doing. Then, put in a little bit of work, and you can rule the sneaker world.

How to Start Sneaker Reselling – Buy in Bulk

sneaker reselling Concerning any sneaker reseller guide, inventory is a huge concern with an online sneaker business. If you can’t get lots of sneakers in a short period, you won’t be able to build an online sneaker business. After all, you won’t make much money if you just sell a pair or two of sneakers at a time. You need to sell a lot of sneakers to make the big bucks, so you need a large inventory. If you were a regular retailer like Foot Locker, you would place your order with Adidas or one of the other manufacturers and then wait for it to arrive for the launch. Once it arrived, you would sell the sneakers to the masses. You don’t want to go through all of that trouble, though. Dealing with manufacturers isn’t easy. You would have to do a bunch of paperwork for your business, and you would need tons of money to preorder all of those sneakers. You would need so much money that you would have to take out a loan. Of course, it’s hard to get approved for a business loan, so there is a good chance it wouldn’t even work out. That is why it is much better to buy sneakers from Foot Locker and other retailers. Then, sell those sneakers to others. There’s a problem, though. The hottest sneakers come with limits. Foot Locker isn’t going to let you buy 50 pairs of Yeezy Boosts. If the company did that, it wouldn’t be able to serve enough people. It puts limits on how many sneakers you can buy, so if you try to buy sneakers without using a proxy, you’re going to get shut down. That will make it impossible to run a sneaker business. You can fix this problem by using sneaker proxies.

Sneaker Selling and Proxies

Proxies conceal your location and identity. You can buy a bunch of proxies and switch your IP address out with every purchase. That way, it will look like a different person is buying each pair of sneakers. If you do this properly, you can essentially get all of the sneakers that you want. That means you won’t have to worry about inventory issues. You can buy as many sneakers as you can afford and then turn around and resell them. That is the perfect business model. You’re probably wondering how you do it properly, though. First and foremost, use a private proxy service. Get dedicated or rotating proxies so you have ample bandwidth and all of the resources you need. If you get dedicated proxies, you can choose the number of proxies that you want. If you go with rotating proxies, the service will automatically rotate the proxies for you after a predetermined amount of time passes. It will continue to do that for as long as you use the service. Second, make sure the proxies you choose are fast. You can’t make the mistakes of choosing a proxy with a lot of lag time. Every second counts, so if your proxy takes a while to connect to the server, you are going to be out of luck when it comes to buying sneakers. Third, choose proxies that are located in low-risk areas, such as the United States or Europe. These locations don’t send up any red flags. If you choose a proxy that has a high-risk location, your proxy might get banned. That will set your sneaker business back quite a bit. Fourth, add on some additional tools so you can cop even more sneakers. Then, you will be unstoppable. For one, you need a payment processor for collecting payments. Consider getting a PayPal business or merchant account. Come up with a business name and use the account to collect payments. Then, you can bring in the money when you start selling sneakers.

Sneaker Reselling with a Proxy and Bot

sneaker reseller guide Proxies lay the groundwork for selling sneakers. They are a piece of a much larger puzzle, though. You want to cop as many sneakers as possible, so you need some additional tools. These tools will make it much easier to get all of the sneakers that you want. Sneaker bots are one of these tools. Bots automate the process and work much faster than humans do. Your bot will handle everything for you and you can sit back and watch. There are tons of bots out there. Go with a popular one, such as the Better Nike Bot – All In One or EasyCop Ultimate. These bots are trusted by sneakerheads. If you go with a lesser-known bot, you run the risk of it not working. Then, you will be back at square one, trying to cop sneakers on your own. A sneaker server is another important tool. Then, you will have unlimited resources at your disposal. That will help the bots run faster, which means you will get more sneakers. Plus, everything will run offsite so you will still have access to your computer when copping sneakers. You can hit up your social networks, check out Netflix, and engage in other activities without the sneaker-copping activity slowing you down. Then, if you want to see how it is going, you can log into your sneaker server from your home computer or mobile device.

The Best Proxies

There are a lot of options out there for sneaker proxies. Which ones should you look for? First, find a proxy provider that offers specifically sneaker proxies. These will be more tailored to your needs. Other than that, you know you want to cop sneakers as fast as possible, so the proxies have to be really fast with unlimited bandwidth. They need to be dedicated too so that no one else is using them. And it is best to find a provider with the most uptime. Luckily, you can find the speed, quality, and service you need with Blazing SEO. Our sneaker proxies are exactly what you need to get started on your path to reselling sneakers. Take a look at our sneaker proxies and turn your sneaker collecting into a sneaker business.

Sneaker Reselling Tips – Where to Sell?

Once you use sneaker proxies and tools in place, you’ll be ready to sell your sneakers. You can’t exactly walk into Foot Locker with a truckload of sneakers. Instead, you need to use various online resources, like eBay.


You probably use Twitter to find out about big sneaker launches. What you may not realize is you can also use the site to resell your sneakers. The key is to build a strong following on Twitter. Then, just start selling. If you build a following with sneakerheads, you will be able to unload lots of sneakers quickly.

Your Own Website

You can build your own website and put your sneakers on it. Just create a simple eCommerce site where people can browse through your inventory and make a purchase. Then, use a blog, social media, and other advertising options to get the word out about your sneakers. Even if you don’t want to use your website as your primary selling method, you should still have one. Then, people can check your site out to make sure you’re legitimate. That will help you make more sales on all of the other channels.

Getting Orders Before Sneaker Reselling

what is sneaker reselling Some sneakerheads like to get orders before the sale. Then, they know how many sneakers they need to buy. They go out, buy them using other people’s money, and ship them out as soon as they get them. That is OK to do, but you need to use the right tool for this. Get the Better Nike Bot – All In One Ultimate Edition if you’re going to sell sneakers before you have them in your possession. The Ultimate Edition lets you send out white-labeled messages every time it makes a purchase. This is an excellent branding opportunity. On top of that, it saves you a lot of time. If you’re selling sneakers before you actually have them, you’re going to be busy chasing the sneakers down. You don’t want to spend your time emailing people after every purchase.

What is Sneaker Reselling Markup?

how to become a sneaker reseller Once everything is in place, you have one more important decision to make. You have to decide how much money you want to make. Don’t pull numbers out of thin air. You have to consider the market for a particular sneaker when determining how much to charge. The market really does dictate the price. Some sneakers sell for four times the purchase price when they are resold. You can get away with that with really hot sneakers that are hard to get. However, the rare sneaker demands that much money. Still, lots of them sell for two or three times the amount. Gauge the market, and then come up with your price. If you aren’t good at doing it on your own, see what people have paid for similar sneakers. You can also browse message boards and forums to see if people are talking price. People might open up about how much they are willing to spend if they can get their hands on a pair of good shoes. Then, you can charge a little bit less than that. After all, you want to make lots of sales. If you sell sneakers after the release, it is much easier to come up with a price. Go online and see what the sneakers are going for on various sites. If the average is $400 a pop, you can sell yours for $375. You’ll still make a nice profit, but it will be much easier to make a sale. People will think they are getting a bargain, even if you’re charging twice as much as you paid. That is the beauty of the sneaker business. People are willing to pay top dollar because they don’t know how to get them. They don’t even think about how much they are paying over retail price. They are just happy to get the sneakers.

Final Thoughts

Proxies make it much easier to cop lots of sneakers. Once you get those sneakers, you don’t have to keep them all to yourself. Create your own business with sneakers. Sell them to people all over the world and turn a nice profit. Then, you will have even more money to use to buy your favorite kicks. It won’t be long before you have a closet full of kicks and a bank account full of

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