Using Rotating Proxies to Get Traffic to Your Website

Remember in gym class when the teacher would set up different stations to rotate between? Ten minutes playing kickball then ten minutes running laps. Variety kept us engaged, saved our little brains and tiny hands from tiring out.  Why is the routine of adult life so different from childhood? The monotony of routine makes one feel stagnant. Every second the same. Every day scheduled down to the minute. It can cause a longing for change, or some kind of intervention between what is familiar and what is new. That is where subtle rotations from one task to the next could save you from dulled senses. But this sentiment is not limited to real life. The same can be said for digital life and proxies. When it comes to proxy usage, rotation can mean the difference between getting banned and forging ahead.

Whether you have heard of proxies or are entirely new to the concept, this blog will take you through just what rotating proxies are, reasons to use them, and introduce you to the very best rotating IP proxy available on the market today. Let’s add some much-needed variety into your daily routine with the help of a rotating proxy.

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What Are Rotating Proxies?

how do rotating proxies work for sneakers

The first question we need to answer is this: just what is a rotating proxy? Proxies can be separated into three different types: dedicated, semi-decimated, and our new best friend, rotating. To start, I want to give a brief overview of all three. That way, you are fully equipped to choose the right proxy for your needs.

First off, a dedicated proxy is one that is just that, dedicated. It is a proxy with an IP address for you and you alone to use. While there are some benefits to using a dedicated proxy, security being one of them, they are often more expensive and are more easily tracked by websites, considering you are using the same IP address to visit particular sites over and over again. On the other hand, semi-dedicated is a type of proxy that you must share with other users. While cheaper, this kind of proxy is often less secure.

Then we come to the main event, rotating proxies. With every connection, rotating proxies assign a new IP address from the pool of addresses straight to your device. This kind of variety allow for less conspires movement while online.

While you can do a lot of things with a handful of proxies, there is one thing you can not do. You can not drive traffic to your site. Sure, you can get five unique visits if you have five proxies, but that is pretty much it in terms of driving traffic higher and higher to where you would like it to eventually end up. Five visits to your website are not going to make a dent. Google is not going to reward you for having five more visitors to your site. Even if you purchase 20 or 25 proxies, those numbers will not even register. You need massive traffic if you are going to get any real benefits.

That is where rotating proxies can help. Once you connect to a port, the traffic is routed to a proxy IP. The IP changes after a predetermined amount of time. This feature means you can send a higher number of requests while still remaining anonymous.

How to Use a Rotating Proxy

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Now that we have a greater understanding of what a rotating proxy is, it is time to discuss how to use a rotating proxy. Proxies are often sold in groups, which means you are never buying one IP address at a time. Instead, you are buying several. However, if you decide to buy a dedicated or semi-dedicated proxy, you might run into an issue. The issue being variety. You will see me use this word a lot and, as I mentioned earlier, while buying a whole load of proxies is good in theory, the key to variety is rotation.

Lucky for you, using rotating proxies is simple with the help of a reliable proxy provider. While you can make your own DIY proxy rotator, I would advise against it. This method is complicated and time-consuming. Instead, purchase your routing proxy and follow the simple set up steps. After you set up your proxy, the proxy does all the hard work of rotating without much effort on your part. One more tip about using your proxy. Use this type of proxy is you need to send a lot of different requests at once.

Reasons to Use a Rotating Proxy

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Since we have established how easy it is to purchase, set up, and use your rotating proxies, I want to give you a few examples of why you should use a rotating IP proxy.  While this list does not include every use case out there, it does comprise of a few of the most popular reasons to use proxies. These reasons are especially pertinent if you work in the marketing, advertising, or sales landscape.

Drive web traffic and increase SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is an optimization process to organically increase the visibility of a website. If you work in marketing or advertising, you probably know all about how SEO can help direct new customers to your website. Increased visibility translates to more clicks and, hopefully, higher sales.

How does this relate to your rotating process IP address? Well, search engines like Google look at a variety of factors when determining a site’s ranking. One of those factors is site traffic. Poor site traffic translates into a lower ranking on Google. The more you drive traffic, the better the chance for Google to recognize the importance of your company and bump you up the ranks,

There is a trick to this, though. Do not just send the traffic directly to your website, send it there through links. Build backlinks from authority sites that point to your site. Then send your rotating proxies out to these links and have a bot click on the link to go your site. This creates different sources of referrer traffic for web browsers. This will make traffic look even more natural and boost your SEO efforts.

Those SEO efforts will also improve if you add your information for your rotating proxies into social media tools like  Follow Liker. This practice will help boost your social media following. If you do so, be sure to link your social media accounts to your website so Google and other search engines will recognize your efforts for awesome SEO.

Web scraping

Web scraping is the automated process of collecting data online. A web scraper is an invaluable tool for web research. Without a scraper, companies are stuck doing large amounts of data collection on their own time. But, combine a data scraper with rotating proxies, and you are about to send thousands of requests at once, which makes the gathering of information far less intimidating. Plus, the added benefit of a rotating IP address is the security that comes with using a different IP address with every connection. The safer you are online, the less likely you will be banned from a website. Use a rotating proxy for scraping and stay competitive in a hyper-competitive world.

Bypassing restrictions

One of the main reasons why proxies are so popular is because they allow you to bypass geographical restrictions placed on online content. Say you want to access a website in the UK but you live in Asia, rotating proxies can help you avoid location restrictions online. This gives you more freedom to play online games, stream content not available in your location, and scrape foreign websites. Also, when bypassing restrictions, you might also notice how much easier it is to purchase products that are unavailable or out of stock in your location. So those sneakers that you want but that keep selling out, you now have a chance to snag them before they are gone completely. Bypassing restrictions with a proxy is the simple solution to up and moving your entire life to another country. I am not telling you not to up and move your life to another country just because of the internet, I am merely suggesting a reasonable alternative.

The Best Place to Buy Rotating Proxies

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With all this talk about how and why to use proxies, you might be wondering where you can find the best place to buy rotating proxies right this minute. Well, you have come to the right place. Here at Blazing SEO, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality proxies at a reasonable price. Located in 13 different countries across the globe, our rotating proxies offer you speed, unlimited bandwidth, and are delivered to your computer in an instant. Starting at just $11, our rotating proxies give you a single IP and multiple ports. Upon connecting to one of the ports, your traffic will be automatically routed to a proxy IP. This kind of variety gives you the freedom to scrape larger amounts of content all while staying secure online.

Plus, if you want to test out our proxies before you commit to a large purchase, we offer two-day free trials. Utilizing a proxy trial means you can flex your proxy know-how and game plan exactly how you would like to use proxies in the future. I love a free trial and their ability to show you just how the technology works. Best of all, our customer service team is ready and available 24/7, keen to answer every and all of your proxy questions. If you have come to this blog, it means you are at least a little intrigued by rotating proxies. Why wait a second longer. Purchase a rotating proxy from Blazing SEO and get the most out of all the internet has to offer.

Wrapping Up on the Best Rotating Proxies

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When life has become one big lull, it can be difficult to see variety in any aspect of your daily routine. Even my rigid type-A brain likes to break out into the unknown know and then. Shattering molds is healthy and can help reset routine. Rather than give in to those molds, there are ways to find breaks from the ordinary.

Do not let set schedules and monotony get you down, find diversity within the digital realm thanks to the assistance of rotating proxies. At Blazing SEO, we love providing you with top-notch proxies at a low cost. Take a gander at one of our proxies with our two-day trial or visit our website today to purchase your brand new batch of IP addresses. Sometimes being certain of something does not equal security. Let our rotating proxies breathe new life into the ordinary patterns you face each and every day.

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