If you buy or sell online, you are familiar with eBay. As the biggest retailer for used goods, you can’t be involved in buying and selling used items without spending time on this site. When you frequent eBay, you notice a couple of things. First, of course, it is rich with information. It has tons of keywords that you can use to boost your own seller profile, and it has products that do really well. It also has some pretty strict guidelines, so you can’t just conduct an online assault on the site to get as much seller information as possible. Yes, you can collect information, but you have to be smart about it. That’s where eBay proxies can help.

If you’re familiar with proxies, you know they provide you with the chance to hide your identity when using the internet. Basically, proxies act as middlemen. You stay connected to your network at home and send your information out to the proxy. Then, the proxy masks your IP address so eBay and other sites don’t know who you are. This gives you the opportunity to act as if you are someone else. Because of that, you can scrape away and get the data that you want from eBay. eBay can’t ban your account, because it doesn’t realize that you’re the one sending the requests. You get the information you need, and eBay isn’t the wiser.

Before you jump over to eBay, though, check out some tools that will make the process much easier. When you combine tools with eBay proxies, you can do some serious scraping. Then, stay tuned for some tips that will help you get the most out of your experience. Finally, check out some additional reasons to use eBay proxies.

Let’s get started with the tools. Keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list of tools. There are countless options at your disposal. You can use just about any scraper out there. This is just a couple of your options.


You’ll be hard pressed to finds a scraping activity that ScrapeBox can’t do. This SEO scraper is a powerhouse. It really excels when it comes to harvesting keywords from eBay, though. The harvester comes with a lot of great tools, including multithreaded connections and multilevel scraping. Use the scraper to obtain valuable information about various products. Then you can take that information to optimize your website so you can have more success with your own products. You can customize your searches to get the most out of this, so don’t be afraid to play around with this tool. With so many features, you can get a lot of ScrapeBox. If you want to learn everything there is to know about eBay products, ScrapeBox is a great place to start.

Aura Profit Hunter

Aura Profit Hunter is a piece of arbitrage software. This software works with Amazon and eBay to help you find the most profitable products to sell. You can use it to export product listings into a CSV format and then import it into eBay so you can start selling. This software scrapes for information and helps you find profitable products to sell. If you want to get a jump on the competition, this tool can help. If you use this software correctly, you can grow your eBay business relatively quickly.

These are just a couple of the tools that are available. There really is no limit to what you can use. You can also use eBay’s own API or build your own. If you’re interested in scraping information from eBay, there is nothing stopping you. You have lots of tools at your disposal, and they work with proxies.

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Now let’s look at some tips for using the tools with proxies.

Tips for Scraping eBay

It is not hard to scrape eBay, but a lot of people make it seem like it is. They jump in without doing their research, and they end up getting banned. It’s not that they don’t have the resources to do it correctly. It’s simply that they don’t want to take the time to learn how to do it right. Instead of getting banned, take a couple of minutes to learn how to scrape eBay the right way.

Use Dedicated or Rotating Proxies

Public proxies are incredibly enticing. There’s something about that word “free” that gets people excited. It’s hard to pass up free things. That is why you have so much junk in your house. Every time you go somewhere and someone offers you a free T-shirt or a free mug, you pick it up, even if it’s a piece of junk. You never wear it or drink out of it. It’s just nice to have.

Free proxies are the same way. They might be nice to have around, but you shouldn’t actually go online with them.

Just like that free T-shirt that got a hole in it the first time you washed it, free proxies aren’t high quality. First, when you use a free proxy, you’re sharing resources with everyone else who is using that proxy. You need a lot of resources to scrape data quickly. If you have to share resources with hundreds or thousands of people, that information will come back extremely slowly. You might as well go to eBay and grab the information yourself. That’s how slowly you’ll receive it. That eliminates the point of using the tool.

That’s only a small problem when you look at the fact that a lot of people end up with viruses when they use free proxies. Hackers operate a lot of these proxies, and they put viruses on people’s computers so they can steal their information. That means you could end up with a broken computer and a stolen identity. That’s a big price to pay for scraping eBay.

