It’s hard to be a sports fan. You love your team, but you can’t catch all of the games on TV or online. You even pay for expensive subscriptions and still can’t get your sports fix. It’s like the teams are going out of their way to keep you out of the loop.

Sure, you can read all about the game online, but it isn’t the same. You want to watch the games live.

You can do just that by using private proxies. The best private proxies let you watch your favorite games, no matter where you are located.

Let’s look at some of the problems that sports fans face. Then, let’s go over some tips for using proxies.

Blackout Restrictions

Blackout restrictions have created the biggest problems for sports fans. Different types of fans deal with different blackout restrictions. Regardless of the sport that you follow, these restrictions can keep you sidelined during the big game.

MLB Blackout Restrictions

The MLB blackout restrictions are so bad that they were even subject to a class action lawsuit. You would think that getting sued would lead to a better policy, but that hasn’t been the case. The restrictions are still a real mess.

For starters, local broadcasts have precedence over national broadcasts. Let’s say that you’re excited that the Cubs are playing on ESPN, but you live in Chicago. The game is playing on WGN in Chicago, so WGN will have precedence. That means that ESPN will be blacked out. That might not seem like a big deal, but if the Cubs’ broadcasters get on your nerves, you will be annoyed that you can’t watch the national broadcast.

You also have to deal with blackout restrictions if you use MLB TV. For example, if you live in Mississippi, you can’t watch the Braves on MLB TV. On the other hand, if you live in Las Vegas, you can’t watch the Giants, Angels, A’s, Dodgers, Padres, or Diamondbacks on MLB TV. It doesn’t matter if these teams play at home or on the road. You can’t watch them if you are in a restricted area. You are supposed to be able to watch them on your local network, but the games aren’t always available. On top of that, you might be in your car and want to tune in with the MLB TV app, but you won’t be able to do because of the blackout restrictions.

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NFL Blackout Policy

The NFL’s blackout policy is a little bit different. In 1973, the NFL started issuing blackouts for local markets if the team didn’t sell at least 85 percent of its available tickets within 72 hours of the kickoff. It suspended that policy in 2015 and 2016, but it plans to reevaluate it and could reinstate it in 2017. If that happens, people won’t be able to watch their favorite teams if they don’t get close to sellout crowds. That has annoyed lots of NFL fans.

Boxing Blackout Restrictions

If you live in the market where the fight is happening, you are going to have to deal with blackout restrictions. The only exception is when the fight is sold out. That’s not a problem for huge fights, but if you like to follow fights for lesser-known boxers, blackout restrictions are going to be an issue.

In some cases, the blackout restrictions are even worse. Take the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight that took place in 2015. MGM had the exclusive rights to the fight and blacked out non-MGM properties. It might look like a dirty move, but it helped MGM get more money.

Major League Soccer

Soccer has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Now, people from all walks of life watch this sport. They also grumble about the Major League Soccer blackout restrictions. Lots of people sign up for MLS Live so they can watch their favorite teams. Unfortunately, nationally televised matches are blacked out. On top of that, clubs and broadcast partners have the ability to black out local matches. You just have to keep checking back to see if your match is going to be blacked out.

Additional Sports

These are just some of the sports that have blackout restrictions. If you are a sports fan, there is a good chance that you have to deal with these restrictions. In each case, dedicated proxies can help.

Proxies make it look as if you are located somewhere else. Let’s say that you want to watch the A’s play on MLB TV but you are in Las Vegas. Just log into a proxy, and you can watch the team crush its opponent. It’s that simple.

Online Geographical Restrictions

Geographical restrictions are another big problem for sports fans. Some websites broadcast sports online, but only for people who are located in the right market. That market is typically set by country. For instance, someone in the UK can’t log in and watch a United States sporting event on Fox Sports, just like someone in the U.S. can’t follow a cricket match online in the UK.

Fortunately, you can mask your location by using private proxies. The best proxies don’t just cover up your location, either. They ensure that you get the same speed that you would get if you were in that country.

Now let’s look at some tips for using a private proxy to watch sports.

Do Your Homework Ahead of Time

You don’t want to have to wait to watch the big game. You want to be ready as soon as it goes live. That is why you need to do your homework ahead of time. It’s a good idea to find out where a game is streaming so you can set everything up before the match. Otherwise, you will spend too much time trying to find the game. It might be halftime before you finally log in.

