These days, it seems almost impossible to get YouTube subscribers. The site has gotten so big that it’s hard to stand out, so countless people are branching out to Vimeo, Metacafe, and Veoh. These sites allow you to make a splash without having to fight for views on YouTube. Plus, they offer some cool features that make it easier than ever before to reach people and turn them into customers.

Let’s take a closer look at these video sharing sites and then go over some tips to help you upload like a pro with the help of a Vimeo proxy. By the time you finish this guide, you’ll be ready to dive in and start marketing on various video sharing sites.

An Introduction to Vimeo, Metacafe, and Veoh

When you have something to market, you need to get as much exposure as possible, and that’s easy to do when you use various video sharing sites. The more channels you use, the more likely people are to stumble across your videos. Then, of course, the more videos you share, the more exposure you will get.


Vimeo is quickly becoming one of the most popular YouTube alternatives, especially for those who use a Vimeo proxy and software to automate the uploading process. Vimeo offers some benefits that you cannot get with other video-sharing sites.

First, you have to consider the quality. YouTube compresses videos down to almost nothing before sharing them on the site, and that kills the quality. Vimeo does not compress videos, so you won’t lose quality when you share it on this site. It will look just like it looked when you finished the shoot.

You also get a branded video player with Vimeo, and you can customize the privacy settings and the URLs. This rich set of tools makes Vimeo a top choice for online marketers.


Metacafe also puts a huge emphasis on quality. Your videos will look great on this site, and since duplicates are not allowed, viewers know they are getting original content on Metacafe. That can be good news for your business.

Metacafe has done away with its Producer Rewards Program, so you can’t earn a buck based on video views anymore. However, you can make use of the millions of visitors the site gets every month.


Don’t make the mistake of forgetting about Veoh when uploading videos. This is an excellent site to use if you want to show long videos. Full-length movies are allowed on the site, so you can get as in-depth with your videos as you want. Think of Veoh as a way to dip your toes into long-form video content. Just make sure that your content is exciting, or your viewers won’t make it to the end.

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Video Marketing Tips

You should use all three video hosting sites for your videos. Of course, just uploading a video isn’t enough. You need to follow some marketing tips to reach the masses and get conversions. Check out these tips, so you’ll be able to market your videos.

Tell a Story

The best video marketing professionals know that their videos should focus on stories. If you just focus on sales, you won’t create value for viewers, so they’ll close out of the video before taking any action.

It’s easy to create value when you focus on stories. The story can be about a product, but leave out the hard sell. Instead, let the story do the talking. If you can hook people with a story, they’ll be much more interested in buying your product.

Properly Place Your CTA

You need to put your call to action (CTA) in the right spot in the video to get results. Most people put the CTA at the end of the video. That makes sense, seeing as you aren’t going for a hard sell. However, CTAs tend to do even better if you put them in the middle of the video. A simple CTA overlay in the middle of your video can help you get some conversions.

Get Off to a Good Start

People are kind of like a goldfish. They don’t have long attention spans, so if you don’t grab them immediately, you’re going to lose your viewers. Use the first few seconds to let people know what the video is about and why they should watch it. You need to showcase the value right from the beginning and find a hook to keep them watching.

Also, don’t forget about the thumbnail. The thumbnail itself will grab people’s attention, so choose the graphic wisely.

Get Personal

Videos are a great way to connect with your audience. Use that to your advantage by getting personal in your videos. Let the viewers see you as a real person and not just as a business owner or a marketer. That way, they will connect with you and want to visit your site and buy your products.

Use Software and Proxies

If you’re going to get lots of conversions, you need to have your videos in as many places as possible. That is why you need to also use video submission software and proxies. Let’s look at both to give you a better idea of how they can help you.

Video Submission Software

In the old days, marketers had to do everything on their own. They had to go from one site to the next, uploading videos one at a time. As you can imagine, that was time-consuming.

Video submission software makes the process must faster and easier. It uploads the videos for you, so you don’t have to take up as much of your time. There are tons of software options out there. Let’s look at a couple of the most popular.


If you’re serious about video marketing, TubeMogul can help. The site’s OneLoad feature lets you load your video onto tons of sites. It doesn’t just distribute your videos, either. You can use it to track the analytics. That includes the in-play analytics. If you’re looking for some robust video marketing features, you might want to check out this software.


SEnuke is another popular option. The software’s video module takes care of uploading videos to multiple sites for you.

You just select the video you want to upload and then let the software get to work. Then, you can have the software collect the URLs for you. That way, you can share the URLs across your social media sites.

How to Use Proxies to Manage Multiple Accounts and Uploads at Once

Getting your software is the first step in the process. You can’t just use it by itself, though. You also need to get some proxies, so you don’t end up with an IP ban.

When you use software like SEnuke or TubeMogul, you will likely need to upload videos to multiple accounts. For instance, you might manage 20 different Vimeo accounts and have the software upload to each one of those accounts. That’s great from a marketing perspective, but there is one serious problem.

All those accounts will be associated with the same IP address. That means Vimeo, Metacafe or one of the other sites might ban your IP address and close out your accounts. That hard work will be all for nothing.

Proxies help you get around this issue.

Let’s say you use SEnuke and a Metacafe proxy. The proxy will change your IP address, meaning that each account will have a unique IP address. The IP address won’t be associated with your real IP address, giving you complete anonymity while online.

You can get a new Metacafe proxy for each account. Then, when the software uploads the videos to your various Metacafe accounts, each one will have a unique IP address. Then you won’t have to worry about ending up with an IP ban.

The same is true for Veoh. You can get a Veoh proxy to get a unique IP address for each account. Then, you can deploy the software without worrying about making all the requests from the same IP address.

How to Choose Your Proxies

When picking a Veoh, Metacafe, or Vimeo proxy, it’s important that you choose wisely. First, only select private proxies. That way you won’t share an IP address with anyone else. You will have your own proxy, and it will be much faster and more secure than a public proxy.

You should also consider the proxy’s location. Choose a proxy that is in your country to reduce lag. Then, the proxy and uploading software will work together to quickly upload all the videos.

How to Use Proxies to Unblock Access to Video Uploading Websites

Proxies aren’t just necessary for uploading software. You can also use proxies to unblock Vimeo and other video hosting sites. Vimeo and other sites are blocked in certain countries, such as Indonesia and China. If your IP address is associated with a banned country, you will not be able to use the sites.

In addition, video sites ban certain IP addresses. You might do something that violates the rules and get banned, or your ban could be due to bad luck. For instance, some internet service providers dynamically assign IP addresses. You could actually end up with a banned IP address that way. Then, you won’t be able to access your favorite video sharing site, all because someone else ended up with a ban.

Fortunately, a Vimeo proxy will help you get around a ban. The proxy is the key to the Vimeo unblock process. Once you have your new proxy, the site won’t realize you have been banned. You will be free and clear to use Vimeo and other sites, regardless of where you are located or what IP address your ISP has given you.

Are You Ready to Dominate Vimeo?

Now you are almost ready to dominate Vimeo and other video-sharing sites. First, of course, you need to create your video. Then, get your Vimeo proxy and software. It won’t be long before your videos are all over the internet, and you won’t have to put a ton of work into the process. Let your tools get to work for you, so you can sit back and reap the benefits.