It just makes sense to go with a dedicated or a rotating proxy. If you go with a dedicated proxy, you’ll get a handful off IP addresses to use, and you can switch them out as you see fit. On the other hand, if you choose rotating proxies, the system will rotate your IP addresses for you. You can set the duration of time between rotations when you use Blazing SEO. You can set it up to rotate every 10 minutes if you’d like so you’ll get a fresh IP address every 10 minutes. This makes it even harder for eBay to track where the traffic is coming from. Since you will put in a lot of requests when scraping the site, consider going with this method. Rotating proxies are incredibly hard to track, so you can scrape away without worries with rotating proxies.

Act Like a Human

Most sites don’t like scrapers, and eBay isn’t an exception. It does its best to block scrapers, so you have to do your best to avoid detection. That’s actually easier than it sounds. The key is to make sure that your software acts like a human. Most eBay scrapers have settings that you can configure. Configure the settings so your scrapers act like humans, or at least like semi-humans.

Think about how a human acts, and then configure your scraper to mimic that. For example, would a human make 1,000 requests per second? A human wouldn’t be capable of that, so make sure your software doesn’t do something outrageous like that. In addition, humans vary their behavior. They don’t do the same thing over and over again for 24 hours in a row, so your software shouldn’t. It needs to mix things up to remain undetected.

As long as your software doesn’t do anything too crazy, it should cruise along undetected. Then, you should be able to enjoy all of the data you get without interruption. That is very important if you’re going to get the most out of your scraper.

Log Out of Your Account

As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to log out of your account when scraping a site for data. Remember, you want to do this anonymously, and there is nothing anonymous about using your account. Once you are logged out, your proxy can go to work for you. However, if you use your account, it will be very easy for eBay to track you down. That is an amateur mistake, but it does happen quite a bit.

Now that you know how to use proxies and tools, let’s look for some additional reasons to use proxies. You might be surprised by all of the reasons people use proxies.

Additional Reasons to Use eBay Proxies

While scrapers are the main reason that people use eBay proxies, there are some other reasons out there. Let’s look at some other reasons.

Getting Around a Block

eBay blocks aren’t just annoying. They are frustrating if you’re trying to buy something when time is running out. Sellers don’t care if your boss has blocked eBay. That timer will keep counting down, even if your boss has blocked eBay for your entire company. That means you can miss out on some cool merchandise. Of course, if you get a proxy for eBay, you can work around the block and secure your item.

There is an important note, though. If you go with a public proxy, you run the risk of putting a virus on your computer. That virus could make its way on your network. Is that a risk you want to take? Instead, go with a private proxy. That way, you don’t have to worry about a virus infiltrating your system. You just put the settings into the system and go to eBay. Then, remove the settings when you’re done. Your boss will never know that you visited eBay, and you will get to enjoy all of the items you bought when you were on the clock. That’s the definition of a win-win.

Creating Multiple Accounts

You might want to create an extra account to write some eBay-buying guides for marketing purposes or to separate your buyer and seller accounts. Proxies make this easier to do. Just set up your eBay proxy, and then you can create all of the accounts that you want. In many cases, eBay lets you bypass the address section if you aren’t shipping anything out to your home, so just skip the address information when you use a proxy. Then, you can set everything up, and you’ll be ready to use eBay.

Achieving Privacy

Some people just like to use proxies for privacy. You might not want people to know what you’re doing online. That is your prerogative when you’re online. If you want to stay hidden when you’re on eBay, use a proxy. It will get the job done for you, and you won’t have to put a lot of effort into the process. Just make sure you choose a proxy with blazing-fast speeds. That way, you can browse the deals and find items without any problem. You won’t have any issue beating people out when the time counts down and securing various items. With the right proxy at your disposal, you’ll stay anonymous without losing any speed in the process.

eBay is full of data, and you can grab that data when you use a proxy and a scraper. When you find the right combination of tools, you won’t have any trouble picking that data up and using it for your own business. Then, you will be able to list the right products for the right prices. This information can take your business to the next level. You can become a power player and finally break out in the eBay world. First, though, you have to get your proxy. Choose between dedicated and rotating proxies, pick out your tool, and get started. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use eBay when you have the best tools at your disposal. Suddenly, all of the information will be right in front of you, ready for you to use.


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