Choose Your Proxy by Location

Next, you need to choose your proxy by location. Otherwise, you could end up with a proxy that is in a restricted market. Then, you won’t be any better off than you were before purchasing the proxy.

When you buy the best private proxies, you get to choose from a variety of geographic locations. Select a location that is in a market that can broadcast the event and then set it up. That will put you closer to watching your favorite sporting event.

Test It Out Before the Big Game

Don’t wait until the last minute to try your proxy. You should set it up and try it out online before the game. You can even visit the site where you will watch the event and make sure that it grants you access. This will let you fix any issues before the big game. Have everything set up and ready to go and then you can dive right in and watch your sporting event in real-time.

If you have any issues, contact the proxy company to sort them out. Blazing SEO offers one-on-one support that makes it easy to catch the biggest games.

Don’t Share Your Bandwidth

Your bandwidth is precious when watching a live sporting event. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, you aren’t going to be able to keep up with the action. That means you need to keep all of your bandwidth to yourself instead of sharing it.

In order to do that, avoid using public proxies. You aren’t going to get much bandwidth at all if you use a public proxy. These proxies might be free, but they come at a serious cost. They are incredibly slow. You might share bandwidth with hundreds or even thousands of people. How are you going to watch sports when you only have a tiny bit of bandwidth?

Then, to top it off, many of the public proxies run ads. You will experience serious lag time every time an ad loads. You will probably end up closing out of the website and reading about the game the next day. That’s how slow public proxies can be.

Don’t Be Responsible for Other People

As you know, there is a lot of action in sports. If your proxy goes down during an event, you could miss a touchdown, homerun, or TKO. You can’t take that chance, which means you don’t want to be responsible for other people’s actions. Other people could get your proxies banned, and then you could miss the best catches, tackles, and knockouts. That is why you shouldn’t share proxies with other people.

For starters, that means you want to go with a dedicated proxy. That way, you will be the only person who has access to the IP address. You won’t be responsible for anyone else’ actions so you won’t have to worry about a stranger doing something to get your IP address banned.

Then, after you get your dedicated proxies, do not share them with your friends. You might want to let your buddy use the proxies to log into the sporting event, but have him come over and watch instead. Otherwise, he might do something stupid and get your proxy banned. Then, you will be annoyed, and that can hurt your friendship.

Know How to Switch Out Proxies

What if something does happen and your proxy gets banned? Maybe you made a mistake and caused the proxy to get banned. If that happens, you want to switch the IP address out as quickly as possible. That will minimize the downtime and get you back to your game as quickly as possible.

Blazing SEO lets you switch out banned proxies. Keep the website handy so you can switch the proxies out in case anything happens. Then, just load in your new settings and get back to watching the game. Since Blazing SEO offers replacement proxies immediately, you can get back into the action in no time at all.

Don’t Tell the Network That You’re Using Proxies

If you have to contact the network or website that is broadcasting the sporting event, don’t mention that you’re using proxies. Remember, you are accessing a blacked out or restricted event. If the provider finds out that you’re using proxies, it might ban your account. Then you will have even more trouble accessing your event. You’ll be stuck reading the headlines and watching the highlight reel instead of watching the live action. That would be a huge disappointment, especially if you’re trying to access a big event.

Check Your Firewall and Antivirus Settings

You want everything to go smoothly on the big day, so check your firewall and antivirus settings ahead of time. Make sure that your proxies can get through your settings. If they don’t allow you to access the web with your proxy settings, you are going to have some trouble watching the event.

Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Just configure your settings to allow your proxy, and you will be good to go on game day.

Speed Up Your Computer

You want to have the best experience possible with private proxies. While you can get unlimited bandwidth with your proxies, they are only going to go as fast as your network allows. Fortunately, you can make sure that your computer is up to speed before the sporting event. Then, you won’t have to worry about lags holding you back on the big day. You will get to stream the sporting event at blazing-fast speeds and watch the action in real-time.

Use something like CCleaner to clean your computer and speed it up. Then, get rid of your bloatware and run speed tests to make sure that your computer can handle streaming.

The best private proxies keep you logged into your favorite sporting events. It doesn’t matter if you’re across the world or in the local blackout area. Either way, you can follow your favorite sports team with the help of proxies. Start by picking out some private proxies based on their location. Then, load everything up and get ready to have some fun.


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