UPDATE – Mobile Proxy Product

We have some good news and some bad news today.

Over the past 2 months our team has been hard at work in setting up a USA mobile proxy solution that we could offer our customers to supplement our current data center proxy offering. We were successful in implementing the technical solution which allowed remote access to a smartphone, as well as a modem, for use as a proxy with proper authentication.

Through our beta testing with customers we unfortunately ran into a snag:  the telecom providers we were using did not tolerate our “tethering” mobile data usage as part of their Unlimited Plans. Furthermore, most US telecom providers start throttling the bandwidth after a certain amount (~22GB), which quickly surpasses most of our customer’s needs on bandwidth.

Therefore, with great sadness, we have to discontinue our efforts on mobile proxies for today.

However, the good news here is this:  through our investigations on mobile proxies, we may have an angle on a safe, ethical way to introduce USA residential proxies to our product offerings. We have started discussions with some residential ISPs that are looking quite optimistic. What’s even greater is that by working directly with the ISPs, instead of direct to consumers, we have fewer concerns of the upstream provider turning off the internet or giving you intermittent service like you will face with other residential proxy providers. The greatest news of this all is that we may be able to offer our famous unlimited bandwidth, or prices as low as $1 per GB.

All of this is in its infancy stages, though, so we wish to not get anyone’s hopes up too high. However, if you are interested in our residential proxy offering, please fill out the form below:

Form here

This form will put you on our mailing list to notify you of updates as we progress in our negotiations with the residential ISPs. Beta customers will receive early access and discounted pricing as part of their effort in helping us test out this new Blazing SEO product.

We thank you all for your belief in our company and your continued support!

Neil Emeigh
CEO – Blazing SEO

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